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I. 1996 TL66, now designated 15874

On June 4, 1997, an Associated press article announced:

"Astronomers have found an icy miniplanet that orbits the sun well beyond Pluto, providing evidence that the solar system extends much farther than was once thought.

"The little planet is about 300 miles across, which gives it a surface area comparable to Texas."

"The object's motion over the last few months shows that it follows a lopsided orbit unlike that of any other Kuiper Belt object. It swings through the neighborhood of the outermost planets every 800 years, then loops far out into space before making its next pass. Astronomers have never seen such a thing."

Well, you know this Gemini's curiosity couldn't ignore such an article! So I surfed the net, and some excellent info:

Discovery photos

Converting R.A. & Declination to Zodical Longitude, I almost fell off of my chair. The position I came up with was 3 Taurus 03. And another astrologer, using his own program, came up with 3 Taurus 08. Robert von Heeren gives it 3 Taurus 05.


Now, the discovery degree of a planet has been observed to be 'sensitized' to the vibrations of said planet. What kind of potency will that degree have now, with two bodies discovered there? And what connection does that give 15874 to Chiron?

(And not only that......when Uranus was discovered on March 13, 1781, Chiron was in that very same degree, around 3 Taurus 20. And the last Chiron/Pluto conjunction in 1941 was 3 Leo 46, squaring this point.

If you are into the Sabian Symbols, you know that this degree is represented by a bridge linking the earthly with the celestial. Chiron fits that, linking Saturn and Uranus. Perhaps the Icy miniplanet can be said to link Pluto with the Kuiper belt? What does it all mean? Could this body be the real Transpluto?

This body was first sighted on October 9, 1996, with the Sun at 16 Libra 31, conjunct Chiron at 19 Libra 44. Note how it is approximately one Lunar Node cycle from the discovery of Chiron.

And then something else struck me about this chart. When Chiron was found, Pluto was at 15 Libra 03, conjunct Venus at 19 Libra 29. So this little body, discovered past Pluto, was found with the Sun and Chiron conjunct the Pluto position at Chiron's discovery.

According to the news bulletin, "The object passes the perihelion around 2001...". Does this make it the signifcator of the new Millenium, which officially begins 1/1/2001?

The Mini Planet gets only about 3.255 billion miles from the sun at perihelion, and at aphelion goes out to about 12.09 billion miles. Pretty strange, eh?

If you'd like to see a diagram of our solar system that includes #15874, please click here: 15874's Orbit. And you can click here for a monthly 15874 EPHEMERISfor 1900-2020.

I've devised a initial symbol for this body --- something to use until an official symbol is agreed upon. To see this glyph, go to my provisional symbol page.

My friend Barbara Drobile wrote this, when I told her about the October 9th date:

"That date jumped out at me, since it's on all the instrument certifications I use in my job. It was the date that the instrument was last calibrated and when I looked in my book from last year, that entire week revolved around instrument calibrations. verification? electronic testing?

"On a similar note, the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty was signed on Sept. 24, 1996 and approved on November 15, 1996."

II. 1996 TO66 (now #19308)

And then....guess what? Mark Lerner informed me that they discovered another Icy Mini Planet past Pluto, this one a little bigger than the first! It was found only a few days later, October 12, 1996, at about 28 Pisces 07! (The Sabian symbol for this is "Scientist is making tests by means of spectrum-analysis". See Barbara's comments in the previous paragraph!) It's orbit is 288 years.

At, you will find a 100-year ephemeris for this body too.

I've devised a initial symbol for this body --- something to use until an official symbol is agreed upon. To see this glyph, go to my provisional symbol page.

Historians, start digging up your newspaper clippings from the weeks near October 9-12, 1996. What happened in the world at this time? Look through your personal diaries. What happened in YOUR life.

For more astronomical information on bodies out past Neptune/Pluto, check out the Trans-Neptunian's