"The Untouchables"

The episode is called "The Butcher's Boy". Rudy is "Gus Ducek", a gangster who is trying to take over some of the 'protection' racket in town.

Here he stands next to one of his cohorts, Gino Romaldi (played by Jay Novello), having just survived an attempted 'hit' on his life.

Gus telling one of the businessmen, Schuster (played by Barney Phillips), that he's got to leave the group that is supposed to be offering him protection, or else!

Gus shaking hands with Philip Hedden (played by John Larkin), the head of the protection society, having just bullied himself in for a 30% cut of the action.

Gus laughing because Philip just made a joke at his expense.

Gus talking with Davey McCain (played by Frank Sutton), who wants John Larkin dead.

Gus just found out that Davey has double-crossed him.

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