The Professional Theater
Glad Tidings
October 1951, Lyceum Theatre
Shaking hands with Rudy is Melvyn Douglas,
and the smiling woman is Signe Hasso

Golden Boy
March 1952, Anta Playhouse
From left to right: Art Smith, Bette Grayson,
Rudy Bond, John Garfield, Joseph Wiseman

1960-62, the Road Company

Program from the Playhouse Theatre, Philadelphia, 1962.

Rudy Bond (not sure who's hand he's touching)

I think that's Arthur Bartow, left; Jen Nelson, center; and of course, Rudy Bond

This photo was from the entertainment section of The Star Press (Muncie, Indiana), with the caption beneath: "Cigar-smoking Ben Marino, paid by Rudy Bond, ponders a campaign issue as his disinterested cohorts belt out one of the many showstoppign songs in "Fiorello".

This was Rudy's first musical. Here are all the musical numbers.

January 1974, American Place Theatre

Death of a Salesman
April 1976, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
That's Rudy as Willy Loman. The lady is
Sybil Robinson, and the two other gentlemen
are Ken Meseroll, and Leon Russom.

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