In 1969, Arnold Schwarzenegger was fairly unknown, unless you were a follower of muscle contests (Mr. Universe five times, Mr.Olympia seven times and Mr. World once.) His English was not very good yet.....but that didn't keep him from working on his first movie. It did, however, keep him from speaking a single word throughout the film.

The movie, HERCULES IN NEW YORK, was released in 1970, and Arnold lip-synched throughout the picture. It is rather funny, now, watching Arnold's mouth move, and listening to a total stranger's dubbed voice come out.

(This was also the first movie for comedian John Candy, who had a single quick scene, although he was not mentioned in the credits.)


Hercules (Arnold) is bored in Mount Olympus so he comes to Earth, against his father Zeus' wishes. He gets involved in professional wrestling, gets his strength taken from him by his stepmother Juno, and gets into all kinds of trouble in Manhattan.


When Hercules arrives on Earth, he splash lands in the Atlantic Ocean. He is sighted and picked up by a ship's captain, played by Rudy Bond. Herk gets the Captain quite angry by refusing to call him "Sir". Here are a few images on board the ship:

The movie was re-released under two other names:
"Hercules - The Movie"
"Hercules Goes Bananas."

After the ship docks, Hercules takes up with an Earthling who becomes his 'sidekick', played by Arnold Stang.

(If you watched TV in the 50's, you saw Arnold often on the Milton Berle Show, doing commercials for Delco, and for Orkin ("Stop squawkin', call Orkin!"). Later generations know Arnold's voice as Herman in the Herman and Katnip cartoons, or as the voice of Top Cat in the cartoon of the same name.)

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