by Astrologer Zane B Stein

"Astrology," said Ralpho Waldo Emerson, "is astronomy brought to earth and applied to the affairs of men (and women*)." Zane B. Stein has been using astrology to open people's eyes since 1969, by giving each and every client the personal touch.

He doesn't use programmed computer interpretations for his clients. Every person gets a unique, personal reading, helping them to not only better understand their daily affairs, but even more, helping them to understand themselves. In this way, they can better understand....and direct, their own future. Prior to the actual consultation, Zane spends at least thirty minutes studying each chart, so he can give you the most accurate reading possible. And this is all part of the service...no extra costs for the time he spends reviewing the charts.

A consultation with Zane can help you on many different levels. Consultations can be one of the following:

  • Conducted over the telephone or Skype phone. Following the consultation you will receive a copy of the consultation you can replay as often as you want on your own computer.
  • An internet consultation using one of the chat programs such as ICQ, MSN, YAHOO, AIM, or mIRC. A log of the consultation will be sent to you afterwards.
  • An in-person consultation can be arranged if you are in the Perth area of Western Australia. However, all in-person consultations must be arranged at least 3 weeks in advance

All consultations will also include copies of the actual charts by email, or regular mail if you prefer.

And each consulation is conducted on a confidential, one-to-one basis, unless you choose to have anyone else in attendance.

Please refer to the bottom of this page to find out what information Zane requires to give you the best service possible.


  • PAYPAL: Payments can be made by Paypal by clicking on the ADD TO CART button at the end of each service offered. Then, click on the VIEW CART button when you are ready to make payment.
  • CHECK OR MONEY ORDER: Payments can be made by check or money order. They must be either drawn on US funds, or on Australian funds (either is acceptable.) Please make all checks payable to Zane B Stein.
  • CASH: Cash payments are accepted but only for in-person consultations
NOTE: After placing your order, please send me an email with your birth info (birthdate, birthtime, birthplace) to CentaureanAstrology@zanestein.com.

45 minute consultation. Price: $90.00.
1 to 1-1/2 hours consultation. Price: $150.00.
2 to 2-1/2 hour consultation. Price: $180.00.


Who are you? What makes you tick? And where are you going in your life?
Zane offers two different levels of chart analysis:

A. THE ESSENCE. This focuses on the three most important parts of your chart, the Sun, Moon and Rising Sign, and gives an overview of the rest of your chart. You will have a much better understanding of who you are (both consciously and subconsciously), what you really need in life, how people see you, and how you can make the best use of opportunities. Consultations last 45 minutes. Price: $90.00.

B. THE GESTALT. This is an in-depth analysis of your own unique birthchart, covering not only your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign, but every planet, house and aspect in your chart. Questions you have on your purpose in life, income, home, family and children, health, relationships, travel, career, friends...and tapping your untapped potential, will be answered clearly and using down-to earth answers. The major planetary influences for the next twelve months are included, so you have a roadmap for the year ahead. Consultations last from 1 to 1-1/2 hours. Price: $150.00.


A complete astrological analysis for any relationship. This can be a romantic relationship, a friendship, the relationship you have with a family member, or perhaps you'd like to better understand the dynamics between you and a business partner. First, each birthchart is explored, showing what the person looks for in a relationship, and then the two charts are put together, explaining the dynamics of the relationship itself, and showing ways in which to maximize your favourable joint energies, and deal with any problems the two of you may have. Consultations last from 1-1/2 to 2 hours. Price: $180.00.

***NOTE*** And if you are planning a wedding, please consider Zane's wedding services, listed at the bottom of this page. A purchase of the above Relationships package will entitle you to a 10% discount off the price of a wedding package.


The relationship between a child, and his/her parents, is a very special one, needing a lot of TLC. But no matter how much loving care you put into the relationship, it may not be enough....if you don't understand your child. Zane offers two different astrological packages specifically designed for the parents:

A. THE WHOLE CHILD. This is an in-depth analysis of your child's unique birthchart. It will help you to better understand, not only your child's strengths and weaknesses, but also why they behave the way they do, and how you can bring out the best in your child. Consultations last from 1 to 1-1/2 hours. Price: $150.00.

B. PARENT AND CHILD. Knowing how your chart interacts with your child's chart can help you watch out for potential landmines in the child-raising process. Sometimes, the chart dynamics between the two of you can accentuate the problems....but learning what these are will go a long way toward a much more harmonious parent/child relationship. This can be done for one parent with the child, or for both parents with the child.
Consultations last from 1 to 1-1/2 hours if one parent (Price: $150.00)
Up to 2-1/2 hours if both parents (Price: $180.00).


Not happy where you are living, and thinking of moving somewhere else for a fresh start? Or being sent somewhere by your company, and want to get a handle on the new location before you get there? Zane offers two different relocation services.

A. WHERE IN THE WORLD? Zane will set up your chart for various locations around the world, and help you to understand which areas will bring you the most happiness and success in your life. Particular emphasis will be put on specific areas, if you desire. Consultations last from 1 to 1-1/2 hours. Price: $150.00.
B. BE HERE NOW. If you want to understand how living in a particular place will change your life, and how you can best make use of the energies in your new location, then this is the choice for you. Consultations last 45 minutes. Price: $90.00.


Just like a person, a business has a birthchart. The planets at the official beginning of a business are an indicator of the success, or failure, of the business, and chart the ups and downs as well. But unlike your personal birthchart, you can choose the exact moment to start your business. Zane will examine all the factors....what type of business you are starting, your longterm goals, and the planetary positions....and help you to choose the BEST moment in time for the greatest chance of business prosperity. Consultations last 45 minutes. Price: $90.00.


Do you have a major choice to make....but need more information before you can proceed? Or perhaps you need to choose between two directions, two events, or even two people...but just can't make the choice. Zane will use the science of astrology to help you not only make your choice, but let you know why it was the way to go. Consultations last 45 minutes. Price: $90.00.


Everybody hurts. Everyone carries scars of past wounds around with them. One of the most important indicators of your woundedness is the body Chiron, and Zane is internationally known as the pioneer of Chiron research. Come with Zane and explore how your old wounds still influence your life today, and how you can best bring about inner healing. Consultations last from 1 to 1-1/2 hours. Price: $150.00

AND, if you would like to know more about Chiron itself, why not explore Zane's other website, CHIRON AND FRIENDS. Among the information you will find there is a link to order Zane's book, ESSENCE AND APPLICATION: A VIEW FROM CHIRON, still considered to be the best all around book on the minor planet Chiron.


Chiron was the first Centaurean body discovered, but it is not alone. Since 1992, a whole herd of these orbit-crossing bodies have been found, and looking at each one in your chart will reveal another dimension of your being. Zane will touch briefly on your Chiron, then look at Chiron's wife Chariklo and their daughter Okyrhoe. Other Centaurs explored include Pholus, Nessus, Echeclus, Hylonome, Cyllarus, and a number of others. Consultations last from 1 to 1-1/2 hours. Price: $150.00


1. Look up the birth certificate or otherwise verify birth information for each chart required. (Very important.) [Other possible info sources: Family Bible, baby book, hospital records, local newspaper archives, doctor's office, county records, mother/father, older brothers/sisters, grandparents, other older relatives, family papers]. Include the source of birth information when you place your order, or in a separate email to Zane if you prefer. If the exact time is not known, please give an approximate time if at all possible.
2. Though not required, Zane appreciates a photo (email is fine). If you send a copy by mail it will be returned to you with your birthchart.


1. Include birth Month, Date, Year, Exact Time (AM or PM) if known, City (hospital name, if known), State (or Province), Country
2. Any statements and/or questions you want to include
3. A photo if you wish--by email or regular mail
4. Name: whatever you want on your horoscope
5. Complete mailing address
6. You must include an email address; receipt of your order is confirmed by email, indicating both your order and payment were received; also, appointments are set up by email
7. To use a credit card, please pay through PayPal®. Or, send a check or money order payable to Zane B. Stein.


  • E-MAIL: CentaureanAstrology@zanestein.com
  • TELEPHONE, US: 770 872 4836
  • TELEPHONE, AUSTRALIA: 04 5252 4387
  • REGULAR MAIL: Zane B Stein, 35 Sussex St, Spearwood 6163, WA, Australia


Rev. Zane B Stein, located near Perth in Western Australia, will officiate your wedding in the place of your choice. He will be happy to perform your wedding at a church if you desire. He can bless your union at a clearing in the forest, on board a boat, above the town in the basket of a hot air balloon, or in whatever location you two have your heart set on. Zane is an ordained minister who will perform nondenominational Weddings. Basic pricing for ceremonies performed in the Perth, Western Australia area. Additional fee for further travel, based upon the distance from downtown Perth.

When your wedding takes place, you are welcome to use a ceremony that the two of you have written, or Zane will provide one tailored specifically to you.

Zane is also an astrologer. He can help you pick the best date and time to say "I do" so your marriage emphasizes the love you feel for each other, and decreases any energies of conflict. Zane will do the wedding chart as part of the total package. Following the ceremony, you will be given a beautiful copy of your wedding chart which will be a loving addition to your wedding album.

A. BASIC WEDDING. This of course includes a consultation before the wedding to work out the details, performing of your ceremony, the solemnizing of your marriage license, and a copy of your astrological marriage chart, suitable for framing. Price: $225.00.

B. ENHANCED WEDDING. In addition to the above, this package includes a wedding rehearsal, a transcript of the wedding ceremony, and music designed to enhance the joy and spiritual blessings of your union. Price: $275.00.

C. ELABORATE WEDDING. This package includes everything in A and B. In addition, ritual items such as candles, cords, and wine will be included, as well as any custom rituals you wish to be part of the marriage event. Price: $350.00.

D. RENEWING YOUR VOWS. If you could marry your spouse again....would you? Well then, Zane will be pleased to officiate this blessed ceremony. Included in this package is a transcript of the ceremony...and Zane will even help you choose the best time for your re-union. Of course, a chart for the reborn union is included. Price: $150.00.

NOTE: Please allow at least 6 weeks in advance to schedule your ceremony.


  • E-MAIL: CentaureanAstrology@zanestein.com
  • TELEPHONE, US: 267 436 4543
  • TELEPHONE, AUSTRALIA: 04 5252 4387
  • REGULAR MAIL: Zane B Stein, 3 Kent St., Victoria Park 6100, WA, Australia

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