Suspense was an anthology drama series, filmed in New York, about people in situations where their lives or the lives of a loved one were in danger. Suspense was adapted from a long-running radio program. Episodes began with a ominous off-camera voice announcing, "And now, a tale well calculated to keep you in...Suspense!"

"THE MOVING TARGET was based on a true story. An athlete, Peter Darvas (played by Jamie Smith) is selected to represent the Communist country of Hungary in the Olympics, and is warned that his elderly father will be held 'as collateral' so he does not contemplate trying to escape to the West during the Games. However, when he finds out his father has died, he attempts to keep this a secret from his Communist watchdog Zevich (played by Joseph Anthony) to give him a chance to defect. Rudy played Stephan, who trained Peter to be an excellent sharpshooter.

In this first picture, Peter and Stephan are concerned about the health of Peter's father.

When Zevich finds out about Peter's plan to defect, he informs Stephan that he is expected to take Peter out to the target range and 'accidentally' kill him so the Communist regime won't have to deal with negative headlines such as "Hungarian Athlete Defects."

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