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Possible glyph for Pylenor
This glyph was designed
by Zane B Stein
Another possible glyph for Pylenor
This is an
alternate glyph
Another possible glyph for Pylenor
This glyph was designed
by Bartłomiej Jankiewicz


The above glyphs were designed by Zane B Stein as possible symbols for 1994 TA. Several of my fellow astrologers and I agree that Pylenor is the name that best suits this body.

We do not know the exact moment 1994 TA was discovered, but we do know that the photographic plate was shot on October 2, 1994, and that the body was discovered later the same day as the plate was studied. Its discovery position was 18 Aries 31. (The Sabian Symbol for this degree is "A magic carpet of oriental imagry.")

1994 TA has an orbit of around 69.2 years, and orbits (like Chiron) between Saturn and Uranus. It currently reaches Perihelion at 21 CAP 52, and its North Node is at 20 Leo 12.

It?s inclination to the ecliptic is 5.4, (Chiron's is 6.9), and the orbital eccentricity is 0.301 (Chiron's is 0.379.) It seems to be one of the smallest Centaurs.

There is not a lot of mythology about Pylenor, but the most common story connects him with Pholus and Chiron. When the wild Centaurs smelled the wine in Pholus home, and went on a rampage trying to get at it, Heracles used his Hydra-blood-poison-tipped arrows to begin killing them before they over-ran the place. Pholus met his demise as a result of one of Hercules' Hydra's-blood poison-tipped an attempt to aid his fellow centaurs, Pholus attempted to pull a poisoned arrow from the wounded centaur, Pylenor, whereupon he accidentally dropped the arrow piercing his own foot. Pylenor did not die right away, but made it to the river Anigrus, where he tried to wash the poison away. From then on, the river was tainted, always having a very peculiar, nasty odor.

Thus, Pylenor washed his wounds in the river, and made the river "unclean" due to the odour of these wounds and his blood... there is something of redemption in this imagry. Also, I feel that Pylenor is connected to the idea of "Unclean by association."

A few possible keywords include: poison, infection, exposed wound, cleansing the wound. I think it also refers to the necessity, at times, of applying toxic substances in small quantities in order to help stimulate a person's antibody creation or healing processes.

His name, I understand, means "mountain pass", which may be seen as the region between Saturn and Uranus.


On Amable's blog, Transneptunian Astrology, there are some interesting observations about Pylenor: "In Greek mythology, Pylenor was a centaur that having been wounded by Heracles� poisoned arrows (which were soaked with Hydra�s blood), washed himself in the river Anigrus, thus providing the river with a peculiar odor.
In this mythological image, there is a transference of the poison through the scattering of the river, making unusual connections through a long chain that is dificult to track back to find the source. At the end, there is no connection between the purpose of Heracles when he shot the arrow and the those who later get poisoned through the river.
In the movie "Wild River" (1994), a family is saling the river for their vacations, but they intersect two men that they turn to be criminals that are scaping through the river, and they are forced to be involved in their scape.
When 1994 TA [Pylenor] is activeted, there is a transference and one has to deal with something related with others as it was personal, like when an innocent person is acused of a crime ("The Shawshank Redemption", 1994; "Lion King", 1994; "The Fugitive", 1993). Also can have to face a collective problem as if it was individual ("Mononoke Princess", 1997, 1999).
But on the positive side, when the problem is solved, it has the ability to create a new identity, like at the end of the movie "The Shawshank Redemption" (1994), "Only You" (1994), or at the end of the movie "Avatar" (2009). As part of the same process, there also can be a mystic connection with nature, as the collective energy and life from ecosystems flows to the inside of one self.
This centaurs remainds the Kitaro's song "Winds of Youth" (Mandala, 1994).

The following people have close natal Pylenor conjunctions:

Andreas Papandreou
Bert Parks
Dave Barry
Deborah Harry
Eric Satie
Eva Braun
Herman Melville
Honore de Balzac
Immanuel Kant
James Baker
Jesse Ventura
Joan Quigley
Katherine Hepburn
Marcel Duchamp
Nicolae Ceausescu
Paul McCartney
Percival Lowell
Pier Paolo Pasolini
Ray Davies
Sally Kellerman
Sean Penn
Willie Mays
Willy Brandt
Albert DeSalvo
Buddy Holly
Carol Burnett
Che Guevara
Dave Davies
Emperor Hirohito
Evangeline Adams
Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
Gary Hart
Gustave Flaubert
Jacqueline Susann
James Baker
Jodie Foster
Julie Kavner
Ken Kesey
Lamar Alexander
Leann Rimes
Marlon Brando
Steve Wozniak
Timothy Leary
Tom Hanks
Anne Murray
Barbara Hutton
Bert Parks
Bob Dylan
Bruce Dern
Carlo Ponti
Carole Lombard
Curly Howard
Donald Trump
Gary Busey
George Sand
Harrison Ford
Jerry Lewis
Joan Collins
Joyce Carol Oates
Krist Kristofferson
Leonardo Di Caprio
Marcel Duchamp
Matt Damon
Peter Graves
Richard Bach
Simone Signoret
Terri Treas
Anne Frank
Billy Bob Thornton
Bruce Dern
Carlos Santana
Erich von Daniken
Ethel Waters
Frank Sinatra
Jean Renoir
Johnny Ace
Malcolm Forbes
Meryl Streep
Michael Jackson
Miles Davis
Robert Schumann
Sally K Ride
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Stacy Keach
Steve Wozniak
Yitzhak Rabin
Alexander Graham Bell
Bert Parks
Dennis Hopper
Diana Ross
Martin Lawrence
Morey Amsterdam
Rick Springfield
Rod Serling

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