M.C. Escher's Birthchart

M.C. Escher's works were, of course, greatly influenced by his Gemini stellium, especially the Sun conjunct Neptune. But now that the Centaurs have come to our attention, we can see that he was also highly Centaurean.

Chiron (24 Scorpio 48R), the first of the Centaurs, is trine Escher's Venus (26 Cancer 32.) With Venus showing Escher's aesthetic tastes, Chiron's connection for opening doorways is not surprising at all. But when we begin to look at the other Centaurs, we see a quite complex aspect pattern involving his thinking processes.

Mercury rules the logical mind. Escher's Mercury (11 Gemini 11) is conjunct Pluto (14 Gemini 29), but also conjunct Pholus (13 Gemini 29.) This was opposed by his Saturn (7 Sagittarius 42R) conjunct 1998 QM107 (10 Sagittarius 34R). Squaring these from his 8th house is Nessus (11 Pisces 15R), while squaring from the 2nd house are 1994 TA (11 Virgo 00) and 1999 HD12 (12 Virgo 30.) And we must not forget the close trine to his Mercury from #10199 (11 Aquarius 21R.)

Other Centaurs were also involved in his chart....here is a complete list of all his Centaur's except Chiron (which is included in the above chart):

Escher's Centaurs
Pholus13 Gem 29
Nessus11 Pis 15 R
9 Leo 23
1994TA11 Vir 00
23 Cap 19 R
11 Aqu 21 R
1998QM10710 Sag 34 R
1998SG352 Pis 14 R
1999HD1212 Vir 30
1999JV1273 Tau 22
1998TF353 Lib 35
1995SN5529 Ari 08
1998BU4829 Sco 45 R

And 1996TL66, the body past Pluto that some are now calling the real Transpluto, was located at 10 Cap 55 R.

Special thanks to Fred Opmeer for supplying Escher's birthdata.

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