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Zane B. Stein
was born
June 17, 1951,
11:43:17 PM EST
(or June 18, 1951,
12:43:17 AM EDT),
in the Germantown section of Philadelphia, PA
I have been involved with astrology since 1969, and what I love most is astrological research. In November 1977, I read a story in the New York Times telling of the discovery of a "Tenth Planet", and I was excited, to say the least. Immediately, I wrote to Dr. Brian Marsden at the Smithonian Astrophysical Observatory, who was kind enough to send me an astronomical ephemeris (in R.A. and Declination) at no cost for the new body covering several months. I contacted Al H. Morrison, who had an associate of his translate the positions into zodiacal ones, and we began to study Chiron's transits.

Dr. Marsden sent more complete ephemerides shortly, and then in July 1978 sent the tables all the way back to 1890, and we published each of these as soon as we could. I saved a copy of the letter from Dr Marsden that accompanied that extended ephemeris and you can read it here if you wish: Dr Marsden July 1978

In 1978, I organized the Association for Studying Chiron (ASC) which began collecting data and information about Chiron research from astrologers the world over. Very early, Chiron proved itself to be a major astrological influence.

This information was then printed in a newsletter, The Key (first issue March 31, 1979.) The ASC continued in its purpose until 1986, and during its existence a great wealth of information on Chiron was collected. (Plans are in the works to reprint The Key.)

  • The January 1981 issue of Dell Horoscope magazine published an article they had purchased from me, "Chiron: What Does It Mean To You?". (Incidentally, this was the first article I had ever sold to a magazine.) It introduced Chiron to the general astrological public, and included descriptions of Chiron through the natal houses. Dell liked this article so much that they republished it in their October 1984 issue and called it a "Notable Reprint."

  • August 25, 1981, I published, through the A.S.C., the first "Chiron Aspectarian", listing the major aspects of Chiron to the Sun and planets for 1901-2000. Calculations were done by Neil Michelsen of Astro Computing Services.

  • In 1983, with the help of my friend and mentor, the late Al H. Morrison, I published a pamphlet entitled "Interpeting Chiron", exploring what had been discovered about Chiron so far. Among other things, this included a section on Chiron through the houses, and the signs. This pamphlet was in high demand, and went through several printings over the next two years, but the demand for more information was even greater than that for this pamphlet. (More on the pamphlet in a moment.)

  • In 1985, Al published my book, "Essence and Application: A View From Chiron", which covered Chiron from every angle I could think of, including a guide to Chiron in each major aspect to the most important points in a person's chart. This book has become a classic, and is still the most quoted Chiron reference book in the world today.

    After several reprints, Al & I decided to include "Interpreting Chiron" in future editions, so that the reader would have everything in one volume.

  • I continued to correspond with Dr. Marsden through the years and he was always willing to provide data as well as answers to my astronomical questions. In 1992 a major astronomical event occurred, a body was discovered out past Pluto which was designated 1992 QB1. Once the orbit was somewhat known, Dr Marsden provided me with information on this new body on two occasions which you can read in these letters: Dr Marsden March 1993 and Dr Marsden November 1993

  • Because Chiron had been determined to be a comet nucleus, I wanted a clear definition of what makes a comet, and again Dr Marsden came to the rescue. His letter can be read here: Dr Marsden Feb 1994

  • 1992 was the year for several major astronomical discoveries including one that would later be declared the second Centaur, akin to Chiron. Dr Marsden was kind enough to send me the orbital elements of this body on March 2, 1994, which you can read about here: Dr Marsden March 1994

  • By this time I was also communicating with other astronomers, around the same time as Dr Marsden sent me the ephemeris for Pholus (this second Centaur), I received a very nice post from the discoverer of this body: David Rabinowitz March 1994

  • In May 1994, I put together, and Al published, the "Ephemeris of Pholus", and several weeks later, my "Ephemeris of Damocles", a very unusual body, different than anything astronomers had ever seen before. As far as I know, these were the first publications of symbols for the above two bodies.

  • Pholus and Damocles reached a wider audience with the publication of my article, "Chiron's Not Alone Anymore" in the Leo 1994 issue of Planet Earth magazine.

  • The Feb. 1995 issue of The Mountain Astrologer included "Hercules Unchained", where I talk about Pholus, and the asteroid Heracles.

  • I hadn't forgotten about Chiron though, and since the little body was due to reached it's closest distances to the Sun (perihelion) in 1996, I was pleased to receive the exact dates of the previous perihelion (in 1945) from another astronomer: Dave Tholen April 1995

  • By April 1995 there were 6 known Centaurs. I received emails from two astronomers about this on April 27 that year: Oliver Hainaut and Dave Tholen, and the following day from Dr Marsden: Dr Marsden April 1995

  • In May 1995, dear Al passed away, and did not leave me with a stock of books to sell. In fact, I was at a loss as to how to handle requests for "Essence." Then, my girlfriend Sandy suggested that I republish it myself. So, with the help of a friend with a scanner, I put my book on disk, made a few updates, and printed a limited edition, which quickly sold out. After several further small editions, it occurred to me how expensive it was to publish a small quantity of a book! Anyway, I am now accepting orders for "Essence", and if you're interested, please click "Essence and Application: A View From Chiron", to jump to the order page.

  • The Aquarius/Pisces 1996 issue of Planet Earth magazine contained my article, "Einstein & Chiros". In this, I show how Einstein expressed quite powerfully the principles of both Chiron and Pholus.

  • In the May/June 1997 issue of Planet Earth, I ran a tribute to my friend Al. If you want to find out a little of who he was, read "Remembering Al H. Morrison."

  • In the Aquarius/Pisces 1997 issue of Planet Earth, in my article, "President Clinton's Second Term: Another Perspective", I put forth the astrologically-based opinion that the President will not complete his term. My last two sentences: "In my opinion, it will not be stepping down due to ill health. Rather, it will have something to do with enemies he has made, and while he may be the victim of violence, I think the more likely cause will be impeachment."

  • Here is a partial list of books and other writings which have quoted, or referenced, some of my astrological writings:

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