would show an excellent dramatic production each week, with an excellent cast and excellent writing. "The Defender" was a two part episode that was telecast on Feb. 25 and March 2, 1957.

The Judge (played by Ian Wolfe) presiding
over the courtroom for a murder case.

Peter D'Agostino (Rudy Bond) was the defendent's boss,
and is called to testify as a witness.

Recently out of law school, junior law partner Kenneth Preston (William Shatner) sits next to the defendent Joseph Gordon (Steve McQueen), listening to the testimony.

The Prosecutor, Francis Toohey (Martin Balsam),
smiles because he is getting very convincing testimony.

Francis begins to ask Peter some very intense questions.

Walter Preston (Ralph Bellamy) is having a major disagreement with his son Kenneth. Walter thinks the defendent is guilty, Kenneth thinks he is innocent.

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