List of Centaurs in mythology....a great resource for the yet unnamed Centaurean bodies.

Here is an interesting essay on the myth of Chiron and Hercules

Robert Von Heeren has compiled a list of Centaur names that is pretty extensive. This is another great resource for naming the Centurs.

Here is an excellent link to a site with many Centaur names, and information about those Centaurs:


Here is the section on Centaur mythology from Bullfinch's Mythology

And here is another good site for the Centaur myths

Anthony G. Francis, PhD, has compiled The Centaur Compendium. There is a lot here, such as a list of contemporary books where Centaurs play an important role, to a diagram of what a Centaur Skeleton might look like.

Lots of links of Classical texts relating to centaurs, as well as Greek art and vases with Centaurs, at this site: Classical Centaurs

And at this site, you can read more about Centaur Myths and Legends

OK, so you've read a lot about Centaur myths. Why not take a Quiz on Centaurs in Mythology

Scroll down to the middle of this page, and you will see a picture of a remarkable tile mosaic with two female Centaurs: African Centaurs of Aphrodite

I love this site! Kathleen Jenks, Ph.D., has links to mythology sites all over the web at a site she calls MYTH*ING LINKS.
And she has as a page of particular interest to Centaur afficianado's....check out her Centaur links

Another one of the best sites in existance for mythologies from many, many different cultures is The Encyclopedia Mythica

This is a great learning tool for students and teachers. It has links to resources for many different mythologies: Folklore and Mythology Resource Guide

And here is a site packed full of links about mythologies from all over: Mythology Research Resources

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