Rudy Bond's

Theatrical Performances


Pre-Broadway: First began with the Neighborhood Players, Phila.,
approximately 1930, and continued until entering the Army in 1942.

Dulcy - 23 May, 1933
Nothing But The Truth - 27 Mar, 1934
Recount - 2 Nov, 1935
Rebound - 7 Dec, 1935
The Plough and the Stars- 7 Nov, 1936
Awake and Sing - 16 Jan, 1937
Liliom - 4 Dec, 1937
Pygmalion - 8 Jan, 1938
3 One-Act Plays - 19 Mar, 1938
Good Hope - 24-25 Apr 1938
Spring Song - 5 Nov, 1938
The Merchant of Yonkers - 23 Nov, 1939
Slight Case of Murder - 29-31 Dec 1939
Within The Gates - 9-11 Feb 1940
Macbeth - 24 Mar, 1940
Heartbreak House - 22 Nov - 8 Dec, 1940
Rudy played "Captain Shotover"
Margin for Error - 10-18 Jan 1941
Street Scene - 19-26 Oct 1941
R.U.R. - 4 Jan, 1942
A Wind is Rising -
sometime in the 1942-43 season
Cast members included Rudy Bond, Elyse Larenth,
Doris Jacobsen, Ginny Bloom, Luis Cordano, Danny Prince and Beaumont Brustle
The Eve of St Mark -
opened the 1944 season
Cast members included Rudy Bond, Dorothy Hyatt,
Charles Swier and Beaumont Brustle
The Enchanted Circle - 2 Jan, 1942
Here is one that Alma Halbert, Rudy's future wife, appeared in



  • In a USO production of "The Man Who Came To Dinner"
  • 1947
  • The Bartender & a politician in "O'Daniel". This was experimental theater. Produced by The Theatre Guild, originally produced by The Experimental Theatre, Inc, it was under the sponsorship of ANTA. Many in the cast played more than one part: Isabel Bishop - Ethel, Italian Girl. Norman Budd - Photographer, Technician 4th Grade. Anne Burr - Alex. Walter Coy - Dan. Keene Crockett - Politician, J.P. Collins. Billy M. Greene - Politician, Potty, Workman. James Holden - Bellhop, Pvt. Sumian, Corporal. Robert P. Lieb - Politician, Colonel Basil. Jack Manning - Lee. Philip McEneny - Photographer. William Munroe - Reporter, Company Clerk. Royal Raymond - Vignati. Georgia Simmons - Cleaning Woman. Feb. 23-March 2, 5 performances, at the Princess Theatre, New York.

  • One of the 10 finalists at the John Golden Auditions, Martin Beck Theatre, NYC

  • Performed in several plays at the Peninsula Players Theatre in Fish Creek, Wisconsin, including the part of Joe Horn in "Rain". Other cast members included Dan Scott, Caroline Fisher, John Behney, Romayne Mostrom and Helen Bragdon.
    For a scene from that production, click on RAIN

    This is from the Aug 4, 1947 issue of Green Bay Press-Gazette:

  • Steve Hubbel in "A Streetcar Named Desire". To find out more about the world premiere of this play, click on STREETCAR.
  • 1949
  • Commander Jellico in "Two Blind Mice". This was a comedy play by Samuel and Bella Spewack. The plot revolves around the Office of Medicinal Herbs, a fictitious U.S. government bureau abolished by Congress four years before the setting of the play. Its two elderly officials have refused to accept the closing of the office, which represents their lives' work, and they keep it running quietly. Deprived of funding by the abolition, they make ends meet by renting out the rooms and by running a parking lot on the front lawn. To avoid problems with what remains of the Government, they never answer the phone. Thurston discovers the office and sets out to aid the workers. Through an elaborate series of practical jokes, he involves the Armed Forces and the State Department, eventually winning the day for the elderly ladies. In the process, he also wins back his former wife. Melvyn Douglas played the part of Tommy Thurston. The cast included Laura Pierpoint, Mabel Paige, Roland Wood, Jane Hoffman, Howard Fischer, Robert P. Lieb, Alonzo Bosan, Jan Sterling, Geoffry Lumb, Raymond Bramley, Walter Brooke, Robert Pike, Richard Kendrick, Robert Webber, Howard St. John, Elliott Reid and Frank Tweddell. Opened March 2, Cort Theatre; 157 performances, closing July 16.
  • 1950
  • Mr. Mack in "The Bird Cage". Melvyn Douglas played the part of Wally Williams, Maureen Stapleton was his wife.

    Directed by Harold Clurman. Opened Feb. 22, Coronet Theatre, closed after 21 performances.
  • 1951
  • Gregory in "Romeo And Juliet". Olivia De Havilland starred as Juliet, Douglas Watson as Romeo, William Smithers as Tybalt, Robert Duke as Paris, Jack Hawkins as Mercutio. Other cast members included Gregory Morton, Herbert Ransom, John McKee, Michael Higgins, James Hayter, Carl Harbord, Karl Light, Buck Kartalian, Jack Fletcher, John Perkins, Paul Genge, Page Johnson, Alan Furlan, Dorothy Patten, Isobel Elsom, and Evelyn Varden, plus a list of 'Citizens of Verona' too long to list. Opened March 10, 1951, at the Broadhurst Theatre, NYC, and closed April 21 after 49 performances.

  • Appeared in a production at Ogunquit Playhouse, Ogunquit, Maine

  • Gus Kennedy in "Glad Tidings". Melvyn Douglas played the part of Steve Whitney, Signe Hasso as Maud Abbott, Haila Stoddard as Ethel Nash. Other cast members: Fay Sappington, James Hagerman, Patricia Benoit, Henry Garrard.

    Oct. 11, 1951-Jan. 5, 1952, 100 performances, Lyceum Theatre, NYC. To see a photo, click GLAD
  • 1952
  • Roxy Gottleib in "Golden Boy"

    March 12-April 27, 56 performances, ANTA Playhouse. To see a photo, click GOLDEN
  • 1953
  • Worked stock in Dennis and Falmouth, Massachusetts
  • 1954
  • Appeared in "Boy Meets Girl" at the Playhouse in the Park, Phila, July 12-18. Robert Preston was the lead. Rudy played a character named Cutter. Other actors included: Leon Janney, Georgiann Johnson, Addison Richards, Kenneth Nelson, Earl Rowe, Val Avery, Sarah Meade, Jeanne Grace McHenry, Jerry Weiss, Marty Lahr, Priscilla McBrearty, Dan Prince, Steen Rondum, Kenneth Printz, Chuck Vogel, Claire Harootunian, Bernard Van Dieran, Albert Ottenheimer.
  • Appeared in "Brother Cain" at the Ivy Tower Playhouse in Spring Lake, NJ, August 16-21. Other actors included: Stephen Elliott, Frances Heflin, Michael Strong, Milton Selzer and Grace Powers.
  • Appeared in "The Dybbuk" at the 4th Street Theatre in New York's East Village. Rudy took over the role of Rabbi Azrael when Ludwig Donath had to take leave on 16 November 1954. Otherwise, here are the other cast members:

  • 1956
  • Mitch in a revival of "A Streetcar Named Desire". To find out more about this play, which starred Tallulah Bankhead as Blanche, click on STREETCAR.

  • T/Sgt. Frank Morris in "The Rhom Affair" which ran September 3-8 at the Westport Country Playhouse, Westport, CT.
  • 1957
  • Appeared in a production at Playhouse in the Park, Phila., PA
  • Appeared in "Arms and the Man" which opened at the Drury Lane Summer Theater in Chicago, and then went on to the Strand Theater in Long Branch, New Jersey. There was a bit of scandal about this production. The lead, Carroll Baker, was having a dispute with the motion picture studio she was contracted to, and they did not want her to go on the road in this live show, but she did anyway. Carol played Raina Petkoff, Mary Welch played Catherine Petkoff and Rudy was Major Petkoff. Other cast members: Albert Paulson - Captain Bleutschil; Mark Richman - Major Sergius Saranoff; Sandra Stevens - Louka; Steven Gierasch - Nicola; Clint Kimbrough - Russian Officer; and Roberta Blosson - Shavian Monolog.
  • 1959
  • Andre (Leadhead) in "The Gay Felons". Other cast members included Josp Elic, Roger DeKoven, C.K. Alexander, George Tobias, Suzanne Bernard, Denise Darcel, Henry Sharp, Jacques Francois, Donn Driver, Sorrell Booke, Josette Banzet, Alan Ansara, Gregory Morton, Carmen Pizzi, Raymond Bramley. Open February 12 in Wilmington, DE, and closed March 14 at Ford's in Baltimore, MD.

  • Appeared in a production at Cecilwood Playhouse, Fishkill, NY
  • Appeared in "Reuben, Reuben".
  • 1960-62
  • Ben Marino in the road company of "Fiorello!". (Songs Rudy sung: "Politics and Poker", "The Bum Won" and "Little Tin Box.") Bob Carroll played Fiorello, Arthur Bartow as Neil, Paul Lipson as Morris, Jayme Mylroe as Dora, Charlotte Fairchild as Marie. Other cast members too numerous to mention; cast list available upon request. Opened Aug. 8, 1960 at the State Fair Music Hall in Dallas, TX, closed March 31, 1962 at the Erlanger Theatre in Phila., PA. To see a photo, click FIORELLO
  • 1964-1965
  • The Father in "After The Fall". Charles Aidman played Quentin, Judi West as Maggie, Sylvia Gassell as Mother, Susan Browning as Felice, Linda Geiser as Holga, Robert Baines as Dan, Heather Mackenzie as Elsie, Patricia Falkenhain as Louise, David Spielberg as Mickey, Lorna Thayer as Carrie, Carl Gabler as Lucas. National tour. Opened October 21, 1964 at the Wilmington, Delaware Playhouse, and closed May 29, 1965 at the Shubert in Boston.
  • 1966
  • The Father in "After The Fall". Jose Ferrer played Quentin, Karen Black as Maggie, Shirley Cox as Elsie, Marian Mercer as Felice, Lovelady Powell as Holga, Nancy R. Pollock as Mother, Edward Grover as Dan, Roz Simmons as Nurse, Lois Markle as Louise, Frank Schofield as Lou, Joseph Mascolo as Mikey. Other cast members include Charles Sheldon, Annie Stewart, Philip Faversham, I. Edward Sloane, Frederick Brule, Ben Cotey, Michael Green, Mark Hiers, Michael Montel, Mark Morro, Steven Selig, Ken Simpson, Alan Vengel. Feb. 1-13, Coconut Grove, Miami, FL

  • Bayard in "Incident At Vichy". Roy Scheider played the Major. Other cast members were Jean Pierre Aumont, George Voskovec, Anthony Serchio, Louis Guss, Louis Zorich, Leslie Barrett, Marvin Peisner, Sirri Murad, Gregg Weir, Will Lee. Playhouse in the Park, Philadelphia.
  • Al Becter in "Big Man". Lou Gilbert played Benny Grossman, Rue McClanahan played the Nurse, John mcCurry the Attendant, and Barbara Hayes played Ray Pecter. Opened May 19, Cherry Lane Theatre, New York City, closed May 29 after 14 performances.

  • Mr. Gillman in "Match Play". Tony Musante was Marty, Beverly Ballard was Jill. Oct. 11-16, 8 performances, Provincetown Playhouse, New York City.
  • 1966-68
  • The Captain in "Illya Darling". Click on the link for more information.
  • 1968
  • Salamandro in "A Mother's Kisses". Major cast members included:
    • Beatrice Arthur played Meg
    • Bill Callaway as Joseph
    • Renee Roy as Kathleen
    The complete cast can be seen here: KISSES CAST
    Uninhibited, aggressively friendly Meg wrangles a waiter's job from Doe Salamandro at his summer Camp Fleetwind for her quiet, retiring, college-aspiring son, Joseph. Meg leaves her three-room Bensonhurst apartment and rents a cottage on the lake opposite the camp to watch over her son. Joseph, accused of stealing money, leaves the camp in disgrace and with a badly infected arm. Quack Dr. Hurwitz nearly causes Joseph to lose his arm but Meg intercedes with a medical specialist, Dr. Peretz, who cures the infection. Meg's chutzpah knows no limit: she cons divorc´┐Że Mrs. Rhinelander into getting Joseph accepted at a college and, proud of her buxom "form," seductively entertains Commander Vanderhuysen to assure Joseph a room at college. Meg accompanies Joseph to Kansas Land Grant Agricultural College, assuring everyone at Topeka's Goatback Hotel that she and Joseph are lovers so they can share the same room. With a little help from his mother, Joseph's acceptance on campus fails, climaxed when Meg calls the police to locate her son when he has a late date with a co-ed. Joseph rebels at his over-dressed, over-made-up, overly possessive mother and asks her to leave. Irrepressible Meg agrees to go but feels the best college course Joseph could take would be a course in his mother's personality.

    Musical score:

    • There Goes My Life
    • Look at Those Faces
    • With a Little Help from Your Mother
    • Left by the Wayside
    • When You Gonna Learn a.k.a. When You Gonna Learn to Put Your Money on this Baby
    • We've Got Meg a.k.a. He's Got Meg
    • Where Did the Summer Go
    • People of Passionate Nature
    • They Won't Regret It
    • I Told Them We Were Lovers
    • I Have a Terrible Secret
    • A Course in Your Mother
    Book - Bruce Jay Friedman; Music & Lyrics - Richard Adler. Opened Sept. 23 at the Shubert in New Haven, CT, and closed Oct. 19 at the Mechanic Theatre in Baltimore, MD.
  • 1969
  • Mak in "Papp". Albert Paulson played Papp, Arnold Soboloff was Curio, Barbara Hayes was the Whore of Babylon. May 5-24, 44 performances, put on by The American Place Theatre at St. Clement's Church in NY
  • 1970
  • "Trip", written by Frederick Morton, directed by Herbert Berghof.. Staged readings, December 18-20.
    Rudy Bond - Mr Ashman
    Anne Jackson - Stewardess (Irina)
    Eli Wallach - Woody Herze
    Shirley Bodtke - Mrs Herze
    Alice Playten - Mr Herze's Secretary (Louise)
    Jean-Pierre Stewart - Steward
    Al Freeman Jr - Gentleman in a wheelchair
    Leigh Burch - Madge
    Marc Slivka - Madge's Son (Edgar)
    Sydney Sloan - Mr Ashman
    Lucille Patton - Loudspeaker Voice
    Michael Kell - Porter
    Margaret Raphael - Liz Baumer
    HB Studio, 120 Bank Street, New York
  • 1971
  • Rudy directed a production of "A Streetcar Named Desire", Chatham Community Players, Chatham, NJ, beginning Februry 26.

  • "Almost on a Runway", written by Donna de Matteo, directed by Herbert Berghof. June 14-July 3
    Cast members included Wesley Addy, Shirley Bodtke, Celeste Holm, Stephen Strimpell, Ben Piazza, Inga Boorg, Dolores Dorn-Heft, Jeremy Stevens, Frank Gerachi, Rosemary De Angelis, Linda Poskanzer. June 14-July 3, HB Studio, 120 Bank Street, New York
  • 1972
  • "The August Insurrection of Nate Shapiro", written by Richard S Reiser. Staged Readings Jan 29-31. Cast members included Ira Lewis, Ellen Endicott Jones, Robert Rosser, Maria Landa, Luis Quinones, Frank Geraci, Robin Bett, Marty Greene, Anna Berger, Tim Farmer. HB Studio, 120 Bank Street, New York

  • Ross in "The Silent Partner". Estelle Parsons played Mrs. Lovelace, William Prince as Gracie, Tom Newman as Mayor, John Ryan as Mr. Drumm, Bill Macy as Mr. Fink, Constantine Katsanos as Corelli. Other cast members too numerous to mention, contact me if you would like a complete list. May 11-May 21, limited engagement of 12 performances, Actors Studio, NYC

  • Sam Hoke in "Night Watch". Joan Hackett played Elaine Wheeler, Len Cariou as John Wheeler, Jeanne Hepple as Helga, Martin Shakar as Vanelli, Keene Curtis as Curtis Appleby, Elaine Kerr as Blanche Cooke, William Kiehl as Lt. Walker, Barbara Cason as Dr. Tracey Lake. Preview Feb. 11, opened Feb. 28, 121 total peformances, Morosco Theater, NYC, closed June 10

  • Legislator & Triballow in "The Birds". Burt Young as Hoopoe, Joe Ragno as Herakles. Other cast members too numerous to mention, contact me if you wish a complete list. Oct. 19-29, limited engagement of 12 performances, Actors Studio, NYC

  • A juror in "Twelve Angry Men". The other jurors were Robert Forster, Howard Green, Constatnine Katsanos, Richard Lynch, Peter Maloney, Lazaro Perez, John P. Ryan, John D. Seymour, joseph Sullivan, James Tolkan and Jack Waltzer. December 3-17, after 32 performances, Queens Playhouse, Queens, NY.
  • 1973
  • Nate in staged reading of "The August Insurrection of Nate Shapiro", written by Robert S. Reiser, directed by Mike Kellin, Jan 29, 30 and 31.
    Other cast members: Robert Rosser as Pablo, Ellen Endicott as Tina, Frank Geraci as Ramon, Luis Quinones as Slug, Robin Bett as Franchesca, Marty Greene as Slutzky, Ana Berger as Essie, and Tim Farmer as the Narrator. HB Studio, 120 Bank Street, New York

  • An understudy in "Turtlenecks", later called "The One Night Stand". Tony Curtis and William Devane had the lead roles. Opened August 6 at the Fisher Theatre in Detroit, closed September 22 at the Forrest in Philadelphia.
  • 1974
  • Lou in "Bread". Mike Kellin played George, Marilyn Chris as Dagmar, Dolph Sweet as Stanley, John Peter Barrett as Mark, Constantine Katsanos as Jake. Jan. 28-Feb. 9, after limited engagement of 34 performances, The American Place Theatre, NYC. To see a photo, click BREAD

  • Bertrand de Plulengy & Father Massieu in "Joan of Lorraine". Directed by Alan Arkin, the cast included Mandy Patinkin (as Durant Laxart), still a student at the Juilliard School Drama Division, in his New York debut. The other cast members were Michael Gragner as Jacques D'Arc & Archbishop of Rheims, Gideon Davis as Georges de Tremoille, Miles Chapin as Jean D'Arc, Barbara Dana as Joan, Leonard Di Sesa as Pierre D'Arc, Nikos Valance as St. Michael, Laurie Fjord as St. Catherine, Peggy Jones as St. Margaret, James Karen as Jean de Metz & Cauchon/Bishop of Beauvais, Edward Herrmann as Alain Chartier & The Executioner, John Horn as Dauphin, Bill Herndon as Dunois, Irving Vincent as La Hire & Thomas de Courcelles, Mike Kellin as The Inquisitor. March 18-24, a limited engagement of 12 performances, Good Shepherd-Faith Church, 152 W. 66th, NYC.

  • Man from Erzeroum in "Armenians". Ed Setrakian played Casparian, Warren Finnerty as Knadjian, Luis Avalos as Papazian, Terese Hayden as Almast, Joseph Ragno as Dr. Jivelekian. Other cast members were Nicholas Daddazio, Murray Moston, Vahagn Hovannes, Raymond Cole, Harold Cherry, David Patch, Bob Doran, Sal Carollo, Robert Coluntino. Oct. 22-Nov. 14, after limited engagement of 8 performances, Kavookjian Auditorium, 2nd Ave., NYC
  • 1975
  • Al Goodman in "Dream of a Blacklisted Actor". Wall Hare played Edward Morris, Jacqueline Brookes as Cookie Morris, Paula Marchese as Teresa Morris, Jerry Zaks as Joe Morris, Joseph Ponazecki as Richard Kiehl, Sarah Harris as Grace, Louis Pietig as Mr. Bennett, Adam Keefe as Paul Warren, James Tolkan as Charlie Allman. May 1-11, after limited run of 8 performances, Ensemble Studio Theatre, NYC

  • "Poor Murderer", written by Pavel Kohout. Many cast members played multiple parts:
    Rudy Bond - Second Actor, Ignat Antnovich Kerzhentsev, Rector, Waiter, and Bernardo
    Laurence Luckinbill - Anton Ignatyevich Kerzhenstsev, and hamlet
    Bernard E Barrow - Professor Drzhembitsky
    Ernest W Graves - First Actor, Alexy Knostantinovich Savelyov, Polonius, and Hamlet II
    Ellen Barber - First Actress, Tatiana Nikolayovna, and Queen
    Edmund Williams - Third Actor, Deacon, Advocate, Major Count Belitsky, Kurganov, King
    Peter Maloney - Fourth Actor, Cashier, Newspaper Vendor, Conductor, Gypsy, Francisco, Polonious II
    Levana Finkelstein - Second Actress, Servant Maid Katya, Flower Vendor, Gypsy Roma, Marya Vasssileyevna
    Barbara Coggin - Third Actress, Voluptuous Mistress, Irina Pavlova Kurganova, Countess Byelitskya
    Elizabeth Dillon - Fourth Actress, Slim Mistress, Duchess de Cliche-Turomel, Prolog
    Timothy Farmer, Sam Cousins, Stuart Rudin and Marc Burd - Attendants
    Tamara Bliss and Stanley Wietrzychowski - Musicians
    Anita Feldman - Gypsy Girl
    . July 13-21, HB Studio, 120 Bank Street, New York

  • "Bernardo Spini in "Savonarola", written by Maurice Valency, directed by Peter Maloney. Staged Readings Sept 25-28. Cast members included W. B. Brydon, Mason Adams, John Davis, Robert Silver, Ozzie Tortora, William Robertson, Louis Bonacki, Barbara Coggin, Edmund Williams, Graham Beckel, Ellen Sandler, Tracey Walter, Chris Udvaronky, Martin Udvaronky, Gregory Christopher, Randy Holden, Jim Hillgartner, Jess Osuna, Louis Lembo, Oz Tortora, Rudy Bond, Wesley Addy, Tracey Walter, Jack Aaron, Jim Hillgartner, Paul Sparer, Edmund Williams, Kaye Kynion, Robert B. Silver, Richard Bright, Tracey Walter, Louis Bonacki, Randy Holden. HB Studio, 120 Bank Street, New York
  • 1976
  • Annas in "From the Memoirs of Pontius Pilate". Jack Holland played Pilate, Geoffrey Holder as Yeshu, Mel Bernstein as Barabbas, Jack Leustig as Stephen, John Costopoulos as Judas, Murray Moston as Caiaphas, Ed Kovens as Herod Antipas. Also in the cast were Sheldon Elman, Scott Kasdin, Richard Livert, David Scholar. Dec. 2-19, after a limited engagement of 12 performances, Actors Studio, NYC

  • The First Gravedigger in "Hamlet". Jon Voight was Hamlet, Jacqueline Brookes was Gertrude, Douglas Watson was Claudius, Dan Hedaya was the First Player, Christopher Allport was Laertes, and Anthony Passantino was the Poisoner. Rutgers University, produced by Ensemble Studio Theatre, July.

  • Willy Loman in "Death Of A Salesman". Leon Russom played Biff, Sybil Robinson as Linda, Ken Meseroll as Happy, Peter Newton as Bernard, Jean Silber as The Woman, Lou Berger as Charley, Richard Lason as Uncle Ben, Russell Freund as Howard Wagner, Jody Schwartz as Jenny, David Ervin as Stanley, Anna Branigan as Miss Forsythe, Fran Liedman as Letta. April 7-11 & April 13-17, The University Theatre, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison. To see a photo, click SALESMAN.

  • "The Solid Gold Cadillac" ran August 18-29 at the Woodstock Playhouse, Woodstock, New York. Rudy Bond was Edward L. McKeever. Other cast members: Ruth Gilbert as Mrs. Laura Partridge; Ralph Bell as Clifford Snell; Maggie Brown, Susan Gilliss, Richard Holland, Michael Martin, Leonard Patrick, Charles Reynolds, Ginger Curl and Cindy Marcus. It was directed by Alfred Drake.

  • 1977
  • Peter Nikolayevitch Sorin in "The Sea Gull". Rita Gam played Irina Niolayevna Arcadina, Tony Aylward as Semyon Semyonovitch Medvenko, Trish Hawkins as Nina Mikhallovna Zaryechny, Pirie MacDonald as Boris Alexyevitch Trigorin. Other cast members included Paul Tellstrom, Bill Spitz, Mark Winkworth, Thomas Ruisinger, Natalie Priest, Jack R. Marks, Millie Sovik. Syracuse Stage, Syrcause, NY, from January 15-February 5.

  • Robert de Baudricourt and An English Solider in "St. Joan" at the Long Wharf Theatre, New Haven, Connecticut.

  • Pop in "Burning Bright". This was a cold reading of the play written by Kyle Kessler, put on by the New Dramatists, Inc. Sully Boyar played Tony, John Carpenter as Grandfather, Bill Cwikowski as Ted, Gene Davis as John, John Dleregno as Ken, Demo Dimartile as Nat, Alice Drummond as Grandmother, Joan Ellis as Phyllis, Erica Fox as Doddie, Jack Gilpin as Warren, Jonathan Hogan as Terry, Liz Kemp as Sis, Dick Lynch as Mose More, Bob Seidenberg as Father, John Shearin as George, and Peter Weller as Bruce. June 24th. 44th St., New York City
  • 1982
  • Rehearsing for "What the Babe Said" at the time of his death, Denver Center Theatre. You can read the script for the play here: BABE
  • If you know of any other productions in which
    he appeared, please let me know.