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B. Astrology

Chiron is a major astrological body. Oh, if we had known it was a comet when it was first discovered, or if we had known how small it was, we might have ignored it astrologically. But then, if astrologers had known how small Pluto was when it was discovered, they would have ignored it too! Can you imagine doing a chart now, and leaving Pluto out?

Chiron is the leading body in a whole new classification: Centaurs. The first companion for Chiron, Pholus, was discovered in January 1992...which was an important month for Chiron. That was the month the Chiron moved closer to us than Saturn, for the first time in over fifty years. So as Chiron entered the 'inner circle', so to speak, he introduced us to the first of his many friends. (Incidentally, later that year, astronomers discovered the first of the many bodies beyond Pluto....1992 QB1, which is now designated 15760 Albion.) And three years later, with Chiron only months away from the closest to the Sun it can get, astronomers began to discover planets circling other stars for the first time in history. I have heard some astronomers calling the past few years the beginning of the Golden Age of Astronomy.....and one of the things the mythological Chiron taught his pupils was astronomy.)

This group of Centaurs now includes, in addition to Chiron: Amycus (55576), Asbolus (8405), Bienor (54598), Chariklo (10199), Crantor (83982), Cyllarus (52975), Elatus (31824), Hylonome (10370), Nessus (7066), Okyrhoe (52872), Pelion (49036), Pholus (5145) and Thereus (32532), and many other as-yet-unamed bodies (unnamed because the astronomers do not have enough data on their orbits to calculate them exactly.) From personal experience, I can tell you that Pholus and Nessus are definitely important astrologically, and you should definitely look into them. Each in their own way has a purpose to help us become more whole. As you will see below, Chiron links Saturn and Uranus. Pholus, it turns out, links Saturn and Neptune, while Nessus links Saturn and Pluto. (You can read more about these bodies, and a few others, by clicking here.)

OK, let's focus on Chiron now.


Before we go any further, I think it is important to understand that we can only know Chiron's position as far back as Jan 1, 675, and as far forward as Dec 31, 4649. Why? Outside of those dates, due to close encounters with the planet Saturn, Chiron's orbit becomes impossible to determine. No historical events prior to 675 can show Chiron's position accurately. So if you see a birth chart for Jesus or Muhammad which includes Chiron, you will have to see that Chiron position as purely speculative.

What is Chiron's true symbol? Take a side trip to the Chiron glyph page.

What is Chiron's nature? Let's start with some KEYWORDS.

The following is excerpted from "Essence and Application: A View From Chiron.". Click on the keyword to read an explanation.










Here are some other words and phrases for Chiron: Teacher, Guru, Mentor, Fosterparent, Turning Point, Now, Catalyst, Bridge, Link, Steppingstone, Passageway, Common Ground, Union of Opposites, Holistic, Personal Imperative, Pulling the Plug, Balance, Mediator, The Passage from Dependence to Independence, Turning the Corner, Therapy, a Koan [in Zen Buddhism], A Wound that will not Heal, a way to break free of a matrix, Synergism, Essence.


One way to tell the nature of a newly discovered body is to look at major events in the world around the time of that body's discovery. Chiron was sighted 1977, so here are a few events from 1976-78 which relate to Chiron:

  • Genentech, Inc., was founded, a biotechnology company dedicated to developing and marketing products based on recombinant DNA technology.
  • Synthesis of a bacterial gene accomplished for the first time.
  • Parents of Karen Ann Quinlan get approval from the New Jersey Supreme Court to disconnect their comatose daughter's respirator.
  • California passes the Natural Death Act, the nation's first Living Will law.
  • First reported commercial surrogate motherhood arrangement in the U.S.
  • 1977
  • First successful gene transfer.
  • The first home pregnancy kit comes out.
  • Methods developed for rapidly reading the sequence of base pairs in any stretch of DNA.
  • Introns discovered.....interrupting sequences in genes which are not translated into protein.
  • The first human gene is cloned.
  • The major functions of a small protein called Ub (short for ubiquitin) were discovered in 1977. (This is especially intriguing because Chiron was first designated 1977 Ub.) It is composed of 76 amino acids, and involved in many cell processes. It plays an important role in regulating the cell cycle, is involved in DNA repair, embryogenesis, the regulation of transcription, and apoptosis (programmed cell death). This last one is most seems that once ubiquitin is attached to a protein, another series of enzymes is activated that literally grabs the protein bound to ubiquitin and rips it apart. While Ubiquitin had been discovered several years earlier, until 1977 no one had any idea what its functions were. (A special thanks to Jonathan Dunn for bringing this discovery to my attention. Jon writes "Colorful descriptions of one its main functions are a "death tag" or a "kiss of death"....This reminds me of the mythic Chiron's "grateful choice of death".")
  • *Carl Woese discovers a third branch of the tree of life! Up until then, scientists thought here were only two: Eubacteria ("True bacteria", mitochondria, and chloroplasts) and Eukaryotes (Protists, Plants, Fungi, Animals, etc.). But Woese found the Archaea. These living creatures looked like bacteria but had DNA that more closely resembled the Eukaryotes.
  • 1978:
  • First successful mammalian gene transplant.
  • Louise Brown, first "test tube baby", is born (conceived 1977, in vitro fertilization)
  • The genome of the virus SV40 is determined. This is the first step in working out the human genome.
  • Success at getting a strain of micro-organism to produce human insulin, paving the way for a large commercial production of this necessary compound.

    Carl Woese discovery changed the life sciences, much in the way Chiron's discovery changed astronomy. Previously, it seemed that the two branches of life were totally separate, without any connection. But as Carl puts it, "Before, one had the prokaryotes over here and the eukaryotes over there," he says. "The relationship was a wall. With archaea, that relationship is a bridge we can cross."

    These creatures are the ones that live everywhere else...places where no other entity can survive. To quote from the Introduction to the Archaea page, "Archaeans may be the only organisms that can live in extreme habitats such as thermal vents or hypersaline water. They may be extremely abundant in environments that are hostile to all other life forms."

    It is fitting that they were discovered at the time Chiron was found, a planet that is known to swing between the extremes of Saturn and Uranus.

    A special thanks to Dale Smith for bringing the Arcaea to my attention.


    CHIRON'S PERIHELION & PERIGEE Well, 1996 was the year Chiron moved closer to the Sun and Earth than anytime since it was discovered. The former, perihelion, occurred Feb. 14, 1996, 1:35 pm EST (6:35 pm UT), while the later, Perigee, April 1 at 2:38 am EST (7:38 am UT). (No comments please about the similarity between people making fools out of themselves on Valentine's Day, and April Fools' Day. It just goes to show you that Chiron has a sense of humor.)

    As I mentioned earlier, Chiron moved closer to the Sun than Saturn in January 1992 (on the 23rd, to be exact.) It moved out past Saturn again on January 11, 1999.... one month before Pluto moves out once again past Neptune (approximately February 10, 1999.) This should be quite an interesting year....especially since it culminates in the first Chiron/Pluto conjunction (Dec. 30) since 1941!

    In case you'd like to study what happened in the world, the last time Chiron was as close to us as it was in 1996, here is that info:

    Year Phase
    1943 Chiron Crossing Saturn's Orbit Moving Inward
    March 7, 1943
    1945 Perihelion
    Aug. 29, 7:57 am EST (12:57 pm UT) 4 Libra 29 (conjunct Neptune!)
    1945 Perigee
    Mar. 22, 5:19 pm EST (10:19 pm UT) 0 Libra 05
    1948 Chiron Crossing Saturn's Orbit Moving Outward
    June 13, 1948

    Juan Antonio Revilla has further perihelia and aphelia, not only for Chiron, but for the other Centaurs as well, some as far back as the 1700's, at

    What do the perihelion and perigee mean? Well first, we need to look at both Chiron's orbit, and what it means as it passes through each sign.

    If you read the astronomy section, you know that Chiron's orbit of almost 51 years connects it to both Saturn and Uranus, and the astrological essence of Chiron is summed up in this concept. But what isn't as apparent is the effect this has upon how long it stays in each sign. In Aries, when it is at furthest from the Sun, Chiron will stay about 8 years. But when it moves within Saturn's orbit, into the sign Libra, it takes less than 1-1/2 years to speed through the sign. So Chiron's influence in Libra is the most hurried, and events in the world related to this transit occur sometimes at breakneck speed.

    When Chiron enters a sign, the world focus on the most basic, root problems at the heart of things ruled by the sign its in. So for example, during the early 1970's, Chiron was in Aries. The newspapers called it the "me generation", as the focus turned toward discovering the self, asserting the self, gratifying the self. At the root of Aries is the idea of beingness....the I am...self-knowledge. And so the focus was overcoming any obstacles leading to self fulfilment. (Interesting how Chiron spends the greatest amount of time here, isn't it?)

    Well, when Chiron went into Libra, the problems we to focus on are exactly the opposite: how to deal with the not self. Libra focuses on all dealings with others on an equal, one-on-one basis. Partnerships, both marriage and otherwise. Equality and fairness. And, because Chiron turns our attention to the most basic core problems....the essence of a sign, Libran crises aplenty are turning up. Anywhere there is an unbalance, you can bet Chiron will be shining its light there. Relationships going on the rocks, as people are realizing exactly what their relationship was really built upon, and also because people are beginning to understand what they really want from a partnership. Other relationships, the rules are being totally rewritten as a result of this passage. In the world around us, injustice, unfairness, inequality....we cannot turn away.

    So, as Chiron rushes through the sign it spends the least amount of time in, the changes it brings happen so swiftly we can barely catch our breath. Chiron's Perihelion marks a major turning point in Chiron's cycle, for now it has once again begun its journey outward toward Uranus. Just like other turning points, it's degree (14 Libra 04) will be a sensitive point for many years to come, showing the path humanity needs to take toward healing our imbalances. Check out the Sabian Symbol from Dane Rudhyar's "The Astrology of Personality": "A stack of machinery parts; all are new and all circular. Perfect and effortless participation in the universal order."

    And the Perigee marks Chiron's most intense seeding of lessons to humanity here on earth. The degree is 11 Libra 07. Rudhyar says: "Miners are emerging from a deep well into the sunlight. Depth of particpation in the world's work. Whole-souled giving of self to service; or inability to bring self to effort." Let us hope we all turn toward Chiron, and toward the sunlight.

    Another thing to take note of is when Chiron is at 0 degrees declination. Why is this significant?

    The Celestial Equator is a projection of the Earth's equator into the night sky. It is not the same as the plane of the Ecliptic because (as in the diagram above) the Earth's axis of rotation is not exactly at right angles to the Ecliptic. This tilts the celestial equator to an angle of 23.45 degrees to the Ecliptic.

    Astrologers are very familiar with this tilt when it comes to the apparent path of the Sun around the Ecliptic. The Earth's axis is currently tilted so that it always points in one direction, roughly towars Polaris the northern pole star. In the course of one year, as the Earth orbits the Sun this means that the Earth's North Pole goes through two extremes. These are when it points 23.45 degrees towards the Sun (the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, or 0 Capricorn) and 23.45 degrees towards the Sun (Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemsiphere, or 0 Cancer.) At the midpoints between the two - the Equinoxes (0 Aries, 0 Libra) - it neither points away from nor towards the Sun. On these Equinox dates if you stood on the Equator and looked straight up, the Sun would be directly above you at mid day. Hence the Equator and Sun are exactly aligned at that moment. At these Equinoxes, Celestial Equator and the Ecliptic are lined up, and the Sun is 0 degrees of Declination.

    When the Sun is at one of the two Equinoxes (0 Aries), at 0 Degrees Declination, we say it is the beginning of the Solar or zodiacal year. Days begin to get longer and longer. At 0 Libra, it is the halfway point, afterwhich nights begin to get longer and longer.

    With Chiron, however, the two Chironic 'equinoxes' occur over twenty years apart, when it is in either Virgo or Pisces. Which one is the start of the Chironic year? Since Chiron has been associated with healing and wholemaking, I propose the Virgo point as the start. From there, Chiron spends the next 20-some years focusing on trying to heal the problems, bringing things together to a perception of the larger whole at the Pisces point. What do you think?

    Here is a table showing the dates of Chiron at 0 Declination from 1894-2015. We could create a Chironic zodiac, marking the Pisces point as 0 Aries, the Virgo point as 0 Libra, and dividing the interval into 12 signs. It would make an interesting experiment:

    Mar 3 1894 5:13:53 18 Vir 20
    Aug 14 1894 5:40:25 21 Vir 49
    Oct 2 1915 3:16:56 19 Pis 34
    Apr 8 1915 11:56:10 20 Pis 12
    Feb 20 1916 17:53:11 20 Pis 53
    Sep 12 1944 22:16:02 21 Vir 54
    Jun 18 1964 20:07:18 18 Pis 47
    Oct 2 1965 0:01:56 19 Pis 22
    Apr 7 1965 3:10:25 20 Pis 02
    Feb 19 1966 4:25:54 20 Pis 43
    Oct 15 1994 20:12:37 19 Vir 58
    May 1 1995 21:32:49 20 Vir 14
    Jul 4 1995 16:47:58 22 Vir 01
    Apr 18 2015 5:38:57 19 Pis 40
    Sep 18 2015 5:33:17 18 Pis 56

    Chiron entered the sign Scorpio on Dec. 29, 1996. It dropped back into Libra for a few months during 1997, before firmly establishing itself in Scorpio. And on Jan. 7, 1999, it entered the sign Sagittarius. Here is a table of Chiron's sign entrances, and stations, since it entered Libra in 1995.....up to the year 2027. All positions are for UT, and were calculated by Juan Revilla's "Riyal" program. The "R", of course, is when it retrogrades back into the previous sign.

    Vir to Lib Sep 9 1995 14:28:15
    Lib to Sco Dec 29 1996 11:17:01
    R Sco to Lib Apr 4 1997 16:47:38
    Lib to Sco Sep 3 1997 3:26:09
    Sco to Sag Jan 7 1999 10:29:48
    R Sag to Sco Jun 1 1999 9:48:55
    Sco to Sag Sep 22 1999 2:32:57
    Sag to Cap Dec 11 2001 23:05:44
    Cap to Aqu Feb 21 2005 17:35:23
    R Aqu to Cap Aug 1 2005 3:43:54
    Cap to Aqu Dec 6 2005 1:06:32
    Aqu to Pis Apr 20 2010 6:32:40
    R Pis to Aqu Jul 20 2010 9:40:34
    Aqu to Pis Feb 8 2011 19:58:15
    Pis to Ari Apr 17 2018 8:11:01
    R Ari to Pis Sep 26 2018 0:11:45
    Pis to Ari Feb 18 2019 9:09:17
    Ari to Tau Jun 19 2026 21:19:05
    R Tau to Ari Sep 18 2026 1:54:17
    Ari to Tau Apr 4 2027 14:58:28


    There are many places you can turn now to find the position of transiting Chiron. Ever since Neil Michelsen began including Chiron's position in his ephemerides, many years ago, it has been showing up almost everywhere. Of course, my own "Essence and Application" has an ephemeris for Chiron from 1900-2050, and I have the current positions on another page of this site, but sometimes it's nice to have a little ephemeris right in your pocket.

    "Jim Maynard's Pocket Astrologer" is an ideal solution. There is a year-long ephemeris for Chiron in the back (for every 5 days), as well as Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta; a daily ephemeris for all the planets; aspectarians, eclipses, and more. And it also comes in two other sizes, a book-sized "Celestial Guide" and a wall-calendar called "Celestial Influences."

    You can find these in most bookstores, but if you can't get them where you are, they are published by Quicksilver Productions in Oregon, and their phone number is (541) 482-5343.

    Chiron spends most of its orbit between Saturn and Uranus, and astrologically is the bridge or link between those two bodies. Here follows Chiron's conjunctions, squares and oppositions with each of those two bodies. Take special note of how many exact Chiron/Uranus oppositions there have been this century! All times are Eastern Standard Time. Conjunctions, which represent the beginning of a cycle, are underlined.

    14Li09 14Ar09 180 Nov 11 1922 11:44:07
    16Li51 16Ar51 180 Apr 4 1923 14:49:53
    19Li47 19Ar47 180 Sep 20 1923 1:48:04
    23Pi52 23Pi52 0 Apr 13 1966 3:50:24
    9Sa18 9Ge18 180 Feb 25 1986 13:14:00
    16Sa45 16Ge45 180 Jan 13 1987 15:32:23
    19Sa38 19Ge38 180 May 15 1987 0:33:35
    25Sa15 25Ge15 180 Dec 30 1987 5:17:17
    29Sa33 29Ge33 180 Jun 16 1988 11:50:42
    4Cp29 4Ca29 180 Dec 22 1988 13:48:32
    9Cp55 9Ca55 180 Jul 12 1989 2:00:10
    14Cp29 14Ca29 180 Dec 22 1989 12:17:32
    20Cp51 20Ca51 180 Jul 30 1990 18:36:11
    25Cp25 25Ca25 180 Dec 29 1990 20:44:52
    2Aq23 2Le23 180 Aug 11 1991 8:16:49
    7Aq26 7Le26 180 Jan 14 1992 16:08:55
    14Aq33 14Le33 180 Aug 15 1992 7:39:33
    20Aq37 20Le37 180 Feb 7 1993 1:15:10
    27Aq20 27Le20 180 Aug 14 1993 21:00:10
    5Pi00 5Vi00 180 Mar 11 1994 15:28:59
    10Pi41 10Vi41 180 Aug 9 1994 14:30:00
    20Pi35 20Vi35 180 Apr 24 1995 3:45:54
    24Pi21 24Vi21 180 Jul 28 1995 9:38:49
    12Ca24 12Cp24 180 Sep 25 2003 18:34:42
    13Ca14 13Cp14 180 Oct 24 2003 11:56:41
    21Ca34 21Cp34 180 Aug 15 2004 8:43:05
    25Ca13 25Cp13 180 Dec 28 2004 5:30:29
    0Le37 0Aq37 180 Jul 21 2005 8:10:53
    6Le03 6Aq03 180 Feb 20 2006 5:01:44
    9Le02 9Aq02 180 Jun 20 2006 18:20:18
    6Ta51 6Ta51 0 Jun 8 2028 16:27:28

    4Sa11 4Sa11 0 Jan 12 1898 10:07:14
    10Ca11 10Cp11 180 Feb 2 1952 1:49:57
    11Ca44 11Cp44 180 May 23 1952 19:51:38
    15Ca47 15Cp47 180 Jan 23 1953 13:29:44
    18Ca27 18Cp27 180 Jul 6 1953 0:33:56
    21Ca21 21Cp21 180 Jan 5 1954 0:03:14
    24Ca42 24Cp42 180 Aug 7 1954 20:16:15
    26Ca46 26Cp46 180 Dec 20 1954 16:19:29
    0Le40 0Aq40 180 Sep 6 1955 15:26:56
    2Le00 2Aq00 180 Dec 5 1955 21:13:36
    6Le27 6Aq27 180 Oct 8 1956 18:00:09
    14Vi13 14Pi13 180 Nov 13 1964 12:20:12
    14Vi47 14Pi47 180 Dec 31 1964 14:24:10
    18Vi20 18Pi20 180 Nov 11 1965 6:23:54
    19Vi16 19Pi16 180 Jan 22 1966 8:55:45
    22Vi25 22Pi25 180 Oct 23 1966 4:48:04
    23Vi40 23Pi40 180 Feb 9 1967 21:35:01
    26Vi29 26Pi29 180 Oct 15 1967 6:16:51
    28Vi00 28Pi00 180 Feb 27 1968 6:55:20
    0Li31 0Ar31 180 Oct 6 1968 19:29:34
    2Li18 2Ar18 180 Mar 15 1969 5:47:25
    4Li31 4Ar31 180 Sep 29 1969 12:28:47
    6Li34 6Ar34 180 Apr 1 1970 3:23:53
    8Li31 8Ar31 180 Sep 22 1970 3:40:51
    10Li50 10Ar50 180 Apr 18 1971 7:38:03
    12Li30 12Ar30 180 Sep 14 1971 10:56:47
    15Li06 15Ar06 180 May 5 1972 4:58:05
    16Li29 16Ar29 180 Sep 5 1972 1:19:19
    19Li24 19Ar24 180 May 24 1973 13:47:56
    20Li27 20Ar27 180 Aug 26 1973 5:12:34
    23Li46 23Ar46 180 Jun 16 1974 18:01:41
    24Li24 24Ar24 180 Aug 12 1974 15:03:54
    13Sa59 13Ge59 180 Aug 17 1985 10:55:12
    14Sa36 14Ge36 180 Oct 1 1985 1:13:37
    18Sa51 18Ge51 180 Jul 23 1986 15:41:21
    20Sa26 20Ge26 180 Nov 8 1986 0:06:55
    24Sa00 24Ge00 180 Jul 4 1987 21:02:54
    26Sa26 26Ge26 180 Dec 11 1987 12:52:26
    29Sa18 29Ge18 180 Jun 13 1988 23:11:19
    2Cp46 2Ca46 180 Jan 18 1989 12:40:49
    4Cp43 4Ca43 180 May 18 1989 15:01:22
    17Le25 17Le25 0 Nov 14 2042 2:08:44
    16Le46 16Le46 0 Jan 1 2043 3:21:05
    14Le35 14Le35 0 Jun 14 2043 15:39:39

    Another interesting line of exploration is the interaction of Chiron with the Saturn/Uranus midpoint. In the 20th Century, this has not happened very often.

    The first occasion was January 1-2, 1900, at 19 Sagittarius. This must have been an interesting year! Looking more closely at that chart, Saturn and Uranus were the two end planets of a stellium. Chiron was conjunct the N.Node and Mercury at 20 Sagittarius, and Pallas at 21 Sagittarius. At the same time, Pluto (15 Gemini) and Neptune (25 Gemini) were opposing the stellium.

    Later that year, there was another almost exact conjunction. Around August 1, 1900, Chiron was 19 Sag 15, and the Saturn/Uranus midpoint was 18 Sag 54. Due to retrogradation, there were no more exact conjunctions that year.

    On April 19, 1907, Chiron reached the Saturn/Uranus
    midpoint at 17 Aquarius 35.

    And as far as I have been able to determine, there has not been another exact Chiron to Saturn/Uranus conjunction since!

    While there were not a lot of times in the past 150 years when Chiron was conjunct the Saturn/Uranus midpoint, there were quite a few exact oppositions to the midpoint (or as some would say, conjunct the contra-midpoint.) Here are the ones since 1850:

    Chiron in Opposition to Saturn-Uranus-Midpoint

    04 NOV 1868, Chiron 26 Pis 15, Saturn/Uranus 26 Vir 15
    27 MAR 1869, Chiron  0 Ari 14, Saturn/Uranus 0 Lib 14
    25 SEP 1869, Chiron  1 Ari 42, Saturn/Uranus 1 Lib 42
    12 JUL 1870, Chiron  7 Ari 44, Saturn/Uranus 7 Lib 44
    10 JAN 1984, Chiron 28 Tau 09, Saturn/Uranus 28 Sco 09
    01 APR 1984, Chiron 29 Tau 24, Saturn/Uranus 29 Sco 24
    25 DEC 1984, Chiron  4 Gem 29, Saturn/Uranus 4 Sag 29
    02 MAY 1985, Chiron  6 Gem 38, Saturn/Uranus 6 Sag 38
    18 DEC 1985, Chiron 11 Gem 10, Saturn/Uranus 11 Sag 10
    23 MAY 1986, Chiron 14 Gem 00, Saturn/Uranus 14 Sag 00
    17 DEC 1986, Chiron 18 Gem 13, Saturn/Uranus 18 Sag 13
    07 JUN 1987, Chiron 21 Gem 35, Saturn/Uranus 21 Sag 35
    23 DEC 1987, Chiron 25 Gem 44, Saturn/Uranus 25 Sag 44
    15 JUN 1988, Chiron 29 Gem 26, Saturn/Uranus 29 Sag 26
    02 JAN 1989, Chiron  3 Can 46, Saturn/Uranus 3 Cap 46
    19 JUN 1989, Chiron  7 Can 36, Saturn/Uranus 7 Cap 36
    21 JAN 1990, Chiron 12 Can 28, Saturn/Uranus 12 Cap 28
    16 JUN 1990, Chiron 16 Can 05, Saturn/Uranus 16 Cap 05
    20 FEB 1991, Chiron 21 Can 59, Saturn/Uranus 21 Cap 59
    04 JUN 1991, Chiron 24 Can 49, Saturn/Uranus 24 Cap 49
    21 APR 1992, not quite exact. Closest it gets is:
    	      Chiron 3 Leo 32, Saturn/Uranus 2 Aqu 41

    That Saturn/Chiron conjunction has intrigued me for years. One of my favorite singers, Edie Brickell (who not too long ago married Paul Simon), was born during that aspect. In history, the voiceprint was introduced as evidence in a criminal trial for the first time, exactly one day before the aspect was exact, and the day after the aspect, anti-war protestors demonstrated at the New York Stock Exchange, actually bringing a halt briefly to trading. Two days after, the Soviet vehicle Luna 10 in orbit around the moon obtained a reading of the lunar surface that proved that the moon had a crust, similar to earth, and that humans could stand upon it. Three days after the conjunction, Sandoz, the country's only legal distributor of LSD, recalled all of the hallucinatory drug that it had been distributing to scientists.

    I'd love to hear your feedback on Chiron. E-Mail me today!

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