Kermit Bloomgarden

Kermit Bloomgarden was a highly successful, and well known producer of dramatic and musical plays. He was born in Brooklyn, NY on Dec. 15, 1904, and continued producing plays up until he passed away on Sept. 20, 1976.

Like many people in show business, the theater was not his first career. Graduating from New York University at age 21, he was a certified public accountant for a number of years. His entry into show business was assuming a managerial position with the theatrical producer, Arthur Beckhardt.

He found his niche with his first independent production, "Deep Are The Roots", which opened in 1945 and ran for 477 performances! Not bad for a first production!

Following that were "Another Part Of The Forest" in 1946 and "Command Decision" in 1947, both quite successful. At the time of the John Golden auditions, Kermit was already a highly respected producer.

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