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Hidalgo has a unique status among Centaurean bodies:

Here are a few astronomical sources that include Hidalgo as a Centur:

The following was written about Hidalgo while it was still classified as an asteroid.

One of the first things to strike most people is that this body was given a name that is not from Greek or Roman mythology. This immediately suggests that Hidalgo is focusing on an archetype from beyond the realm we are used to studying. The name is from the Spanish language and thus we can surmise that the archetype is a lot more modern, and a lot closer to our modern civilization, than traditional astrological symbols.

Around 1981, I wrote an article on Hidalgo which may give you a lot of food for thought on this little body. You can read it by clicking
The Challenge of Hidalgo.

The astronomy of this body links it to both Pluto and Chiron. All three have extremely eccentric orbits that cause them to cross the orbits of major planets. In fact, prior to the discovery of the Centaurs, Dr. Brian Marsden of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory has even suggested we set up a special new category for these three bodies which would set them apart from both planets and minor planets. We could call it Orbit Crossers.

Hidalgo signifies a need to prove that one is just as good as one's parents were, and also just as good (or better) than one's siblings. There is a great deal of pride in this body as to where one came from, and that part of oneself that one has inherited from one's parents. It represents a strong need to defend oneself, to prove to others that one is in the right, to stand up for one's principles. Dr. Lehman even goes as far as to say that Hidalgo represents Self-Assertion. There is also an urge to take risks, perhaps because there is the feeling that if one loses one does not lose much.

In fact, Hidalgo can lead one to act, knowing full well that one is defying possible consequences. An afflicted Hidalgo usually has much resentment, stemming from whatever house it occupies, and from what is ruled by the afflicted planet.

The above article talked much about Hidalgo's strange orbit, giving it a stay in Gemini so briefly (usually only around 1-1/2 months), that less than 1% of the earth's population has that position. Since that article, we have noted that Hidalgo in Gemini gives greater impatience than the average person, especially when trying to accomplish something, a strong feeling of being much different than others, and a powerful need to communicate all the time. As Hidalgo transits through the signs approaching Gemini, events in the house it passes through definitely tend to speed up or become more demanding of one's attention. This culminates in a peak of activity in the house containing Gemini. Perhaps this is why natives with Gemini sun-signs are so highly nervous and active, because they feel Hidalgo's transits more strongly than other Sun signs.

Check out this body in synastry. If Hidalgo in your chart contacts a planet in the chart of another, you can be sure that your own rights and your assertiveness are an issue in the relationship. The most difficult aspect for Hidalgo I have seen in synastry is in conjunction or hard aspect to another person's Neptune. Here, the Hidalgo person can not seem to assert himself well, or for very long, because the Neptune person is always disrupting his attempts, weakening his efforts, and in general dissipating his actions in this direction.

(Check out a relationship where the woman accuses the husband of not being assertive enough, and you'll often find that he can't be, due to her reaction when he tries. This is a typical Hidalgo/Neptune interaction.)

One of the most intriguing verifications of Hidalgo's influence comes from studying the interactions between brothers and sisters in large families. It seems to describe quite explicitly the interrelations and inter-strife between each member and his siblings.

Two excellent websites about the historical Miguel Hidalgo, who this minor planet was named after:

Pancho Villa was born on 5 June, 1878 in San Juan Del Rio, Mexico. Unfortunately, we can't be sure of his birth time. A man named Raul Davila said that while he was in Mexico he came across the "Birth Certificate of one known as Franciso Villa AKA Pancho Villa." The data on this claimed certificate was: Doroteo Arango Arambula �Franciso Villa, June 5, 1878 at 3 PM in San Juan Del Rio, Durango, Mexico. But since no one other than Raul has seen this supposed certificate, the accuracy of the birth time is in question.

One of Villa nicknames was "the Centaur of the North� because of his riding skill. So I thought I would look at the Centaurs in his chart. I'll use the 3pm time for the following:

Pancho Villa had Sun 15 Gem 02 in the 8th square Hildalgo 12 Pis 22 and Eris 15 Pis 14 in the 5th..

Strong in his 7th house there is a conjunction of Venus (2 Tau 00), Chiron (6 Tau 39) and Neptune (8 Tau 38), square his 4th house Jupiter 6 Aqu 57 R).

Pholus (26 Aqu 44) oppose Uranus (25 Leo 50) square Pluuto (25 Tau 27)

Thereus (15 Leo 26) conjunct Moon (15 Leo 41) and South Node (14 Leo 59) square Orius (16 Tau 48)

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