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The Pandora myth is a powerful one. It is a story of how unstoppable curiosity was the direct cause of innumerable problems being released into the world. Yet along with these problems, at the very bottom of the box, came hope. While this story has been interpreted a number of different ways, the interpretation that seems to best fit the minor planet is to view the problems that were released as unforeseen challenges, and to view the hope as the better life one will have if one conquers those challenges.

Dr. Lehman says that Pandora "stirs things up", and it seems to be because the native has a tendency to relax and slip into a rut where their Pandora falls. So periodically they feel quite restless and dissatisfied with the way things are, though often without knowing why. The urge to do something strikes them, and they often find themselves thinking "I wonder what would happen if I....?". Finally the native takes some action, and the results prove to open many different avenues for them, often unexpected ones.

There are a number of similarities between Pandora and Uranus. But as Dr. Lehman states, "Pandora shows a process, while Uranus may not." This process: to take some action which results in a multitude of new paths and ideas; to choose to follow one or more paths, hopefully to their conclusion; to learn from them, and make them part of one's life, and if possible to synthesize whole new parts of the self from a fusion of the oldand new.

If you have a planet in aspect to Pandora it will periodically need new and various stimuli. It is a part of you that can easily get into a rut otherwise. If the aspect is a hard aspect you may try to seek this stimuli the wrong way, or to seek the wrong kind of stimuli, or seek it at the wrong time. Also you may experience the negative side of Pandora: the unleashing of many challenges, yet all seem 'bad' because you have not learned the quality of 'hope'.

Any aspect at all to Pandora will lead the person to make frequent new discoveries, and so all aspects are assets to a person involved in research. But the hard aspects produce a lesson for the person: learn to have hope. Another danger with hard aspects: the person may insist on trying to change others or forcing them to accept his discoveries.

Watch transits of Pandora even if you have no natal aspects to this body. It stirs you to action and this action usually leads to many alternatives which you did not plan for. It is one of the best times to make a break with the old as long as you are not concerned with what happens, just that something happens.

In relationships observe how a person with Pandora in close aspect to one of your planets stirs you into action, encourages you to make changes, and makes it quite difficult to keep on a smooth well-planned course. The Pandora person will not allow you to remain in any kind of rut wherever they aspect you. And you will usually enjoy the new person you become after making each change.

For example: a man's Pandora was exactly square to a woman's MC. She had never held a full time job prior to meeting him, and tended to be afraid of the public. After they began to date she found her first real job, which turned out to be much in the public eye. Slowly she began to overcome her anxieties and found that she was very good in her position and liked the added respect she received. The longer she has stayed with this boyfriend, the more she has improved herself, moving through a number of jobs each with greater authority over others. And each opens many opportunities for her.

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