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Einstein and Chiros
An article I wrote on Einstein, Chiron and Pholus.

On Nov 3, 1997, I gave a Chiron talk on one of the IRC chatrooms (the room was called #ProPlanet), and it had been posted on their website, but unfortunately it seems to be down and I don't have another copy of the talk.

Astrodienst is a wonderful site. You can plug in a city name, and get the longitude, latitude and time zone much more quickly than you could look it up in an atlas! Then you can create a chart for any birth data at that site�.which in itself is a boon to astrologers. And, if you go to 'Select from various chart types', one of the options is a high quality chart with asteroids. If you choose this option, it not only includes the big four (Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta), but named Centaurs, such as Chiron, Pholus, and Nessus. AND, there is an option to plug in the number of any other asteroids or unnamed Centaurs and include those bodies in the chart as well!
You can access this site by going to:

You can plug in any date between 1500 and 2099, and this site will calculate the positions for you of many of the Centaurs and TNO's, the Uranian points, and 50 of the asteroids. Just go to this Ephemeris Lookup


Rising Light School of Astrology logo RISING LIGHT SCHOOL OF ASTROLOGY


Esoteric Technologies: Solar Fire Astrology Software, Solar Writer Report Writer, Jigsaw, and other great astrological tools. (Note: Solar Fire available at this link only in Australia and New Zealand. If you wish to purchase Solar Fire in other countries, check out Astrolabe

Astro Gold: Astrology software for Mac computers, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

Juan Antonio Revilla has a wonderful program called Riyal which will calculate the positions of all of the Centaurs in your chart, and several other interesting bodies. If you download Swiss Ephemeris files, it will also calculate any other bodies you wish, and put them in a table you can print out for any date. The program is called Riyal, and you can get it free from his site at
His site is dedicated to The Centaurs
He has several articles there which are quite good. My favorites are:

The Centaurs And Passion
Centaurs and Wolves
The Redemption Of Nessus

ZET 8 is a powerful astrology program that does many different things, but what I find most valuable is the option to download various swiss ephemeris files, and have any body (Centaur, Trans-neptunian, Asteroid, etc.) not only calculated, but inserted directly into the chart. The basic program, Zet 8 Lite, is free, but if you enjoy working with it, you may want to upgrade and purchase the Pro or the Geo versions. You can find this program at

ASTROLOG: A place to download Walter Pullen's latest Astrolog program (a free astrology program that includes Chiron), and other good stuff


Helen Adams Garrett and Rudy Flack have published a Chiron Ephemeris 1740-2051. There are some interesting perceptions on interpreting Chiron, as well. One place you can get this book is The IAA.

Martin Lass has published books on Chiron. You can read excerpts of these by going to his website. To do so, click on the title of his book, Planet of Healing

Jonathan Dunn also has a website with a lot of articles
focusing on Chiron, Pholus and the other Centaurs, as well as
many other thought-provoking articles.

There are a number of Centaur-related charts, also, such as one for
the Chiron/Uranus cycle and one for the Nessus/Pluto cycle. And he even
has some intriguing information about minor planet #3753 Cruithne.
Check out this page full of ephemerides and other tools

John Delaney has begun to use the named Centaurs in his monthly astrological forecasts. Check out his current forecast at Delaney Astroscope, and you can also look at some of the previous articles as well.

Robert Von Heeren's Centaur Research Project should not be missed. It is full of interesting information on our many Centaurs, including discovery charts. Some of his pages are only in German, but the majority of articles on Centaurs are in English as well.

Here is an interesting site discussing both astronomical and astrological aspects of Chiron, put together by a woman who calls herself Jack Rabbit Woman: CHIRON

And don't skip Karen Drye's article, Chiron and the Centaurs

Kevin has a wonderful site where he tries to answer questions on various astrological themes. Here is his page answering questions about Chiron: Ask Kevin

I enjoyed reading this article discussing what would be happening, once Chiron entered Aquarius

Candy Hillenbrand has written a wonderful article on Chiron which includes a discussion of Ken Wilber's writings, and even a Chironic look at the chart of noted astrologer Dane Rudhyar: The Centaur Connection: Expanding Chiron's Territory

I have known Joyce Mason for many years, and she has an excellent 'handle' on Chiron's nature. You should definitely read her article, Chiron: Your "Higher Moon". In addition, Joyce is connected with
CHIRONICLES, published from 1992-1995 and dedicated to networking the latest information on astrological Chiron, written by multiple authors around the world. While Chironicles is no longer published, many articles from the publication are reprinted in Joyce's blog, You may also reach Joyce in Sacramento, CA by phone at (916) 276-1858

Madeline Adams has a worthwhile article entitled Chiron: Healing Themes in Astrology

And a definite MUST READ is an in depth article by Richard Dagan, who draws upon the writings of Michael Kearney M.D (who spent years working with the dying at a hospice in Ireland): CHIRON: WORKING WITH THE MYTH - Interpretation of the "Psychic Wound" in Astrological Analysis

This site has many astrological articles, including writings on Chiron by Candy Hillenbrand, Joyce Mason, Adele Barger Wilson, Gregory J. de Montfort and Cate Whelan. You should definitely go to A Place in Space

Here is an Astrological search engine, to look for websites with astrological themes.

I like this site I just found, because they use Chiron in their daily forecasts.
Check out

And check out Chiron Astrological Services, too....they have a lot of information
focusing on ARHAT and Project Hindsight.

Zodiacal Zephyr An astrological Resource

The Astrology Center of America,
a great place to get Chiron & other astrology books, but is temporarily offline since Dave Roelle passed away

Another great astrology site including info on the CANOPUS ACADEMY OF ASTROLOGY

The Astrological Association of St. Louis has a good website. Check it out even if you are not near St. Louis! You might especially want to check out the section entitled Nikki's Moon Notes, which has an interesting section on Galactic astrology.

Jacob Schwartz's 'Roids.
Find out a lot about asteroids here. Jacob has specialized in exploring name asteroids....those that somehow link up with the name of the individual. For example, Jacob writes: "Shortly before Eva Peron's death, an Argentine astronomer discovered and named five asteroids for Eva Peron. Six years later, when Madonna was born, four of those asteroids were in a tight stellium on the Meridian."

Martha Lang-Wescott has a number of books out on the asteroids, and I would especially recommend Mechanics of the Future: Asteroids.

Lynda Hill is, without a doubt, the world's expert on the Sabian Symbols. First introduced by Marc Edmund Jones, and then brought to wider attention by Dane Rudhyar, these symbols provide much additional understanding to astrological analysis. Check out her website:

Matrix Space Interactive
Check out Matrix's great Web Site. By the way, all Matrix software includes Chiron as a standard option!

AdZe MiXXe,
my dear friend, passed away. His brilliance and ability to make others laugh will be greatly missed. He awarded my Chiron site his "Cosmic Site of the Night" for March 26, 1996! Check out his site.....some really great astrology stuff here, and AdZe was listed as one of the top 91 Celebrities on the Internet!

Welcome To Planet Earth
"Welcome To Planet Earth has been an astrological journal since 1981 -- focusing on linking the lens of astrology to Currents Events and People in the News. Chiron articles frequently appear in their magazine and online. They also run the Great Bear Astrological Center in Eugene, Oregon."

Mountain Astrologer
This is another fantastic astrology magazine that has run many articles about Chiron, or with Chiron a major factor. Check it out!

Before I leave astrology, I can't forget to tell you about Diana K. Rosenberg's great work on Fixed Stars. She is one of world's foremost authorities on this topic. If you own Solar Writer, you can purchase a great module which will give you a Fixed Star Report. Here is a PDF sample of such a report written on the chart of Barack Obama

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