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I have found that close to ninety percent of the astrologers that I know have a close natal aspect to Urania. In my chart it is conjunct my Vertex and square my MC. So far, though, I have found no consistent pattern as to which type of aspect, nor which aspect or cusps. There is a definite connection between Urania and a desire for precision, as well as a desire to cover as muchg round as possible, in whatever area it is focused. One girl has her 9th house Urania exactly trine to her natal Saturn. She is a fluent speaker of nine languages and her accents are very good in each. In fact she loves languages so much she always seems to be studying a new one. She, along with others with Urania in the 9th, loves reading and reads quickly, often reading a number of books at the same time. People with Urania in the 2nd seem to bring precision to their jobs, even if precision is not required.

This bent toward precision seems to come out even in synastry. If your Urania is conjunct a planet or major cusp in the chart of another you seem initially to feel that such person is the right person for you in whatever area is represented by that planet or cusp. This occurs not only in romantic relationships, but in business, or any other type as well. What is more you expect them to always express those qualities exactly as you have seen them. (Not very adaptable, is it?) Of course other factors in the synastry will show major attraction and the basis of the relationship. But the Urania contacts focus on certain specific qualities in the person and these become important.

John Addey hypothesized that where Urania focuses, one is definitely more serious, more concerned for important things than for the trivial, and one would have more interest in the "deeper issues of life." This appears to be a very accurate prediction.

Urania, in mythology, was one of the Nine Muses. All but two of them, Clio and Calliope, have asteroids named after them. I have begun to study another one of the muses....the Minor Planet Thalia. Click on this mask if you would like to know more about it: Thalia Glyph

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