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Chiron as Guiding Planet
The Planet of Oriental Appearance
The Spearbearer
The Guiding Planet
The Scout Planet
All of these terms refer to the first planet to rise right before the Sun. This body, no matter what it is, is a planet that gives us a direction, because it is the first part of ourselves we use to interact with the world, and then bring information back to integrate into our Sun to make plans. You can consider it as an agent of the Sun, something you use on a daily basis, something you use to conduct everyday affairs with, and has a lot to do with how you handle the immediate demands of life.

Sometimes, we are not even conscious that this is how we handle things, but over time we can become quite adept at the use of this planet. Perhaps this is why the ancients considered the Oriental planet to be a vocational indicator, leading the Sun to its true expression.

Along these lines, there are a number of contemporary astrologers that view this planet as what activates our motivation...what stirs our Will into action. A good example would be Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. Pluto was her Scout Planet, and she was drawn to psychology, to delving into the deepest motivations, and to trying to deal with that most Plutonian of all issues: death. Her approach was to tell the truth as she saw it, no reservations, no beating around the bush, no sugar coating.

Michael R Meyer discusses this principle in detail,
and even gives descriptions of all the traditional planets as Scout Planets.
You can read his writings here:

As I see it, with Chiron as the Scout planet, a person is drawn to the untrod path, led by the urge to find passageways, doorways, bridges. There is an acute awareness of the woundedness around them, which leads to the urge to heal, or teach, or guide, or lead the way towards self-sufficiency. There is a maverick quality to the way the person handles day to day efforts. Not rebellious...that's Uranian. Rather, a person goes his own way, at his own speed, never concerned that others may be moving faster or slower, or going in a different direction. To quote Thoreau, "If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer."

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