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I love this Centaur Compendium!!!!

A very interesting Centaur Glossary can be found here.

Were Centaurs once real, and from another planet? Some people take this very seriously. Read The Man Horse From Space

Stephen Baxter is a science fiction author. In his book of short stories entiled "Vacuum Diagrams", there is a story called "Pilot". Future space travelers are fleeing invading aliens, and so they hollow out Chiron and use it as a spaceship to enable them to escape: Pilot

John Updike wrote a wonderful fiction book involving Chiron. Here is a good site about the book, Centaur Summary

One of the keywords for Chiron is maverick. The definition of maverick is one who does not wear the mark of the other words, one who cannot be classified as part of a particular group or classification. Coming out of Australia is a band that cannot be bound by genre, and so, fittingly, calls itself CHIRON. Chiron is Michael Aliani & Robert Anthony, and I really enjoy their unique music. You can hear a sample of it on their MySpace page:

Piers Anthony has written many wonderful fantasy books about a land called Xanth, where magic is the rule, and Centaurs are very real. The covers of some of his Xanth books have been graced by centaurs, including:

Centaur Isle
Source of Magic
Castle Roogna and
Isle of Veiw.

And Piers has his own website: Hi Piers!

Lady Lithia is a visual arts magician, and she specializes in Centaurs. Her website is no longer up, but if you click on the Centaur image that follows (graciously donated by Lady Lithia), you see more of her works.

Lithia's Centaur archer

I like this site, dedicated to Centaur art of many kinds, including photomorphs, comic art, and Boris Vallejo: Centaur Mares

Here is an archive full of Centaur links:

Many famous paintings have included centaurs. Here are two of my favorites:

Botticelli's "Pallas and the Centaur"

Sebastiano Ricci's painting depicts Hercules killing Nessus

Here's an ancient drawing showing Dionysos, Hestia, Chariklo, Iris, Chiron

This site has the most extensive catalogue of Centaurs on pottery I've ever seen!

Cheiron teaching archery to Achilles (engraving)

Centaur images from television, movies, games, and many other places can be found at this site.

And of course, we can't forget Deijaneira and Nessus by Boris Vallejo. There is also a painting of Deijaneira with Nessus' blood on her hands.

For some reason, the people who name butterflies and moths like mythological names. Here are some pictures of some with Centaur names:

Common Streaky-Skipper (Celotes nessus)
Nessus sphinx (Amphion floridensis)
Azalea sphinx (Darapsa pholus)

Check this out! There is a firm named Chiron Corp, founded by three university professors, which is a leading global biotechnology company. Founded in 1981, just a few years after Chiron's discovery, doesn't it have a perfect name for a pioneer in GENE SPLICING (Chiron: half man/half horse?)

A company that makes vaccines has named itself after the master healer: Chiron Panacea Vaccines

CHIRON is also an acronym which stands for Cultural Heritage Informatics Research Oriented Network. This is a Marie-Curie EU-funded project providing research training fellowships for graduates wishing to start a research career in the field of IT applications to the research, conservation, and presentation of tangible Cultural Heritage. Check out C.H.I.R.O.N.

And here is a firm that is a major designer of websites, as well as search engine optimization: The Chiron Group, Inc.

Chiron Scientific is a firm in Sylvania, Ohio, that specializes in distributing laboratory supplies and equipment. I was lucky enough to get a chance to speak with the founder, who gave me the firm's birthdata: September 16, 1987, 9:00 AM EST, Sylvania, OH (83W42, 41N43.) While they did not use astrology to choose a founding date, Chiron in the above chart is very active. It falls at 28 Gem 32 in the 9th, making the following aspects:

Semisextile MC 29 Can 08
Square Venus 29 Vir 47
Trine Ascendant 24 Lib 31
Quincunx Pallas 27 Sco 17
Opposition Ceres 25 Sat 29
Trine Juno 24 Aqu 40 R
Sextile Jupiter 29 Aries 28 R
And this was also during the time that Saturn and Uranus were applying to a conjunction in Sagittarius.

There is a website, named after Chiron's wife, Chariclo, that specializes in something called Chiron Healing:

I'm not quite sure what being a volume dealer in surplus and wholesale products has to do with Chiron, but that's what this firm in Quebec, Chiron, does.

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