My first movie!
I had a small part as Equardo.

You'll find me as
one of the extras in this movie.

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I've hopped around quite a bit over the past several years. I grew up in Pennsylvania, and lived in many different towns there. I have lived in Ohio, and California. In 2006, I relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, and 2008 moved a short hop to Marietta, Georgia. And in 2011 I did the largest move of my life...I moved to Western Australia. For those of you with a knowledge of astrology, suffice it to say that I was born with Uranus in the Fourth House!

My nickname AdamLink, ("Adam Link, Robot" is the name of one of my favorite sci-fi books,) and that is how you may find me listed on IRC, AIM, and other instant messaging tools. Don't be afraid to say "Hi" if you see my nick.

A recent photo taken of me from 2019.

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More about me

My bio

I know the Geneva Convention....I only have to give my name, rank & serial number! Whoops! Sorry, wrong website. Click here if you really and truly want to get a crash course on Zane Stein.

My tattoo

During the Summer of 1996, I finally got a tattoo on my back...
a Centaur (click to view my tat)...which will eventually be a part of a much larger picture.

My astrological chart is now a FREE ASTROLOGY LESSON!

I am a Gemini, Moon in Sagittarius and Pisces rising. My birthdata, if you are interested, is June 17, 1951, 11:43 pm EST, 75W10, 40N03. (Yes, I said EST. If you want to know why my birth time is not listed as EDT, drop me a line and I'll be happy to tell you the story.) Would you like to see my astrological chart, calculated by Astrolog 5.30? It will also lead you to a FREE astrology lesson, where you can learn some keywords for every sign, planet, and house, just by exploring my chart.
Click here, and begin your astrological journey.

And if you are interested in finding the latest copy of Walter Pullen's Astrolog to download, free, go to your favorite search engine, type in Astrolog, and click SEARCH.

My Lovely Wife:

In 2010 I was lecturing in Perth, Australia when I met a woman named Lynette Malone. Suffice it to say I fell in love, and the following year moved back to Australia to marry her.

Pictures from my family album.

My daughter Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a Pisces (February 28, 1972), and lives in Alabama currently with her husband Don. She just started her own WEBSITE, so check it out! And to look at some fantastic artwork she just created, Click Here!

Her two sons (my grandsons!) are Jesse and William.

Jesse's an Aries, born March 27, 1992. Here is one picture of him taken in 2004: Jesse. His brother William was born August 12, 2002, so he is a Leo. Click William to see a recent picture of him. And here is a fun photo of them playing outside in the summer: Garden Fun They live in Alabama too. If you'd like, you can see Jesse's birthchart, and William's birthchart.

My daughter Nathalia was born June 23, 1980. Her nick is Stormbourne.

Nathalia and her ex- had a baby, Antonio Gianni Dennis, on Feb. 9, 1998. If you'd like, you can see Antonio's birthchart
Here's a picture of him and Grandpa when he was a few days old. And here is one of him, taken March 5, 2005: Antonio

Here is a picture of Jesse and Antonio playing together, the first time they met at the playground

Nathalia's second child, Kristoff Jovon Dennis, was born on August 10, 1999. Here's a photo of Kristoff when he was only a half-day old. And here he is on March 5, 2005: Kristoff. If you'd like, you can see Kristoff's birthchart

And here are the brothers playing together: Kristoff & Antonio

My mother Pauline was a wonderful woman who lived in Pennsylvania. Here are pictures of her as a child, on her wedding day, and recently. She passed away on August 30, 1999, and I miss her very much. She was an Aquarius, by the way, born Jan. 30, 1916, and I recently found out her birthtime was 5:30 am (in Philadelphia, PA.) That gave her a Capricorn is my mother's chart. Here is a picture of her, with my sister Susan. Susan was born July 1, 1942, and here is Susan's chart.

My father William was happiest when he was in the Marine Corp. He went into the reserves after WWII, but his total time connected with the Marines was 35 years. He was an Aries, April 10, 1910, 10 PM (in Philadelphia.) He definitely had a Sagittarius Rising. Here is my father's chart.

My Family Tree (Click here to see where I came from.)

My Uncle Rudy, the actor

Check out my page dedicated to Rudy Bond

Does his face looks familiar to you? Let me know! You may remember him from such movies as "Streetcar Named Desire" or "The Rose".

HONK! I went to Pennsylvania for New Years Eve, and had trouble getting back on the turnpike. Why? Check out my Goose Crossing page.

Links to many of my friends

I started thinking, recently, of how many fantastic people I know.

I wish all of my friends had websites, so I could introduce every one of them to you. But here is a good list of links to my friends' websites.

There is also a link to my own Chiron website here, as well as a few others I thought you'd find interesting.

Want your link added? Drop me a line!


Most of us have old friends we've lost touch with.....and wish we could find again. I've started to search for some of my dear friends from the past.

I found one very dear friend, Daureena. Or actually, she found me. She saw one of my postings on alt.astrology, e-mailed me, and we connected! What a Christmas present! Here are the pictures of her from once upon a time: Daureena.

And recently, I heard from Curt Dodds. He saw me on MySpace and dropped me a note. It's wonderful to reconnect after all these years. are some other friends I've lost touch with. Some of the ladies may have married, but if so....I don't know their married names. That may be why I can't find them on the WWW.(It has been a long time, friends....if I've mis-spelled your name, please forgive me.)

Friends I met once-upon-a-time in State College, Penna:

Patricia Kozlik, an Aquarius
Beverly Richards, a Scorpio (and the lady who introduced me to astrology!) Babalee Muschlitz, an Aries


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Cell Phone: 04 5252 4387

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Sunset in Reno.
Click on the pic to see a few other pictures from my drive cross-country.