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ICY MINI PLANETS - 15874 & 19308

I. 1996 TL66, now designated 15874

On June 4, 1997, an Associated Press article announced: "Astronomers have found an icy miniplanet that orbits the Sun well beyond Pluto, providing evidence that the solar system extends much farther than was once thought. The little planet is about 300 miles across, which gives it a surface area comparable to Texas. The object's motion over the last few months shows that it follows a lopsided orbit unlike that of any other Kuiper Belt object. It swings through the neighborhood of the outermost planets every 800 years, then loops far out into space before making its next pass. Astronomers have never seen such a thing."

The following day, the Minor Planet Center released a press information sheet entitled "1996 TL66: A New Type of Transneptunian Object". It was the first member of what later became a class of bodies called Scattered Disk Objects (SDO's). (Scattered disk objects are Kuiper Belt Objects (KBOs) with large orbital eccentricities. They have perihelia between 30 and 48 AU, aphelia greater than 60 AU, and were probably flung into their current orbits during the early Solar System through gravitational interactions with the giant planets.)

It was discovered on 9 October 1996, and some astronomers have since classified it as a Centaur. However, more recent studies indicate that is probably a Dwarf Planet.

When I first read the AP article I was excited and had to look up everything I could find on 1996 TL66! And one of the first things I found was an astronomical ephemeris for the body. Converting its position at discovery to zodiacal excited me. It was 3 degrees 4 minutes of Taurus.

My favorite little Centaur, Chiron, was found at 3 degrees 8 minutes Taurus!

I started wondering. The discovery degree of a planet has been observed to be 'sensitized' to the vibrations of said planet. What kind of potency would that degree have with two bodies discovered there? And what connection does that give 15874 to Chiron? Oh, one other thing - when Uranus was discovered in 1781, Chiron was nearly in the same position, 3 Taurus 20.

If you are into the Sabian Symbols, you know that this degree is represented by a bridge linking the earthly with the celestial. Chiron fits that, linking Saturn and Uranus. Perhaps the can be said to TL66 could be said to link Pluto with the Kuiper belt? What does it all mean? Could this body be the real Transpluto?

When it was discovered, the Sun was conjunct Chiron in Libra. Not sure how to read this, but it is another 'connection' between them.

When they had sited it several more times they were able to calculate its orbit and it was given the minor planet #15874 in the year 2000. (Yet to this date it has not been given an official name.)

It has an orbital inclination of 24°, and an eccentricity of 0.579. And its orbit is huge - about 761.7 years!

With a such a high eccentricity, it stays in some signs way longer than other. We are used to this with other eccentric bodies (like Pluto, for example, which moves through Scorpio much more swiftly than through the opposite sign Taurus.) But since 15784 has such a long orbit, the differences are much more extreme.

Let's look at its motion over the past several centuries:

It moved back and forth over the Libra/Scorpio cusp between 1575-1580, then stayed in Scorpio until 1758 when it began crossing back and forth over the Scorpio/Sagittairus cusp until it was firmly into Sag in 1762. Moving a bit faster now, it only took 1873-1875 to dance between Sag and Capricorn, staying in the latter sign until 1928. That year and the next it went between Cap and Aquarius, then stayed in the latter until 1959. It then went into Pisces, only going backwards into Aquarius once that year, then staying in the sign of the fishes until 1979. It played on the Pisces/Aries cusp that year, then moved firmly into Aries from early 1980 through 1995. That year and the next it zigzagged on the Aries/Taurus border, then stayed in the latter until 2009.

As you can see, it was in Scorpio for over 180 years, but in Taurus for only about 14!

Something I noticed recently is it's current relation with the planet Neptune.

Many people have been experiencing difficult situations for the past several years, where the cause is hard to pin down and the resolutions are even more elusive. If you have anything in the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces), then at some point you have been going through Neptune's sojourn in Pisces making hard aspects to your mutable points.

Well, it seems there is an added 'complication'. From early 2013 through the end of 2025, Neptune and 15874 make twenty-seven exact squares. And, truth be told, they pretty much were within orb the entire 12+ years.

Here are the dates, and as you can see they almost cover the entire period Neptune travels through it's own sign:

Date Neptune position 15874 position
Apr 6 2013 04°Pi23' Sqr 04°Ge23' D
Apr 26 2013 04°Pi53' Sqr 04°Ge53' D
Mar 20 2014 05°Pi58' Sqr 05°Ge58' D
May 18 2014 07°Pi27' Sqr 07°Ge27' D
Mar 11 2015 07°Pi46' Sqr 07°Ge46' D
Jun 2 2015 09°Pi47' Sqr 09°Ge47' D
Mar 3 2016 09°Pi37' Sqr 09°Ge37' D
Jun 13 2016 12°Pi02' Sqr 12°Ge02' D
Feb 24 2017 11°Pi29' Sqr 11°Ge29' D
Jun 25 2017 14°Pi14' Sqr 14°Ge14' D
Feb 18 2018 13°Pi23' Sqr 13°Ge23' R
Jul 7 2018 16°Pi24' Sqr 16°Ge24' D
Feb 12 2019 15°Pi18' Sqr 15°Ge18' R
Jul 19 2019 18°Pi31' Sqr 18°Ge31' D
Feb 5 2020 17°Pi14' Sqr 17°Ge14' R
Jul 30 2020 20°Pi36' Sqr 20°Ge36' D
Jan 29 2021 19°Pi10' Sqr 19°Ge10' R
Aug 11 2021 22°Pi38' Sqr 22°Ge38' D
Jan 22 2022 21°Pi08' Sqr 21°Ge08' R
Aug 25 2022 24°Pi38' Sqr 24°Ge38' D
Jan 14 2023 23°Pi07' Sqr 23°Ge07' R
Sep 8 2023 26°Pi34' Sqr 26°Ge34' D
Jan 5 2024 25°Pi08' Sqr 25°Ge08' R
Sep 24 2024 28°Pi25' Sqr 28°Ge25' D
Dec 23 2024 27°Pi12' Sqr 27°Ge12' R
Oct 16 2025 00°Ar08' Sqr 00°Cn08' R
Dec 6 2025 29°Pi22' Sqr 29°Ge22' R

If you'd like to see where this body was in your chart (mine is 21 Aqu 27 R in my 12th house), I have a monthly ephemeris for it from 1900-2049 here:

I've devised a initial symbol for this body --- something to use until an official symbol is agreed upon.

Just recently (2022), Queen Elizabeth II passed away, and was succeeded as ruler of the United Kingdom by King Charles III. So I decided on impulse to look at this body in their charts. Queen Elizabeth had it rising, so it shaped her view of the world around her, and, one would expect, also had an impact on the first impression she made when people met her. Charles is her son. You might thing it would show up in a house representing a parent (4th or 10th), but here we see he has it in his house 7th house of relationships, in quite close opposition to his first house Pluto.

Because I now live in Australia, I was curious where this body falls in the country's chart. I did NOT expect a close conjunction with the Sun!

What does it mean? We need to study it in great detail to confirm its influences. But the good news is that we can learn about its meaning from actual research, rather than falling into the familiar pattern of assuming it has characteristics related to the myth it was named after...since so far, it hasn't been given a name. Here follows some preliminary data you can draw upon to help you figure out its meanings:

Philip Sedgwick looks to the heliocentric nodes and perihelion degrees in order to come up with keywords for new bodies, and he sent in the following: "So for TL66 I'm seeing a node of 7 Sc 42 (approx) and perihelion of 12 Ta 12. At a glance I would think that symbolically this could bring about the awareness of circumstances and "things" that are cringe-worthy and can cause involuntary body responses."

On his Trans-Neptunian Astrology site, Amable had this to say about it: "The main theme with (15874) 1996 TL66 is social integration. (15874) 1996 TL66 has the ability to restore the disagreements between the individuals of a group and reinforce their functionality, like Cesar Millan, a self-taught professional dog trainer widely known for his television series "The Dog Whisperer" (2004). Also, (15874) 1996 TL66 is very qualified to help in the adaptation and integration of an immigrant into the community, like Neytiri with Jake in the movie "Avatar" (2009)."

Astrologer Roy MacKinnon (email: ) sent me his thoughts on this body: "Perception of a new order. Total transformation of understanding. The unimaginable destruction of the holocaust. Direct gnosis - no words. Subtle insight, second sight, clairvoyance. The flash that blinds. Unlimited power. Abuse of power. Mystical revelation of the Divine. The moment of truth. The time warp. Instant new knowledge etched into the soul. The silence that deafens. Precognitive vision. Connection between two worlds - microcosm/macrocosm. N.B. In predictive astrology, the transit of TL66 or progression may occur with no apparent outcome - may be a protection of the individual against inappropriate opening of consciousness - hence the `dumb note' - like Transpluto."

My friend Barbara Drobile wrote this, when I told her about the October 9th date: "That date jumped out at me, since it's on all the instrument certifications I use in my job. It was the date that the instrument was last calibrated and when I looked in my book from last year, that entire week revolved around instrument calibrations. verification? electronic testing?" "On a similar note, the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty was signed on Sept. 24, 1996 and approved on November 15, 1996."

Astrologer Juan Revilla, who designed the Riyal astrology software, wrote a good deal about his early research on this body long before it was given the official number 15874, and posted these on his website Unfortunately, his website appears to be down, and I have not been able to contact him to ask him to contribute his findings to this page. But what he wrote about is too valuable to let it disappear with his website. And so I have decided to devote the following section to Juan's findings (occasionally adding a few extra details):

The space age, or at the very least, the space race, begain when Russian Cosmonaut Yuri Gararin began his flight into space on April 12, 1961, with the Moon at 12 Pisces 53. When Yuri died seven years later in a flying accident, Mercury was 12 Pisces 42, conjunct TL66 at 12 Pisces 11. Yuri's natal chart shows Jupiter (3 Aqu 57) close to TL66 (4 Aqu 29.)

The first astronaut to walk on the Moon was Neil Armstrong. His TL66 (0 Aqu 30 and near the top of his chart) was quincunx his Mercury (1 Vir 50) conjunct Neptune (2 Vir 30), and trine his Ascendant (2 Gem 31).

Another space pioneer was Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, whose natal Sun at "0 Aqu 02 is exactly conjunct TL66 in 0 Aqu 25." He was the second astronaut to wTalk on the Moon.

These were very positive expressions of this body. But Juan found much that was quite intense, showing the body could manifest a very dark side.

"I have in mind as a good guiding light Jonathan Dunn's reference to TL66 and the idea of absolute power (Hitler, Pinochet). For example, Pinochet is directly responsible for many killings, tortures, kidnappings, new-born stealings, etc."

Adolf Hitler was born with a close conjunction of the Moon (7 Cap 09), Jupiter (8 Cap 15) and TL66 (7 Cap 02) opposing Chiron (6 Can 50). Augusto Pinochet was born with Moon (19 Can04) opposition TL66 (19 Cap 51).

"Perhaps," Juan continued, "TL66 is related... to "the aftermath" of all this, the "pax romana", the extreme psycopathic/imperialistic arrogance which makes some people feel they have the right or "mission" to kill those who are inferior --or to send troops or money or arms to kill them....."

Juan found it was prominent in many events where a huge number of people were killed.

The massacre at Wounded Knee on the morning of Dec 29, 1890 showed the Sun (7 Cap 54) conjunct TL66 (7 Cap 06.)

On the afternoon of April 13, 1919, in the city of Amritsar in the Punjab (74e53/31n35) British General Reginald Edward Harry Dyer ordered his men to block the only exit of the enclosed plaza and to open fire to a protesting gathering of about 10,000 people. After having shot 1750 rounds of ammunition for 10 minutes, he left the place with his men, leaving 400 unarmed civilians dead and 1200 wounded without any medical attention. There was a T-square of Vesta 22 Can 45 opposing TL66 23 Cap 37, with the Sun 22 Ari 21. The Sun was also conjunct Mars at 28 Ari 36. Dyer was born was born October 9, 1864, in Murree, India, when the Moon was around 23 Capricorn. He had a T-square of Uranus (29 Gem 28) and Chariklo (25 Gemi 11) opposing T66 (25 Sag 55) with Mercury 28 Vir 15. When Dyer died on July 23, 1927, the Sun at 29-1/2 Can opposed T66 at 28-1/2 Cap, which squared the Mars at the shooting. He was having a Chariklo return (25 Gem 20) set off by transing North Node 26 Gem 43).

J. Robert Oppenheimer was born April 22, 1904. He was the wartime head of the Los Alamos Laboratory and is often credited as the "father of the atomic bomb" for his role in the Manhattan Project – the undertaking that developed the first nuclear weapons. We don't know his birth time, but he was born with Venus ~ 11 Ari 32 conjunct Jupiter ~12 Ari 34 square T66 14 Cap 32. His Mars 11 Tau 37 was in wide square to Saturn 19 Aqu 46. There were two midpoints in his chart that were particulary activated during the nuclear explosions: Venus/Pluto (15 Tau 19) and Jupiter/Pluto (15 Tau 50).

Oppenheimer was among those who observed the Trinity test in New Mexico, where the first atomic bomb was successfully detonated on July 16, 1945. TL66 was 14 Aqu 34. (He later remarked that the explosion brought to mind words from the Bhagavad Gita: "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.") When the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima the Sun was 13 Leo 08, and on Nagasaki 16 Leo 07, and Juan notes that the midpoint between them was 14 Leo/Aquarius 37. Then he notes "1996TL66 was 14 Aqu 14 and 14 Aqu 11, respectively, so that the Sun was "swinging around it" when the two bombs were dropped. I believe this tells something about the nature of TL66, related to extremes, to remoteness, to death, to what is not human. How an object like a bomb really ruled the world for so many years, in a manner of speaking."

One of the things that could be said to have been born when the bombs fell was the potential for a nuclear war, and Juan wrote: "The closest the world has ever been to a direct U.S.-Soviet nuclear war was during the "Cuban missile crisis", in October-November 1962. This, in my opinion, is well accounted for by the Jupiter/TL66 conjunctions that year.

Jupiter conjunct TL66 4,47 Pis - 18 April 1962: Late April 1962, Nikita Khrushchev conceives the idea of deploying nuclear weapons in Cuba. Mars square TL66 16 July 1962: Soviet cargo ships began transporting nuclear weapons to Cuba. Jupiter (retrograde) conjunct TL66 3,28 Pis - 9 October 1962 Cuban President Dorticós, addressing the U.N. General Assembly, declares:" If...we are attacked, we will defend ourselves. I repeat, we have sufficient means with which to defend ourselves; we have indeed our inevitable weapons, the weapons which we would have preferred not to acquire and which we do not wish to employ." Over the next few weeks, US spy planes site a missile launch site in Cuba, the US prepares for war (DEFCON 3), raises the level to DEFCON 2 for the first time in history, and the CIA reports the Soviet technicians have contstructed at least one nuclear bunker. Jupiter stationary direct 2,49 Pisces, TL66 3,17 Pisces, 29 October 1962 A new message from Nikita Khrushchev, which effectively terminates the missile crisis, declaring that the Soviet government has ceased all work on building the sites, and has issued the order to dismantle all weeapons and return them to the Soviet Union. Jupiter last pass over TL66 in 3,12 Pis - 3 November 1962. Soviets state that all missle sites have been dismantled and the US spy planes confirm this. When Timothy McVeigh commited the Oklahoma city bombing. on April 19, 1995, there was a Sun/TL66 conjunction at 29 Aries 06/29 Aries 41, respectively. They were in an out-of-sign conjunction to his Mercury (1 Tau 50) conjunct Sun (3 Tau 26.)

Here is another striking example. In 1984 there was a chemical accident at Bhopal, India, killing more than 3000 people, and leaving other 3000 critically injured. The Moon (7 Ari 46) was in applying conjunction to TL66 (8 Ari 27 R.)

Juan wrote, "I feel that "devastation" is a good word for what I have observed."

Juan wrote: "A body like TL66, with a period of 789 years, going to the remotest distances and coming only as close as Neptune, has something very primordial about it, pertaining to ancient times and to the origins of the world out of chaos. Perhaps this is why TL66 seems to be related to "devastation", or a dissolution of matter: a return to the origins, to primordial chaos and begetting, to an "uroboric" --or embryonic-- state.

It is, in a way, as if life stops, as if time stops.

The primordial titans have already been assigned to other far simpler and ordinary asteroids and Moons. Perhaps the name of TL66 is to be found in the Celtic myths of the origins of the world --or the underworld."

"I don't think there can be doubts that TL66 is very strongly linked to mass destruction. But this, to my way of thinking, means that it will be found also at the exact opposite pole, that of a higher "cosmic" or spiritual integration, like the peace that comes after the storm, when, after the physical has subsided or has been dissolved, the spirit expands and permeates everything with a higher light."

His findings led him to suggest that the body should be named Typhon, although another outer body has since been christened with that name.

Here is a list of keywords he suggested for it:

"avenger, death, bombing, destruction, blast, massacre, ashes, annihilation, devastation, nothingness, desolation, remoteness, non-human, escathological, apocalyptic. Purgatory, revelation, celestial, prophecy, the gates of Hades the aftermath, a higher synthesis of life and death, spiritual light, revelation, the wind of Pentecost, the Dragon, the Beast, hegemony, imperialism, conquest"

II. 1996 TO66 (now #19308)

And then....guess what? Mark Lerner informed me that they discovered another Icy Mini Planet past Pluto, this one a little bigger than the first! It was found only a few days later, October 12, 1996, at about 28 Pisces 07! (The Sabian symbol for this is "Scientist is making tests by means of spectrum-analysis". See Barbara's comments in the previous paragraph!) It's orbit is 288 years.

I've devised a initial symbol for this body --- something to use until an official symbol is agreed upon. To see this glyph, go to my provisional symbol page.

Until 20000 Varuna was discovered, it was the second-largest known object in the Kuiper belt, after Pluto.

It, too, is likely going to be classified a Dwarf Planet.

It's orbit is only a little longer than that of Pluto, 283.52 years. But it is much less eccentric (0.1290) than that planet: it's aphelion is 48.375 AU, while at perihelion it reaches 37.939 AU. It has an inclination to the ecliptic of 27.4948°

I haven't studied it much yet. But it, too, does not as yet have a name.

If you'd like to see where this body was in your chart (mine is 5 Aqu 20 R in my 12th house), I have a monthly ephemeris for it from 1900-2049 here:

Historians, start digging up your newspaper clippings from the weeks near October 9-12, 1996. What happened in the world at this time? Look through your personal diaries. What happened in YOUR life.

For more astronomical information on bodies out past Neptune/Pluto, check out the Trans-Neptunian's