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Chariklo is one of the Centaurs, named after Chiron's wife. Her orbit is 62.4 years, her eccentricity 0.1694947, and her inclination to the ecliptic 23.39820.


On 3 June 2013, astronomers were studying Chariklo's passage in front of a star, (also known as occulting the star), when they noticed that a few seconds before the eclipse, and again a few seconds after the occultation, there were two very short dips in the star's brightness....and they were able to deterimine this Centaur had 2 rings.
While Chariklo is the largest known Centaur, it is the smallest object in the Solar System discovered to have rings and, so far, the only Centaur or Minor planet. This gives it something in common with the other four bodies with rings, all major planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune

In 2008, Chariklo strangely dimmed to nearly half its brightness and astronomers could only conjecture why, but now it�s clear that the ring system became edge on during that time, almost disappearing entirely from view, and those icy rings represent a substantial percent of Chariklo's total reflected sunlight.

You can read a bit about the discovery here: First Asteroid Discovered Sporting A Ring System And the fact that Chariklo has rings may be extremely significant, according to this article from Tiny Ringed Object Beyond Saturn May Reveal Secrets About Giant Planets. Chariklo was the first body (outside of the giant bodies like Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus) that was discovered with rings, but a few other minor planets have since had rings identified. So this puts Chariklo as a kind of ground breaker.



See my Chiron page for more on that story:Chiron


While most mythological sources agree that Chariklo (also spelled Chariclo) was Chiron's wife, there are differences of opinion as to her nature. She is described as a Naiad or Nymph, and yet on some pictures, she is drawn as a female Centaur. The most often mentioned source of parentage for her is as daughter of Apollo, the sun-god. She was written of as a much-loved and almost constant companion of the goddess Athena.


In one story, one of her children, Tiresias, accidentally sees Athena naked, and is struck blind, but is also given the great ability to prophesy. In other sources, Chiron and Chariklo are said to have had one son (Karystos), whom nothing special is said about, and two daughters.....but here, too, the names are disputed. Melanippe ("black mare"), who is also called Euippe ("good mare"), had an illegal love affair with Poseidon, the god of horses, and didn't want to live among mortal beings any longer. She asked the gods for help, and they turned her into a star and set her on the night sky. Chiron's other daughter, some mythologists say, was Endeis, the wife of the honest king of Aegina, Aiakos, a son of Zeus and Europa. According to these, Endeis was the mother of Peleus, the father of Achilleus. According to others, Chiron's daughter was not Endeis, but Peleus' wife Thetis, whom Homer knows as a daughter of Nereus, so that Peleus was not the grandson, but the son-in-law of Chiron. However, Achilleus was a descendant of the Centaur - and a great horseman who talked to his horses and was told secret things by them.


Since Chariklo was the mythological wife of Chiron, perhaps we should study the Chiron/Chariklo cycle for insights. The last time the two bodies were in conjunction was in 1949, when they joined three times*.

  • Feb. 13th - 8 Sagittarius 01
  • May 30th - 5 Sagittarius 45
  • Sep. 3rd - 3 Sagittarius 37

Interestingly, Chariklo was officially named September 30, 1999, with Pluto at 8 Sagittarius 13 (and Pluto had stationed, only a few weeks before, at 7 Sagittarius 44). So, it was closely conjunct the first of those three conjunctions.

I've written an article about the above conjunctions, and what they mean to us today. To read it, go to The Chiron/Chariklo Legacy.

Previous conjunctions:

  • May 20, 1742 - 2 Cancer 50
  • June 1, 1721 - 24 Pisces 35

Chiron/Chariklo oppositions:

  • 1844-45
    • Oct. 21, 1844 - 13 Vir-Pis 32
    • Feb. 17, 1845 - 16 Vir-Pis 14
    • Aug. 23, 1845 - 20 Vir-Pis 32
  • 1810-14
    • Oct. 9, 1810 - 16 Aqu-Leo 37
    • Dec. 15, 1810 - 17 Aqu-Leo 43
    • Sep. 21, 1811 - 22 Aqu-Leo 20
    • Jan. 16, 1812 - 24 Aqu-Leo 14
    • Sep. 4, 1812 - 28 Aqu-Leo 00
    • Feb. 16, 1813 - 0 Pis-Vir 40
    • Aug. 17, 1813 - 3 Pis-Vir 35
    • Mar. 25, 1814 - 7 Pis-Vir 06
    • Jul. 25, 1814 - 9 Pis-Vir 03
  • 1802-05
    • Jan. 16, 1802 - 17 Sag-Gem 12
    • May 5, 1802 - 19 Sag-Gem 48
    • Dec. 21, 1802 - 24 Sag-Gem 24
    • July 2, 1803 - 28 Sag-Gem 23
    • Dec. 1, 1803 - 1 Cap-Can 29
    • Aug. 9, 1804 - 6 Cap-Can 28
    • Nov. 12, 1804 - 8 Cap-Can 20
    • Sep. 22, 1805 - 14 Cap-Can 20
    • Oct. 17, 1805 - 14 Cap-Can 48

*Special thanks to Juan for calculating the above Chiron/Chariklo aspects.


Chariklo aspects seem to be prominent in individuals who take a step into the future. It may be through science (Pierre Curie, who studied the various types of energies, had a close Chariklo conjunct Sun...the greatest source of energy for this planet; Alexander Graham Bell, who studied ways to communicate with the deaf and who invented the telephone, had a close Chariklo conjunct Mercury....planet of communication). Unless otherwise stated, a 'close' aspect will be one with orb of less than one degree.


But I've also found that it seems to be very active in individuals closely associated with science fiction.

One of the earliest works of Science Fiction, The New Atlantis, was written in 1626 by Sir Francis Bacon, and contained such futuristic elements as genetic manipulation, telescopes, microscopes, telephones, factories, aerial flight, and submarines. Bacon had Sun 12 Aquarius 18 opposition Chariklo 11 Leo 44, both squaring Eris 11 Taurus 16. And if the commonly accepted chart for him has a valid birth time, Chariklo is also opposition the Asc. 10 Aquarius 51.

A huge name in Science Fiction movies is Steven Spielberg. Steven absolutely loves sci-fi, as you might be able to tell with the close Venus (19 Sco 14) conjunct Chariklo (19 Sco 44) in his chart. Jupiter at 17 Sco 56 adds to the picture as well. All 3 bodies fall in his creative 5th house.

Sci-fi authors abound with close Chariklo aspects. few of the sci-fi authors I've checked:

  • H.G. Wells...if anyone should carry a signature for sci-fi, it is Wells...and he has a very close Chariklo conjunct Mars, both quincunx Pholus
  • Poul Anderson - Chariklo semisquare Mars, trine Jupiter
  • Piers Anthony - Chariklo conjunct South Nodes, trine Venus, wide conjunction to Sun
  • Issac Asimov - Chariklo square Neptune, trines Sun, trine Saturn
  • Greg Bear - Chariklo square Venus, sesquiquadrate Mars
  • Ray Bradbury - Chariklo opposition Mars
  • Edgar Rice Burroughs - Chariklo conjunct Venus, trine Mars, sextile Jupiter, trine Neptune
  • G.K. Chesteron - Chariklo square Moon, sextile Mars, opposition Saturn, square Pluto
  • Michael Crichton - Chariklo conjunct Mercury
  • Philip K. Dick - Chariklo conjunct Mars, square Uranus, sextile Neptune
  • Robert Heinlein - Chariklo trine Jupiter
  • Zenna Henderson - Chariklo opposition Sun & Mercury, trine Mars, square Neptune, sextile Pluto
  • Frank Herbert -Chariklo trine Saturn
  • Fred Hoyle - Chariklo semisquare Venus
  • Aldous Huxley - Chariklo square Mars, square Saturn
  • Ursula LeGuin - Chariklo trine Mars, and T- square with Mercury and Uranus
  • Richard Matheson - Chariklo trine Venus & Jupiter
  • Anne McCaffrey - Chariklo sextile Sun
  • Robert Silverberg - Chariklo opposition Venus
  • Theodore Sturgeon - Chariklo quincunx Mars, square Neptune, sextile Pluto
  • Kurt Vonnegut - Chariklo sextile Venus
  • Roger Zelazny - Chariklo square Sun, square Mercury, trine Venus, sextile Chiron


This sci-fi connection really hit home when I began to study the people involved with the four Star Trek television series.

First, of course, is Gene Roddenberry, whose Chariklo is closely square his Sun.

I recently received a response from Jonathan Frakes with his birth time, and discovered he was born with Chariklo rising at 23 Sagittarius 51 R, with his Ascendant 19 Sagittarius 36. He has a stellium of Sun (26 Leo 44), Pluto (21 Leo 22), Moon (18 Leo 00) and Mercury (15 Leo 23 R), and while it may not be within 1 or 2 degrees, Chariklo is definitely trine at least Pluto and the Sun. Definitely a Chariklo-influenced person.

But look at the Chariklo aspects in the charts of most of the other regular cast members! All aspects listed are less than 1 degree orb, except those with a (1+) next to them....those are greater than 1 degree but less than 2 degrees. Moon, Ascendant and Midheaven aspects are left out, since I do not have verified birthtimes for these individuals.

  • Chariklo trine Sun
      John DeLancie
  • Chariklo sextile Mercury
      Marina Sirtis
  • Chariklo quincunx Mercury
      Michelle Nichols (also Chariklo trine Nessus)
  • Chariklo trine Mercury
      Kate Mulgrew
  • Chariklo square Venus
      George Takei
      Brooks Avery (+1)
  • Chariklo conjunct Mars
      Walter Koenig (also Chariklo sextile Chiron)
  • Chariklo semisquare Mars/North Node conjunction
      Michael Dorn
  • Chariklo conjunct Jupiter
      William Shatner
      Leonard Nimoy
  • Chariklo square Jupiter
      Denise Crosby (also Chariklo Trine Nessus)
      Roxanne Biggs-Dawson (+1)
  • Chariklo opposition Jupiter
      Majel Barrett (+1)
  • Chariklo sextile Saturn
      Robert Picardo
  • Chariklo square Neptune
      DeForrest Kelley (also Chariklo trine Saturn)
  • Chariklo trine Neptune
      Wil Wheaton
  • Chariklo sesquiquadrate Pluto
      Whoopi Goldberg
  • Chariklo conjunct Chiron
      Gates McFadden
      Brent Spiner
      Rosalind Chao
      Armin Shimerman (+1)
  • Chariklo trine Pholus
      Patrick Stewart (+1)
  • Chariklo opposition Pholus
      Grace Lee Whitney (+1)
  • Chariklo square Nessus
      Jeri Ryan (+1)
  • Chariklo trine Nessus
      Robert Beltran
Interestingly, LeVar Burton and Colm Meaney do not have a close Chariklo aspect, unless there is one to their Moon, Ascendant or M.C. so if you have their exact birthtimes, please let me know.

Zachary Quinto played the young Spock in the most recent Star Trek movie. Even without knowing his birth time I can see he has an almost exact conjunction of Chariklo with his South Node. He has a close Venus/Mars conjunction in Aries no matter what time of day he was born, and Chariklo, while not close, is definitely less than 4 degrees from both bodies.


The British television series, Doctor Who first aired on November 23, 1963 at 5:15 or 5:16 pm (depending on the source). Setting the chart for London, the MC is 18 Aquarius 06 (or 18 Aquarius 21) conjunct Saturn 17 Aquarius 21. But what you won't see in charts calculated with the traditional planets is that Chariklo is the most elevated body, conjunct the MC at 19 Aquarius 21.

After the first actor to play Doctor Who decided to leave the series, the writers came up with an ingenious way to explain another actor taking his place. At various times, The Doctor goes through a kind of reincarnation (called 'regeneration), and is reborn with a new look and a new personality.

The first 'regeneration' occurred Oct 29, 1966, where we watch the face of William Hartnell morph into the face of Patrick Troughton. Chariklo was again in the 10th house, most elevated body, 2 Pisces 00 in an out-of-sign square to Mercury 29 Scorpio 35.

After a long and successful run, Dr. Who went out of production for many years. Finally, on March 26, 2005, at 7:15 pm, the show was 'reincarnated' with the broadcast of the first new episode, Rose. Chariklo was 11 Libra 41 R opposition Mercury 11 Aries 21 R.

There have been eleven actors playing Doctor Who in the TV series, as well as one in two movies based on the series. Let's look at Chariklo in the chart of each actor. Unless otherwise noted, birthtimes are unknown so charts are based on Noon. Aspects for those with unknown birth times are only listed if they would be valid during the entire 24 hour birthdate

  • The first Doctor was played by William Hartnell, born Jan 8, 1908 in London, England.
    Chariklo 16 Pisces 52 sextile Sun 16 Capricorn 49
  • Second Doctor - Patrick Troughton, born March 25, 1920 in London.
    Chariklo 13 Taurus 29 conjunct Moon's South Nodes 16 Taurus 19
    • Birth time unknown, but I'm using a speculative chart of 2:27pm. This puts Chariklo conjunct the 11 Taurus 45 MC. (Some of my reasons for this birth time: Leo Rising fits this comment he made, ""Doctor Who gave me a chance to indulge my passion for dressing up and being able to have some sly fun as well as a bit of clowning." At his death from a heart attack on Mar 25, 1987, transiting Mars would have been exactly square a 25 Leo 25 Asc. This chart also has natal Sun in the 8th house, which fits death from heart problems. Mars, ruler of the 9th, in the third; he enjoyed reading philosophy and comparative religions. Saturn in the first house, ruler of the 6th, fits this comment from a producer about him: "He was a father figure to the whole company..." )
  • Third Doctor - Jon Pertwee, born July 7, 1919 in London.
    Chariklo 15 Taurus 14. sextile Sun 14 Cancer 16
  • Fourth Doctor - Tom Baker, born January 20, 1934 at 5:40 am in Liverpool, England.
    Chariklo 3 Leo 19 R trine Moon 2 Aries 22
  • Fifth Doctor - Peter Davison, born April 13, 1951 in London.
    Chariklo 22 Sagittarius 23 sextile Sun 22 Aries 45.
  • Sixth Doctor - Colin Baker, born June 8, 1943 in London.
    Chariklo 12 Libra 23 sesquiquadrate Mercury 27 Taurus 46.
  • Seventh Doctor - Sylvester McCoy, born August 20, 1943, 5:00 am in Dunoon, Scotland.
    Chariklo 14 Libra 52 sextile Ascendant 15 Leo 37 (and North Nodes 15 Leo 53)
  • Eighth Doctor - Paul McGann, born November 14, 1959, in Liverpool, England.
    Chariklo 1 Aquarius 42.
    • Unless he has it in aspect to an angle, he doesn't seem to have a major Chariklo aspect. However, this is not surprising, considering that he only appeared as Doctor Who one time in a 1996 Doctor Who TV movie that was intended as a pilot for a new series...but the new series did not get off the ground partly due to very poor US ratings.
  • Ninth Doctor - Christopher Eccleston, born February 16, 1964, in Salford, Lancashire, England.
    Chariklo 23 Aquarius 42 conjunct Saturn 25 Aquarius 44, Sun 26 Aquarius 50, Mars 26 Aquarius 59
  • Tenth Doctor - David Tennant, born April 18, 1971 in Bathgate, Scotland.
    Chariklo 25 Pisces 32. conjunct Venus 23 Pisces 35 opposition Pluto 27 Virgo 36 R
  • Eleventh Doctor - Matt Smith, born October 28, 1982 in Northampton, England.
    Chariklo 17 Taurus 38 R opposition Jupiter 17 Scorpio 30
  • In two Doctor Who movies, The Doctor was played by Peter Cushing, who was born May 26, 1913, in Kenley, Surrey, England.
    Chariklo 15 Aries 48 conjunct Mars 13 Aries 57 square Jupiter 17 Capricorn 10 R
  • There have been a few spinoffs from Doctor Who.
    • The lead actress in The Sarah Jane Adventures was played by Elisabeth Sladen, born February 1, 1948 in Liverpool, England.
      Chariklo 0 Sagittarius 29 out of sign square to Mercury 29 Aquarius 18
    • I haven't looked at all the actors in the spinof Torchwood, but two of the main characters are played by:
      • John Barrowman, born March 11, 1967 in Glasgow, Scotland.
        Chariklo 7 Pisces 09 conjunct Mercury 6 Pisces 30 R
      • Eve Miles, born July 8, 1978 in Ystradgynlais, Wales.
        Chariklo 29 Aries 28 sesquiquadrate Mars 13 Virgo 47


But what does this science fiction connection say about Chariklo?

As mentioned above, Aldous Huxley had Chariklo in Capricorn square both his Mars in Aries, and his Saturn in Libra.

(Chariklo/Mars aspects seem the most prevalent Chariklo aspect in the charts I've been studying among Sci-Fi authors. While I'm not an actual sci-fi author, I've dabbled a bit, written a few sci-fi pieces, and the genre is my favorite type of fiction. I have Chariklo opposition my Mercury/Mars conjunction, the aspect to Mars almost exact.)

Most people know Huxley as author of "Brave New World", a book about a seeming utopia.....but is actually a frightening scenario of a possible future. But he was also a researcher in the mind, and going beyond one's reality. He did a great deal of exploration with 'mind-expanding' drugs such as LSD, and one of his books, based on his experience under Mescaline, is called "The Doors of Perception."

Interestingly, Huxley was nearly blind most of his life, so his other senses were much more important to him than the visual.

This going beyond one's reality seems a recurrent theme with Chariklo.

Umberto Eco is another Chariklo opposition Mars individual. His books, such as "Foucault's Pendulum", question theories about what is real. In "The Name Of The Rose", the author questions "truth" from theological, philosophical, scholarly, and historical perspectives.

Yet another Chariklo opposition Mars individual, Herman Hesse once wrote the following lines:

"Our mind is capable of passing beyond the dividing line we have drawn for it. Beyond the pairs of opposites of which the world consists, other, new insights begin."
Herman Hesse's books question so-called reality.

Chariklo's orbit, like that of Chiron, is between Saturn and Uranus. If Saturn is an indicator of our apparent reality, and Uranus a breaking down of the walls set up by Saturn, it is easy to see how Chariklo is functioning in the above individual's charts, as well as the charts of the individuals who write science fiction, and are not content to let their minds be limited by the seeming reality they see around them.

Time and again, in studying the transits of Chariklo to natal charts, I see individuals taken actions which may be very risky....usually knowing full well that they were opening a door that could change things forever. True, they were often not fully cognizant of just how much the world would change. And quite often, they were not even sure if the action was an appropriate one....not even sure if it was a choice that they should be making. But they made it because they knew they needed a change.

Chiron was seen as a door-opener very early in our research. But often, the door was flung open for the individual, rather than he or she choosing to open it. Sometimes, the person did not even know a door existed prior to its opening.

With Chariklo, I'm finding a choice to open a door. Sometimes with the attitude, "Damn the torpedo's, full speed ahead."


The following individuals also have close natal Chariklo conjunctions, all with less than 1 degree orb:

  • Chariklo conjunct Sun
      Pierre Curie, Tony Curtis (4' orb), Richard Strauss
  • Chariklo square Sun
      Cannonball Adderly, Erroll Flynn, Francoise Hardy, Theodor Landscheidt
  • Chariklo opposition Sun
      Fritz Perls
  • Chariklo conjunct Moon
      Winston Churchill, Kris Kristofferson, Bette Midler
  • Chariklo square Moon
      Lucille Ball, Alfred Hitchcock, Alexander Ruperti
  • Chariklo opposition Moon
      Sir Laurence Olivier
  • Chariklo conjunct Mercury
      Carl Bosch
  • Chariklo square Mercury
      Erma Bombeck, Jack Nicholson
  • Chariklo opposition Mercury
      Hildegard Knef
  • Chariklo conjunct Venus
      Michael Douglas
  • Chariklo square Venus
      Jodie Foster, Anna Freud, Herman Melville, Meg Ryan
  • Chariklo opposition Venus
      Wilhelm Backhaus
  • Chariklo conjunct Mars
      Luis Alvarez, Edwin Fischer
  • Chariklo square Mars
      Anouk Aimee, Anton Dvorak, Arthur Koestler, Shirley MacLaine
  • Chariklo opposition Mars
      Umberto Eco (7' orb), Hermann Hesse, Engelbert Humperdinck
  • Chariklo conjunct Jupiter
      David Bowie, James Dean, Malcolm Forbes, Arlo Guthrie, Boris Yelstin,O.J. Simpson, Patti Smith
  • Chariklo square Jupiter
      Jim Backus, Josephine Baker, Albert Camus, Eric Idle (1' orb), Burt Lancaster
  • Chariklo opposition Jupiter
      Lauren Bacall
  • Chariklo conjunct Saturn
      Hans Bender
  • Chariklo square Saturn
      Francisco Franco, Hermann Goering, Thomas Riing
  • Chariklo opposition Saturn
      Edward "Buzz" Aldrin, Edgar Cayce, Robert Jansky, Thomas Mann
  • Chariklo conjunct Chiron
      Meryl Streep
  • Chariklo conjunct Uranus
      Neville Chamberlain, Marie Curie, George Stefan
  • Chariklo conjunct Neptune
      Senta Berger, Bob Dylan, Charles Kowal, John Lennon
  • Chariklo conjunct Pluto
      John Barrymore, Umberto Eco, Engelbert Humperdink
  • Chariklo conjunct Ascendant
      Jim Backus, Berlioz, Hillary Clinton, Ross Perot
  • Chariklo conjunct MC
      Lauren Bacall, George Orwell
  • Chariklo conjunct North Node
      Louis Aragon, Eva Braun, Carlo Ponti, Pope Paul VI
  • Chariklo conjunct South Node
      Manual de Falla, Norman Schwarzkopf


It is too soon to come up with keywords for Chariklo. But I am postulating one keyphrase: "question reality". We need to plunge ahead and study her in charts to discover the validity of this, and find what other keywords might apply.

Representing Chiron's wife in mythology.....will that be reflected in her actual astrological meanings? Just like Chiron, she acts as a link between Saturn and Uranus; how will her linkage differ from Chiron's? And she is the largest, brightest Centaur, moreso than Chiron. What does this mean astrologically?

Another perspective

Mark Andrew Holmes has an interesting article on Chariklo at


(I'm especially intrigued with her because of where she falls in my own chart. Previously, I had hardly any oppositions natally, and no close ones. Chariklo falls at 19 Sg 36R in my chart, opposing my Mars (19 Gemini 14) and Mercury (17 Gemini 12), with the latter being my ruling planet.) I can understand the love of sci-fi I share with many of the other Chariklo/Mars individuals listed above.

What I'd like to know is, what do I have in common with the singer, Englebert Humperdinck---born Arnold George Dorsey on May 2, 1936. The only thing I can think of is that we both took on another name for part of our lives, and in effect re-invented ourselves. For awhile in my youth, I was "Adam", and some people still know me by that name to this day.)

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