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Possible glyph for Asbolus


The above glyph was designed by Robert von Heeren as a possible symbol for Asbolus.

Just recently named, there is a lot to study about this little body. His name comes from a Greek word meaning "soot" or "carbon dust", and probably derived from early Greece where charcoal burners were known for their black skin & face.

In mythology, Asbolus was a seer, or augur, with a reputation for accurately predicting the future. He foresaw the Centaurs' battle against the Lapiths at Pirithous' wedding, and how much of a calamity it would be for the Centaurs, but tried in vain to persuade them from fighting. And yet this Centaur is also said to have led the pack of Centaurs that rampaged toward Pholus' cave in an attempt to get the wine. And for this, Heracles is said to have crucified Asbolus with his arrows. The smell of the wine pervading the air, apparently, deadened Asbolus' abilities as a seer.


The following people have close natal Asbolus conjunctions, all less than 1 degree orb:

It is way too soon to suggest keywords for Asbolus, but not too soon to start studying him in charts! How much of his nature will fit into the above myths? What can we derive by knowing that he links up Jupiter with Neptune.....the two rulers of Pisces? Or from knowing his orbit is 76.3 years? And what does he have in common with the Centaur 1999 HD12....both discovered in the 8th degree of Libra? His eccentricity is 0.6200041, and his inclination to the ecliptic is 17.64278.

Asbolus was last conjunct its own North Node March 3-5, 1929. It was last at perigee...closest to the Sun...between October 30, 1925 and November 29, 1925.

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Another perspective

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