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Pelion, which was first known as 1998 QM107, and later given the number 49036, was discovered on August 21, 1998 by R. J. Whiteley and D. J. Tholen.


Pelion's orbit is 89.96 years (Uranus' is 84.1). It's perihelion is 17.2706346 AU, a little bit further in than Uranus ever gets (18.28 AU), while it's aphelion is 22.7992952 AU, just a bit further than Uranus gets (20.9 AU). That gives it a special relationship with Uranus.

It's eccentricity is 0.1379753, and an inclination of 9.34762.


While Pelion holds an important place in the mythological stories of the Centaurs, it was not the name of a Centaur. In fact, it was not a being at all, but rather a place. Pelion is a mountain in Greece. It was named after a king from Greek myth, Peleus, who was the father of Achilles. The Centaur Chiron taught many heroes, including the son of Peleus, by taking them to his cave at Mount Pelion, and the marriage of Peleus to Thetis is said to have taken place in the same cave.


When it was discovered it was located at 9 degrees 59 minutes of Aquarius. This is the 10th degree. One version of the Sabian Symbol description for that degree reads, "A man of stature has been catapulted into ephemeral popularity and unspoiled he plans further achievements."

On Amable's blog, Transneptunian Astrology, there is this interesting observation about Pelion: "Pelion vibrates with young energy and is full of life, like the song "Nas Ne Dogonyat" of Tatu. This centaur looks like a teenager and it is a bit chaotic. Can be rebel aganist authority, like Frost in the movie "Blade" (1998), and has a strong determination to be independent and autonomous, like Mulan in the Disney movie (1998), but can be imprudent and inexperienced, like Anakin in "Star Wars Episode II - Attack of the Clones" (2002)."

Mark Andrew Holmes has some insights into Pelion:


Here are the dates of the exact conjunctions of Pelion with the bodies from Jupiter out to Pluto, 1900-2012. Note that there was only one conjunction each with Neptune and Pluto.

28/12/1900 8:17:06 PM UT 25°Sg14' D
8/03/1915 10:59:33 PM UT 07°Pi54' D
15/07/1928 4:54:42 PM UT 07°Ta11' D
27/10/1928 2:55:48 AM UT 05°Ta36' R
10/02/1929 5:26:48 PM UT 03°Ta58' D
24/04/1942 11:20:20 PM UT 20°Ge05' D
21/06/1955 9:14:12 PM UT 01°Le46' D
17/09/1968 8:17:11 PM UT 18°Vi17' D
1/11/1982 10:09:46 PM UT 18°Sc18' D
7/02/1997 9:44:50 AM UT 03°Aq55' D
3/03/2011 9:26:25 PM UT 08°Ar25' D
5/06/1944 8:50:50 AM UT 28°Ge03' D
4/02/1986 2:54:18 PM UT 08°Sg12' D
13/05/1986 11:15:38 AM UT 07°Sg28' R
11/10/1986 7:10:21 PM UT 06°Sg18' D
8 Feb 1900 NS 5:36:48 AM UT 22°Sg39' D
21 Jun 1900 NS 12:24:57 PM UT 21°Sg23' R
5 Oct 1900 NS 1:05:35 AM UT 20°Sg17' D
16/07/1959 1:08:44 PM UT 15°Le11' D
8/04/1998 2:42:23 PM UT 12°Aq07' D
5/08/1998 8:16:53 AM UT 10°Aq41' R
22/11/1998 6:55:07 PM UT 09°Aq19' D
7/02/1995 11:23:45 AM UT 23°Cp57' D
23/09/1971 2:17:18 AM UT 29°Vi32' D

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