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Atlantis glyph


Zip Dobyns says that the data mounting on Atlantis points to it "as a key to our use of power", and has included numerous examples of this in mundane and political charts in the CAO Times ephemeris of Atlantis. Martha Lang-Wescott writes that it represents "abuses of trust, abilities and of inside with New Age groups......psychic ability.....a sense of impending doom....a feeling that one is being punished for past injustices and inequities..... a sense of expiation and atonement." From this it would seem that Atlantis is related to all the planets from Saturn on out, as well as the minor planet Damocles.

In my chart it falls only 39' away from exact conjunction to my 9th house moon. On one of its transiting returns to my natal position, I married the woman I had been living with in a common law marriage for 7 months. We chose to go to a Justice of the Peace and make it a legal wedding partly because our relatives did not really approve of our common law marriage, and partly because she was pregnant and we wanted our child to be born in wedlock. My daughter was born with Atlantis conjunct her Sun, and on her mother's Sun (she was born on her mother's birthday.) The marriage definitely was rocky, shaped as it was by that Atlantis conjunction. Eight years later my wife and I seemed to enter once again into a period of closeness, and she became pregnant when Atlantis transited in exact conjunction to her natal Atlantis. Our second daughter was born with Atlantis in her first house closely conjunct her North Node, and her mother's natal Pluto. Five years later, when I was asked by my wife to sign divorce papers, Atlantis was transiting my 12th house in square to my natal Atlantis, thus squaring the wedding position.

Atlantis can bring the opportunity to make major decisions involving a great deal of power over the life of another. Recently Atlantis transited in conjunction to a man's Saturn, and also conjunct his spouse's Juno. On that day they received the news that the baby she was carrying was severely defective, and would probably not survive until birth, but even if it did it could not live longer than 5 months even on life-support. So they had to choose to induce early labor (whereby the child would be born dead), or to allow the baby to continue on its course (risking possible toxemia in the mother.) As you can imagine, it was a very difficult decision for them to make, and whichever choice they made would have carried with it a lot of doubt and guilt.

Another time Atlantis reached the Saturn of a young man who had just become a minister. When the transit was exact he was asked to perform his first wedding ceremony, thus placing the power into his hands to unite a couple in matrimony.

Natally where Atlantis falls shows a house where power was definitely an issue in childhood, and one's adult personality has been shaped by the way one learned to deal with this issue. If there was a great deal of difficulty in the early home life in this area, the person can grow up with stunted or underdeveloped abilities here. Usually one strives, once away from home, to gain control in the house where Atlantis falls, and then to never relinquish this control again. Yet there is also a feeling of guilt that is very strong for any failures here, often much stronger than these disappointments might warrant.

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