"KOJAK - Where Do You Go When You Have No Place To Go"
Joe Arrow (Stephen Macht) goes to talk with Ben (Rudy) about getting some work.
The scene takes place at an outdoor event in New York's Central Park.
Ben tells Joe he has to say "I will be a good boy", but Joe refuses.
Ben makes some nasty comment about Joe's Native American background,
Joe sees red and hits Ben and knocks him to the ground.

"KOJAK - And Justice For All"
Rudy is a janitor who is quite upset because a man just bumped into him and kept walking without apologizing.
He gets a good luck at the man as he's cursing him out.

Turns out that that man was wanted for the deaths of several people he sold bad heroin to,
so Rudy is asked to come to the station and look at mug shots.

Rudy is staring intentely at one of the mug shots
when Kojak (Telly Savalas) enters the room.

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