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twinkling star Chiron is a major key to understanding, not only our solar system (in astronomy), but healing and wholemaking (in astrology.) Chiron was discovered in 1977, and was so different from anything else ever found that a whole new category had to be invented for it. When Chiron was discovered to have company in the early 1990's, this new category was given a name: The Centaurs. And like Chiron, these other bodies are proving of major significance as well.

twinkling starAfter Chiron, the first to be discovered was the body they named PHOLUS, next came NESSUS, HYLONOME, ASBOLUS, CHARIKLO, PELION, OKYRHOE, CYLLARUS, ELATUS, ECHECLUS, BIENOR, THEREUS, AMYCUS and CRANTOR. There are several more that have not as yet been named. I do not think that we can get a complete picture of who we are, or how to heal, unless we include these bodies as well.

twinkling starMy name is Zane B. Stein, and I began studying Chiron only weeks after its discovery. Of late, my friends have started calling me Mr. Chiron, or Captain Chiron. These are my pages dedicated to Chiron and Friends. I hope that they open doors for you, the way Chiron has for me.

Check out my author page on Author Zane Stein. And check out my new book while you are there, CHIRON - HEALER AND WHOLEMAKER, available in paperback and kindle versions.

I was recently interviewed on the VoiceAmerica internet radio show. Click on this link to find out how to listen to the interview on CHIRON: THE WOUNDED HEALER

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Chiron opening the door was designed by the fantastic
creative talents of my friend Alice Loftin, aka Aliki.
Here website, Artisan Jewelry by Alice Loftin, appears to be down currently.

I will be one of the speakers at the ISAR 2022 CONFERENCE,
August 25-29, 2022 in Westminister, Colorado (about 11 miles from Denver.)

Check out the complete list of speakers here:

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For many years there was a Wikipedia page about Zane B Stein, focusing on his research on Chiron and other bodies. In 2013, some Wikipedia editors who are extremely biased against Astrology began a concerted effort to have this page removed from Wikipedia, and in spite of positive support from some more objective editors, on August 5 this page was removed from Wikipedia.
For those interested, there are are still two places on the web where you can see the Wikipedia Zane B Stein page:

This is not the first, or second, or even 10th time a person was kicked off of Wikipedia because of the bias of certain editors. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem much one can do to stop this from happening to others as well.


Are you a beginner to astrology who found this page by accident while
you were trying to learn more about the signs and planets? Have you
been a bit lost, wondering "Where do the heck do I start?"
Well, I'd like to make a few suggestions:

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