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Miss Sadie Thompson
The movie opens with Sgt. Phil O'Hara (Aldo Ray), Pvt. Edwards (Charles Bronson) and Pvt. Hodges (Rudy Bond) finishing a swim and heading out to dry off.

Edwards and Hodges see Sadie Thompson (Rita Hayworth) coming to shore in a boat.

O'Hara, Edwards and Hodges discussing the arrival of Sadie.

The guys watching closely as Sadie removes her stocking.

Sadie is about to toss her stocking in the air, so Rudy gets in real close so he can grab it first when it comes down.

Pvt. Hodges in the back, smoking a cigarette.

The car taking Sadie and her luggage to her room gets bogged in the mud, and it takes a bunch of soldiers to push it out.

Henry Slate, Rita Hayworth, Aldo Ray and Rudy Bond, between scenes while filming the movie.

On The Waterfront

Father Barry (Karl Malden)'s church. Moose (Rudy), getting ready to sit down in a pew

Moose listening to Father Berry in church.

Father Barry trying to calm fears after rocks are thrown through the church windows, including Moose and Edie Doyle (Eva Marie Sainte.)

Scene from the hearing where the gangsters, and Terry Malloy (Marlon Brando) are scheduled to give testimony

Moose, on the right, listens to the foreman tell everyone to come to work, except Terry.

Moose and others look on in shock as the gangsters go to work beating up Terry

Moose tells the mob boss, "If Terry don't work, we don't work!"

Moose is laughing after Johnny Friendly (Lee J. Cobb) gets shoved off the dock into the water

Moose, Kayo Dugan (Pat Henning) and 'Pop' Doyle (John F. Hamilton look on as Terry Malloy prepares to begin walking to work.

Father Barry talking to Moose

Terry trips, but gets up without help and keeps walking

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