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Many astrologers have for years been using a body called "the dark moon Lilith" which is an entirely different one than this minor planet. If you would like to use both, it should not be confusing because their symbols are totally different.

My first awareness of just how powerful the minor planet Lilith is came one night when my wife awoke me from a deep sleep. She was shaking me, and as soon as I was awake enough to make out her words, I heard her say "John Lennon was just murdered!"

Of course this event shocked and deeply affected people all over the world. But I feel that the exact conjunction of transiting Lilith to my natal Moon describes quite well not only the circumstances under which I heard the news, but also my personal reactions: deep depression lasting several days, hostility to others during this period, uncontrollable emotions, and (it seemed to me) being more shaken by the news than any of my co-workers were. I could not understand why others were going on with their lives as though they had only heard some bad news that did not really affect them. After the initial depression I spent a few days dredging up memory after memory from the Sixties, playing music from those days, and questioning why the potential for change (which was everywhere in the Sixties) seemed to have dissipated in the Seventies.

Dr. Lehman says that "Lilith shows the area of life where the individual is forced to bring to light a certain section of what has been called the unconscious. This portion is what has been traditionally called the "dark" or "sinister" side." She then says that, more properly, we should call it the a-rational part of our makeup, the right-brain part. Since society emphasizes the logical thinking and represses the part of the brain dealing with a-logical concepts (such as spatial awareness and artistic perception), the right side has many evil associations. Dr. Lehman also says that Lilith transits bring about "thedestruction of rationalizations", and this I can confirm after my above personal experience. Lilith can even destroy whole segments of one's belief system if said beliefs are built upon rationalizations.

I have found that wherever Lilith falls there is an area of deep concern. Your mind dwells on problems there and these can seem, at times, overpowering. Yet there is a major talent in this area, or even many abilities, if you do not let your logical mind keep you from discovering your talent(s).

For example, Lilith in the 2nd house will give an ability to earn a living from a multitude of different sources, often unrelated to each other.

If you have a close hard aspect to Lilith you may often find yourself acting illogically in relation to the aspected planet. Closer examination may show you that you were repressing your desires and motivations and so they surfaced in a way so that you could not avoid them.

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