Riders in the Sky - The Centaurs

by Philip Sedgwick

When Chiron appeared in the consciousness of astrologers back in 1977, he was embraced with surprising receptivity for such a new, undefined object. Oddly, now with more than a score of Centaurs, including six named ones, astrologers seem reluctant to invite them into their interpretive realm. Chiron initially received attention as a master healer, coming to light at a time of great surges forward in the natural products, health food industries. His need to end the sense of a painful, unbearable life offered a metaphor of improving quality of life by pursuing urges of the soul. And the other Centaurs like Chiron, offer healing solutions to society's increasingly complex social problems. Why not include them?

Instead of debating the issue, here are some suggestions for applying the astrological signatures of the named Centaurs. Each named Centaur offers a ceremonial platform for restoring part of one=s lost, basic nature. In a time when technology, the Internet and electronic obsessions reduce a healthy sense of humanity, the Centaurs appear to ground people back into their senses - the strongest being the sense of smell, Centaurs inspire us all to use the five basic senses to the fullest of their potential. Listen to what's going on. Sniff out the cues of life. On a psychological level the Centaurs insist upon restoring a basic, instinctive nature unedited by mental gymnastics. A question they pose is: "Yeah, but what would you do if you could do anything?" Troubling? Perhaps, but recall that the Centaurian agenda is to heal social maladies, not create them.

Following are considerations for the nature, method and use of the named Centaurs:

Chiron - The desire to reintegrate the spirit into the body. Soul mate urge that defines the need for soul/body healing. Reduction of painful lifestyles by healing the soul instead of the psychology. Use of a mentor for learning desired skills and philosophies. Stepping stone or stumbling block. Body purification and healthy lifestyle offer physical healings. Techniques of rebirthing, soul retrieval and shamanic journeys create soul healing.

Pholus - Use of discretion especially in the presence of revered people. Represents food, alcohol, drug abuses and the necessary healing. Need for ceremony in daily life, but with the call for full and necessary reverence. Overcoming fear of weapons or power. Often suggests a radical change in diet. Use of food and drink in ceremony. Restoration of a life style in which a daily hour of power, ceremony or prayer must be followed.

Nessus - The ultimate Centaur bad boy and everyone has one of these in their chart. Nessus bears the wounds of greed, decadence, intimacy and sexuality. Overcoming the urge of "just because it's there," or coveting what others have. Jealous, indulgent and possessive, Nessus aspires to teach how much is enough in love and money. Healing monetary or sexual obsessions/addictions belong to this black Centaur. Represents the outcast of a family. Use of body therapies, sexual healing and money affirmation reduces the negative aspects of Nessus.

Asbolus - This Centaur insists that one always, always must follow their intuition. Typically real life circumstances demand their payment for failure to adhere to instinct. Leading charges against causes not worth engaging bring short circuits of life efforts and a significant loss of energy. Studying intuition and psychic development feed the protocol of Asbolus. Learning augury or reading the omens and totems of life restore Asbolus-like guidance.

Chariklo - The wife of Chiron probably functioned as a sacred prostitute in the matriarchal temples. In our society she refers to social boundaries, especially those of a cross gender or sexual nature. She examines interactions to determine the intent of the scenario prior to judging it or responding emotionally. Chariklo represents healing interpersonal discrepancies on all levels. Studying boundaries from the aura/energy point of view offers the insights of Chariklo. She also asks for a momentary pause before taking an aggressive response to any relationship injustice.

Hylonome - A female Centaur struck and overcome with grief, Hylonome thrust herself upon the spear that killed her lover. The feeling of not being able to go on because of a profound emotional loss assigns to this Centaur. Yet the ways of healing grief that seems inconsolable becomes her job. Her effort ultimately is to end grief. Grief counseling, shedding or elimination rituals (discarding letters, photos, cleaning closets of a deceased person's clothing) belong to Hylonome.

Below is an excerpt from my Centaur ephemeris based upon North Node and Perihelion degrees. Please realize that should orbital parameters change significantly, the interpretations may shift as the signs and degrees of the Node and Perihelion adjust to the refinement of the data.

1994TA - The need to assert one's accomplishments in the interest of recognition.
������ Positive: sense of self accomplishment, legacy oriented, a mentor.
������ Negative: solicitousness, bragging, indiscriminate flirting.

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