Rudy is supposed to keep Jack Warden from escaping and running away.

Rudy played a policeman in a few episodes of Naked City.

The first was called "And A Merry Christmas To The Force On Patrol". Rudy plays Lt. Daniels, Det. Hal Pereleman (Michael Strong) to his right

That's Lt. Dan Muldoon (John McIntyre) to the left of Lt. Daniels and Marco Butcher (Frank Sutton) to the right.

A closer look atLt. Dan Muldoon and Lt. Daniels

In the episode entitled "The Bloodhounds", Rudy played Detective Springer.

The man with his leg up is a drunk (Louis Nye, playing a role he did so well.)

Detective Springer is looking down at two bloodhounds who are being held by Det. Jimmy Halloran (James Franciscus

Close up of Det. Halloran

Rudy played Sam Callison, a politician. Behind him is Marty Albee (William Bramley) , and Mackey (Robert Anderson) to his right.

Jim Redigo (Richard Egan) runs into Sam at a convention and they are clearly old friends.

Sam invites Jim to his hotel room because he has something important he wants to discuss, and Jim brings his �date�, Claire Hagen (Jean Willes)

What Sam wants is to talk Jim into running for political office, but Jim doesn�t want to have anything to do with the idea.

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