Zane P. Bond


Zane P. Bond was born February 3, 1951, the son of the late stage, screen, and TV actor, Rudy Bond, whose book "I Rode A Streetcar Named Desire", was just published posthumously by Birch Brook Press, and of Alma H. Bond, PhD, noted Psychoanalyst. Growing up with an actor for a father, as you might expect, he tried his hand at acting in his youth, even appearing in some theatrical productions with Rudy Bond. But the theater was not for him, and he went on to other things.

He was a coin dealer and hobbyist, and wrote numerous articles on numismatics in newspapers and national trade journals. He was also an amateur art dealer and restorationist.

Zane founded the "Society of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr." with the purpose of encouraging the federal government to honor the late Dr. King by placing him on the nickel, replacing Thomas Jefferson. ("Our noble President Jefferson owned slaves.")

Zane's proposal
Zane's MLK prototype

He designed, or co-designed, and produced commemorative medals to acknowledge special occasions, such as the medal honoring people who have overcome hardships to achieve greatness.

Zane was a crusader for the cause of helping shed light on the universal ignorance associated with mental illness.

He wrote a remarkable book:

A Prophet Operating At A Loss

It is a unique story about what it is like to survive the nightmares of a Bi-Polar disorder. The book is available from can click on the above bookcover and read more about the book.

Zane lived in New York with his lovely wife Judy. He passed away on December 15, 2007.

Shortly before he passed away, he had a small part playing a homeless man in a movie, PESTICIDE, which came out in 2008. Here is the IMDB description: PESTICIDE

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