What I Am Is What I Am.....*

So....you really want to know more about me, eh? Are you sure? You can still back out now. I'll give you a little time to think it over. Here, read one of my poems while you're contemplating.

A poem:

Roller Coaster
by Zane B. Stein

If the feeling is in you
You've got to proclaim
That the feeling that's in you
Has got to remain,
For the time that is now
Is a prelude
To the time that will come....
A different mood.
The emotions and beats
That happen inside
Are only a part
Of the whole great big ride.
And when it is over,
And your feelings are through,
Buy another ticket, baby....
What else can you do?

OK....now what'll it be....take "Zane 101"? You will be given a special credit at the end of the course, if you do. Of course, you can still back out now......

Well, now you've done it. I see no choice left except to begin the course.

But first, some news:

I'm head over heels in love! Her name is Lynette Malone, and she lives near Fremantle in Western Australia. We met when I was touring Australia in 2010, and I moved there the following year, marrying her on 5th of November in Kings Park in Perth.

OK...now for Zane 101:

I was born in Philadelphia, Penna on June 17, 1951.
(The same day as these two 'memorable'(??) pictures were released, Montana Desperado, a western, and Father Takes the Air, a comedy.)

I was named Zane after my mother's brother, Zane Halbert.

(No, I was not named after the great Western Writer, Zane Grey, but if you are interested in finding out more about him, the Zane Grey Museum in Ohio has its own website. And there is also a Zane Grey Museum in Pennsylvania with its own site.

Zane, by the way, appears to be derived from John, hundreds of years ago, in the same way Bob was derived from Robert.


Most of my life was spent in the Philadelphia area, but in the fall of 1993, I moved to Toledo, Ohio, and then to Columbus two years later. On Aug. 3, 1997, I got in my trusty 1981 Chevette and drove across country, ending up in my dream place, California! But there was so much about it that was only a dream. So, on September 29, 1998, I packed up my 1982 Honda Accord and drove back to Columbus. On January 29, 2000, I drove to Lansford, Pennsylvania, to set up new residence. And, because things didn't work out there, in February 2005 I drove back to Columbus. Then, with the help of a good friend and fellow astrologer, Debbi Kempton-Smith, I searched for a place to move to for a new start, and chose to move to Atlanta, Georgia in May 2006. 2011 I made the most major move of my life....and now live in Australia.


I am 5'4" tall, with used-to-be-dark-brown hair. Once upon a time, my hair was so dark it was almost black, but I seem to have one of those 'early greying genes', and most of it is grey now, but hidden under hair dye. My eyes are still dark brown, though, and have been described as impish! I've had a mustache since high school, and sometimes wear a beard.


When my ex- and I divorced in 1985, I was given custody of our two daughters. Both are grown now, each with children of their own.


If you want to win me over....serve me a cherry cheesecake....that's one dessert I can never say no to.


One of the most conspicuous things about me is my love of astrology. I have been involved with the star-science since 1969, and have made a specialized study of one of the bodies known as CHIRON which is the largest comet in the solar system, as well as such bodies as Pholus, Nessus, Asbolus, Chariklo and Damocles. I have even written a book on Chiron: "Essence and Application: A View From Chiron," (you can see info on these, if you are interested, by going to my Chiron website.....see my links below.....) and am working on a new book as you read this. You can also read several of my articles in The Mountain Astrologer.

I have lectured throughout the Eastern and Central United States, as well as in the beautiful city of Toronto, Canada. One fantastic lecture tour took me all over England, up to Edinburgh, Scotland, and across to Dublin, Ireland. And I had a glorious time on my lecture tour of California not too long ago. Most recently I toured Australia, speaking in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide and Wollongong. (If your group would like to have me come speak, drop me a line!)

For a bit I had the acting bug, even had an extra scene in a full length movie, and have appeared in a TV commercial.


I have many friends in the Pagan community, some in Ohio, but many I have met around the world via the Internet. What do I call myself, though? I don't really have a name for my own belief system....although I like to think of myself as a Searcher. I have strong roots in the Jewish/Christian beliefs, but have studied almost every major faith at one time or another. Once, for example, I was a Bahá'i. And, perhaps because I was born with the dual sign Gemini so strong in my chart, I have always been fascinated by the , and the whole Taoist philosophy, such as these words by Lao Tze: "The Way that can be experienced is not true; The world that can be constructed is not real."

I am presently a minister in the Universal Life Church, and can legally perform various ceremonies, including marriage ceremonies. In fact, I ministered to my good friends, Sandra Bennett and Levi Conley, and brought them together in marriage before I left Ohio, and have performed ceremonies for some other wonderful friends while in California.

Do you want to know what I hate most, in all the world? Child abuse, and abuse of women. There is nothing that gets me angrier!

I am level II in Reiki, thanks to a very good friend (Christine Dabney), and will eventually go further.


Some of my other loves are playing on the internet, growing things (I was once planning on becoming a Botanist!), or just being near growing things, & walking in the country. I have many favorite plants, but my most favorite tree of all is the Sassafras.


I love most kinds of music, and have very eclectic tastes....if you want to know what I like most, go to my music page.
*Oh, and if you noticed the heading on this page, I adore Edie Brickell!


I've collected some of my favorite quotations in one place. If you'd like to read them, you are invited to go to my Quotables page


And I love movies. I do watch a few TV shows regularly, but I'm only addicted to one current show: Castle. But movies are another story.

Three of my most favorite are "Being There" with Peter Sellers and Shirley Maclaine, "The Great Imposter" with Tony Curtis, and "Le Roi de coeur" (also known as "King of Hearts") with Alan Bates and Geneviève Bujold. I also love several musicals...but you can read about them later if you jump to my music page.

Second only to my love of astrology is my love of science fiction (books, movies, TV shows, you name it!) I fell in love with a show a few years ago called Alien Nation, and even had a fan club at one time, and published a newsletter called inALIENable Writes.

Let me tell you about some of


I find it interesting that most of my favorite authors are mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces), and all of my favorites have their Moon in mutable signs. Considering that I am Sun, Moon and Ascendant in mutable, I guess I identify with their writings.

In 1950, the year before I was born, this author wrote one of my top six favorite sci-fi books. It has two names, depending upon which edition you find: The Dreaming Jewels, or, The Synthetic Man. Theodore is well known for writing one of sci-fi's most famous axioms: "Sure, 90% of science fiction is crud. That's because 90% of everything is crud." Of course, through time, this has evolved among fans into "90% of everything is crap."
He was born Feb. 26, 1918, which makes him a Pisces with a Virgo Moon, the same as my older daughter Elizabeth.
Here are two links to tell you more about him:
Theodore Sturgeon Literary Trust
Sturgeon page

This author not only wrote two others of my six favorite sci-fi books (The Incredible Shrinking Man, Somewhere In Time), but he also wrote almost all of my favorite episodes of the original
Twilight Zone TV series. (He wrote 16 episodes of that series.)

My absolute favorite Twilight Zone episode was entitled, LITTLE GIRL LOST. Perhaps you remember it? A married couple starts to hear the terrfied crying of their little daughter, and rush to her bedroom. But no matter where they look, they can't find her. Her voice appears at first to come from under the bed, then from behind the wall, then above their heads, and they rapidly become panicky. It turns out that their daughter has fallen through an invisible "hole" in her bedroom wall, and is lost in the fourth dimension!

And if you were a fan of the original Star Trek, and remember a time when the transporter zapped the Captain and he split into a Good Kirk and an Evil Kirk....Richard wrote that too.

Matheson was born Feb. 20, 1926, which makes him a Pisces with a Moon in Gemini. I've put his birthchart here. I'm a Gemini, Pisces Rising...no wonder I love his stuff!
Here is a link about this author:
Matheson page

Spider is a remarkable author...I can't begin to describe what makes his works so special to me. I was first introduced to him by one of my dearest friends named Jackie. (Hey Jackie, I miss you a heckuva lot!)
One of his most quoted sayings is "Shared pain is lessened, shared joy increased; thus do we refute entropy."
Perhaps you've heard of a wonderful place named "Callahans"? If not, you are in for a treat. He is a must-read.
His birthdate is November 24, 1948, which makes him a Sagittarius with a Virgo Moon. One good place to start your search for Spider is this Spider page
And you've got to check out the newsgroup devoted to his wonderful creations, alt.callahans. Check out

As you probably know by now, my nickname on the IRC is AdamLink. That was taken from the title of another one of my favorite books, this one by Eando Binder...but Eando was not a person. Rather, he was two people....the Binder brothers. When the collaborated on their writing, they came up with an original first name. One brother's name began with an E, the other with an O. So they decided they would be: E and O Binder, or Eando Binder! Isn't that a perfect 'author' for a Gemini to love reading?
Check out some of the other stuff they wrote at Binder page.

There is one special Science Fiction book that I have read, now, about twelve times. Its influence on my thinking has been quite powerful. The name? "Stranger In A Strange Land"
If you haven't read it, PLEASE do. When you've read it, you will understand what I mean when I say "I grok the concept of "Water Brothers"" Here are a few quotes about what it means to be a Water Brother:
"It's like being baptized...and like getting married." "It means you trust us and we trust you...you can tell us anything and we can tell you anything...and that we are partners, now and forever. But once done, it can never be broken. If you broke it, we would die, at once." "He'll trust you utterly, so don't do it unles you are willing to trust him and stand by him, no matter how rough things get. Either all out - or don?t do it."
(Spider Robinson, btw, is also a big fan of Stranger.)
He was born July 7, 1907. (777!) This makes him a Cancer with the Moon in Gemini.

He has written more than 500 published works. Three of my favorite Bradbury books are "The Martian Chronicles, The Illustrated Man and Fahrenheit 451." He also wrote one of my favorite short stories of all time, "Boys, Grow Giant Mushrooms In Your Basement!"
Here is a good Ray Bradbury site.
He was born August 2, 1920, which makes him a Leo on the cusp with Virgo, with a Sagittarius Moon.

I also adore PUNS, so if you know any good ones (or bad ones...they're the best kind!), please e-mail them to me.
My taste in humor includes Monty Python, Firesign Theater
and George Carlin.


One thing I have a real love affair with is INTENSITY. (If you are into astrology....I have Venus conjunct Pluto. 'nuff said.) Especially in my personal relationships.


Speaking of intensity, I went to a psychic faire and had an 'aura photograph' done. I'm not sure if it actually is my aura, but a lot of yellow is supposed to be very high mental energy, and I AM a gemini. If you want to see the picture, click here.

Well, you've made it to the end of the course, and have earned your special credit. What is it, you ask?

Send me an e-mail, with your birthdate, time of birth and birthplace, and I'll e-mail you a copy of your birthchart!


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