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I have always loved the myth of Eros and Psyche because of its happy ending. I won't repeat the whole story here, but the two ended up together in love for all of eternity. (You can read the tale in most good mythology books.)

There does appear to be a relationship between the two bodies bearing those names, although more research is needed to define it clearly. Eros can be defined as love, desire, and pleasure-directed life instincts. It is also love directed toward self-realization. Psyche can be defined as self, or the principle of life, or the spirit, or the soul. Perhaps the relationship between them has to do with the process of the soul searching for its true identity and its completion? If so, what does this say for a relationship between Eros in one chart and Psyche in another?

Psyche has something to do with psychic ability, as befitting the name. But I have found that before Psyche can tune in to a person's thoughts and feelings on that level one must be deeply involved with the person first. Dr. Lehman says that this body is involved with projection either onto others, or onto the world.This indeed fits the idea of the Soul searching for completion.

The house Psyche occupies focuses on where one expects to find one's identity. For example, in the 5th house it is often through ideal love, and when the individual evolves above this concept they become increasingly creative. In the 2nd house it is often through material things, and by rising above this, the individual becomes increasingly generous and giving.

Any planet in a person's chart in hard aspect to Psyche is a personal blind spot. The aspected planet is one of the major keys to understanding the self, yet the individual seems either unaware of this point or refuses to admit how important this part is to them, or they express a fear of integrating it into their being.

If your Psyche is in hard aspect to a planet in another's chart that is important to them (such as their ruler, or angular), there is a definite attraction. But Psyche is delicate. The other person's planet can easily become overwhelming for you. The way that person expresses the energy represented by theaspecting planet can become quite difficult for you to deal with. The reason is that there is a particular quality or qualities you are searching for in another, and this person's energies seem somewhat alien to you. The key to this problem is a willingness to allow that person to be themselves, and this can be a major task for you.

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