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By Zane B. Stein

Written Nov. 19, 1999, updated Dec. 3


Whenever two bodies reach a conjunction, it is the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. Sometimes, due to retrogradation, the conjunction will occur three times (or more in some cases) before the two bodies begin to separate at their individual rates.

Whenever a conjunction of two bodies occurs, I believe that it sensitizes that degree for the duration of that cycle. Thus, a conjunction of the Sun and Moon (which we call the New Moon) is a sensitive point for a month, until the next New Moon.

The present cycle of Chiron and Chariklo began in 1949, with a series of three conjunctions. (Thanks to Juan for doing the calculations.) These three were:

  February 13     -       8 Sagittarius 01
  May 30          -       5 Sagittarius 46
  September 3     -       3 Sagittarius 40

1949 was 50 years ago, of course. And Chiron's cycle is a little over 50 years. So, no matter what the Chiron/Chariklo conjunctions represent, any events that occurred around those dates are experiencing their Chiron returns this year.

We've already seen some of the manifestations in the world around us. More on this in a bit. But first, I want to go back to the events of:


While the exact conjunctions occurred on the dates listed above, most of 1949 could be said to have been shaped by Chiron and Chariklo. From January 1st to November 15th, those two bodies were never more than 2 degrees apart, and the furthest apart they get by the end of 1949 is about 3-1/2 degrees.

Following the first Chiron/Chariklo conjunction, Bao Dai of Vietnam signed an agreement to set up the Associated State of Vietnam within the framework of the French Union. At the second conjunction, he returned to Vietnam to set up office as the chief of state in the new capital of Saigon. By signing this accord, he alienated many Vietnamese, who could not bring themselves to support this government. To some, he was as good as a traitor to his country. Many believe that Bao Dai set the stage for the Communist takeover of Vietnam.

The previous year, the Soviet Union expelled Yugoslavia from the Cominform, marking a major breakdown in relations between the two countries. But for a time, Yugoslavian rulers denied any of the criticisms that the USSR aimed at their policies. Around the time of the first Chiron/Chariklo conjunction, Yugoslavia made a major decision: instead of trying to deny the accusations of Russia, and instead of continuing to try to copy the USSR, Yugoslavia would seek out its own path, and develop its own economic policies. (As you can imagine, this further angered Stalin.) Yugoslavia began collectivizing agriculture, but over the next two years, the campaign caused a decrease in agricultural output, and the use of coercion eroded peasant support for the government. The Soviet-bloc governments launched an economic blockade against Yugoslavia, and in through Serbo-Croatian radio broadcasts, accused Tito of being a "Judas." They tried to subert Yugoslav party organizations, and to incite unrest among the Albanian, Hungarian and Russian minorities in Yugoslavia. Russian troop movements and border incidents convinced the Yugoslav leaders that they would soon be invaded by the Soviet-bloc countries. This led Tito to close the Yugoslav-Greek border and stop supplying the communists fighting in the Greek Civil War. Around the time of the third Chiron/Chariklo conjunction, Yugoslav's votes in the United Nations began to stray from the Soviet line. Western countries, encouraged by the Yugoslav-Soviet rift, began supplying a great deal of economic aid to Yugoslavia, which truly saved the country from hunger the following year. (On September 8th, the U.S. Export-Import Bank extended a $20 million loan to Yugoslavia to help the Tito government resist Soviet domination.) Also at the time of the third conjunction, the Greek Civil War ended, the communists losing.

The Soviets began to accuse anyone of "Tito-ism" who strayed from the Party Line. At the time of the third conjunction, they staged a large public trial in Hungary of L�szl� Rajk, a former minister of the interior and foreign minister. In an obvious frame-up, he was accused of "Tito-ism" and of having been a Nazi agent during the War. At the end of the trial (Sept. 16th), Rajk was hung publicly as an example to all other Communist leaders.

Here are some more specific events that occurred near the second Chiron/Chariklo conjunction:

Near the third Chiron/Chariklo conjunction, some of the events included:

1999 SO FAR

As I mentioned in the beginning of this article, events from 1949 are experiencing their Chiron Return this year.

MARCH 1999

The month of March began with Chiron at 3 Sagittarius 40, reconnecting with the September 3, 1949 position. As the month progressed, Chiron was slowing down, reaching its retrograde station on March 16 at 3 Sagittarius 53. By April 1, it had retrograded back only so far as 3 Sagittarius 40. What happened in March?




Tensions between China and Taiwan have not died down, partly fueled by Taiwan's President Lee on July 9th when he tried to break out of diplomatic isolation imposed by Beijing by saying that relations between mainland China and Taiwan should be on a "special state-to-state" basis. This was seen by China as abandoning the one-China policy under which China hopes to bring about eventual unity.

Though France and Germany are both part of the attempt to unify Europe, there is a sudden outpouring of books and anti-German comments in France that aim to stir up new fears of a German takeover of Europe; this propoganda is suggesting that Germany plans to obtain through economic domination what it earlier failed to win by military might. German forces are in Kosovo, as part of the NATO plan, but in their presence makes some people quite nervous. And many are surprised at the astonishing success, of the former Communist Party, in the East Berlin elections this month.

We have a lot of Chiron returns yet to come over the next month or so...not only to the charts of events, but to individual charts as well. It seems a lot is going to occur before we make it to the Chiron Pluto conjunction on December 30.

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