Rhiphonos, #346889, was discovered on August 28, 2009 and given the preliminary designation of 2009 QV38. The name Rhiphonos was suggested by A. Mimeev, with the description "Rhiphonos (Riphonus) was one of the commanders of the Centaurs who joined Dionysus in his campaign against India."

It's orbit is 35.8 years. It has an eccentricity of 0.4464724, and an inclination to the ecliptic of 19.88304. It's perihelion distance is 6.0122929 AU which is closer to us than Saturn ever gets, and at aphelion 15.711 taking it about halfway between Saturn and Uranus.

It was discovered at approximately 16 Aries 20. The Sabian Symbol for this degree: Two prim spinsters are sitting together in silence.


I've found a good bit about this Centaur's mythology.

  • CENTAURS HORNED. Offspring of the NYMPHS LAMUSIDES. Because of an enchantment they became creatures with long ears, and a horse's tail sticking out straight from the loins; from the temples cow's horns sprouted out, long teeth grew out of their jaws and a strange kind of mane covered their necks with rough hair. The Horned Centaurs were: Aesacus 2, Amphithemis 2, Ceteus 2, Eurybius 3, Gleneus 2, Nomion 3, Orthaon, Petraeus 3, Phanes 3, Phaunus 2, Riphonus, Spargeus. Source: Beasts: Animals, Monsters, Demons and other creatures with unusual attributes
  • Source for the following is PHERES LAMIOI: "THE PHERES LAMIOI were twelve rustic daimones (spirits) of the River Lamos in Kilikia (Cilicia) in southern Anatolia. They were set by Zeus to guard the infant god Dionysos, protecting him from the machinations of his step-mother Hera. The enraged goddess, however, transformed the twelve into beastly ox-horned Kentauroi (Centaurs). The Lamian Pheres later accompanied Dionysos in his campaign against the Indians.
    "Although Nonnus calls the Lamians "Centaurs," he describes them as man-like nature daimones with ox-horns and horses' tails. Therefore, like the Kyprian Kentauroi, they were probably imagined as a type of Satyr or Seilen. Although in classical art, Kentauroi were often depicted in the retinue of the god, such as the image right where they are yoked beneath his chariot. The name "Pheres" was a term also used by Homer to describe the Kentauroi.
    "Nonnus, Dionysiaca 14. 143 ff (trans. Rouse) (Greek epic C5th A.D.) : "[Rheia summons the rustic spirits to the army of Dionysos for his campaign against the Indians:] Another kind of the twiform Kentauroi (Centaurs) also appeared, the shaggy tribe of the horned Pheres (Beasts), to whom Hera had given a different sort of human shape with horns. These were the sons of the water Neiades (Naiads) in mortal body, whom men call Hyades, offspring of the river Lamos.
    They [the sons] had played the nurses for the babe that Zeus had so happily brought forth, Bakkhos (Bacchus), while he still had a breath of the sewn-up birth-pocket. They were the cherishing saviours of Dionysos when he was hidden from every eye, and then they had nothing strange in their shape; in that dark cellar they often dandled the child in bended arms, still a child at play, but a clever babe. Of the would mimic a newborn kid; hiding in the fold, he covered his body with long hair, and in this strange shape let out a deceptive bleat between his teeth, and pretended to walk on hooves in goatlike steps. Or he would show himself like a young girl in saffron robes and take on the feigned shape of a woman; to mislead the mind of spiteful Hera, he moulded his lips to speak in a girlish voice, tied a scented veil on his hair. He put on all a woman's manycoloured garments: fastened a maiden's vest about his chest and the firm circle of his bosom, and fitted a purple girdle over his hips like a band of maidenhood.
    "But his guile was useless. Hera, who turns her all-seeing eye to every place, saw from on high the everchanging shape of Lyaios [Dionysos], and knew all. Then she was angry with the guardians of Bromios. She procured from Thessalian Akhlys (Misery) treacherous flowers of the field, and shed a sleep of enchantment over their heads; she distilled poisoned drugs over their hair, she smeared a subtle magical ointment over their faces ,and changed their earlier human shape. Then they took the form of a creature with long ears, and a horse's tail sticking out straight from the loins and flogging the flanks of its shaggy-crested owner; from the temples cow's horns sprouted out, their eyes widened under the horned forehead, the hair ran across their heads in tuft, long white teeth grew out of their jaws, a strange kind of mane grew of itself, covering their necks with rough hair, and ran down from the loins to feet underneath.
    Twelve captains commanded them all: Spargeus and Gleneus the dancer, and beside "Eurybios (Eurybius) the strange figure of Keteus (Ceteus) the vinedresser; Petraios (Petraeus) with Rhiphonos, Aisakos (Aesacus) the deep drinker and Orthaon , with whom marched both Amphithemis and Phaunos, and Nomeion side by side with wellhorned Phanes."
    Nonnus, Dionysiaca 14. 247 ff : "[Drawing the chariot of Dionysos:] One Kentauros (Centaur) with a bristling beard stretched his neck into the yoke willingly, unbidden; and the man mingled with horse half and half, craving the delicious wine even more than a Satyros, whinnied eager to carry Dionysos on his withers. The god seated a the rail of his leaf-entwined car passed the stream of Sangarios, passed the bosom of the Phrygian land."
    Nonnus, Dionysiaca 17. 136 ff : "[During the Indian war of Dionysos:] While Ares was arming the Indian host along the mountains, the Bassarides up in the winding glens of Tauros were hastening to the battle, and with them marched the Bakkhoi with arms and the Pheres [Kentauroi, Centaurs] without arms. These last began the battle by attacking the enemy; they tore up the foundations of the ravines and cast them, or some crag from the top of the hills. Showers of splintered rocks were hurled rolling on the heads of the Indians."
    Nonnus, Dionysiaca 17. 192 ff : "[During the Indian war of Dionysos:] Orontes [the Indian chief] dashed hot upon the front ranks, reaping a harvest in both kinds [men and women] . . . With stormy foot Deriades' goodson [Orontes] rushed in, raging, lifted a boulder in the air and let fly at the Kentauroi (Centaurs), and hit Hylaios (Hylaeus): the stone, a very millstone, crushed the forehead of the shaggybreast shepherd; the missile torn from the rock smashed his headpiece, a sham imitation made of the familiar chalk like a real helmet guarding the face, which fell to the ground like a glowing cinder in many pieces and whitened the dust, while the creature crushed by this stony spear threw his arms along the ground. Next he struck the hairy front of another Kentauros (Centaur) with a two-bladed axe, and shore away the curving horn form his bull's-head. He fell in a great heap on the ground, and rolled headlong tumbling about half dead and brushing the dust with his ears; then lifting his body on his feet, with a last wild effort he danced a stumbling hideous dance of death: the monster let out a harsh roaring sound, like a bull struck on the skull which bellows horribly with grinning jaws."


A good place to start studying this Centaur is to look at conjunctions it made to major bodies. Here is a table of Riphonos conjunctions from 1900-2020 to Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron and Uranus:

Jup Cnj Rhiphonos August 26, 1908 26�Le21' D
Jup Cnj Rhiphonos December 5, 1922 08°Sc20' D
Jup Cnj Rhiphonos October 6, 1943 20°Le23' D
Jup Cnj Rhiphonos September 18, 1958 02°Sc08' D
Jup Cnj Rhiphonos June 1, 1979 05°Le13' D
Jup Cnj Rhiphonos November 23, 1993 02°Sc50' D
Jup Cnj Rhiphonos July 17, 2014 00°Le17' D
Sat Cnj Rhiphonos January 9, 1926 23°Sc34' D
Sat Cnj Rhiphonos January 22, 1937 19°Pi12' D
Sat Cnj Rhiphonos October 6, 1951 06°Li20' D
Chi Cnj Rhiphonos March 18, 1974 19°Ar01' D
Chi Cnj Rhiphonos November 22, 1998 24°Sc18' D
Chi Cnj Rhiphonos January 18, 2007 09°Aq07' D
Ura Cnj Rhiphonos August 9, 1938 17°Ta43' D
Ura Cnj Rhiphonos October 23, 1938 16°Ta27' R
Ura Cnj Rhiphonos February 25, 1939 14°Ta19' D
Ura Cnj Rhiphonos February 8, 2009 20°Pi47' D



Remember a comedian named Soupy Sales? He liked to play with reality as only a Saturn ( 23°Sc30'32'') square Neptune ( 24°Le18'53y'' R) and Venus (24°Aq28'53'') person would. But now we can add Rhiphonos to the picture, at 23°Sc32'06 less than 2' away from exact conjunction to Saturn. Soupy Sales TV clip

In my preliminary research I've found more noted individuals with Rhiphonos conjunct Saturn than any other planet or major chart point. This may change as I add more charts, but so far I've found 75 individuals with Saturn conjunct Rhiphonos with an orb of 3 degrees or less. (Oh, and the USA's chart also has this!)

Abbie Hoffman George Strait Moira Shearer
Alan Greenspan Happy Rockefeller Nancy Wilson
Allen Ginsberg Harry Dean Stanton Patricia Neal
Andy Griffith Harry Hamlin Paul Lynde
Bruce Dern Hildegard Knef Peter Graves
Buddy Holly Honore de Balzac Princess Caroline of Hanover
Charlotte Rae Hugh Hefner Ralph Abernathy
Chrissie Hynde James Hillman Richard Bach
Christine Jorgensen Jane Austen Richard Matheson
Chuck Berry Jane Withers Robert Redford
Claus von Bulow Jerry Lewis Roberta Flack
Cloris Leachman JoAnne Worley Roger Corman
Dave Van Ronk John Coltrane Ruth Buzzi
Dina Merrill John Derek Shelley Berman
Don Everly John S. McCain Shirley Bassey
Dyan Cannon Julie Harris Soupy Sales
Ed Koch Julie London Steve Reeves
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Kantaro Suzanne Pleshette
Elizabeth Dole Kaye Ballard Timothy Bottoms
Elvira Mistress of the Dark Keir Dullea Tom Smothers
Eric Morecambe Lee Grant Tom Wopat
Eric Morecambe Leslie Nielsen Valery Giscard d'Estaing
Frederic Forrest Lou Ferrigno Vanessa Redgrave
Gary Hart Marilyn Monroe William F Buckley Jr
Gaye Nelson Mary Ann Mobley Yves Saint Laurent
George Strait Michel Foucault


The following noted individuals have Rhiphonos conjunct the Sun (5 degree orb), Moon (5 degree orb), one of the other major planets (3 degree orb), or the North Lunar Node (3 degree orb).

Sean Penn Sheena Easton
Allen Ludden Alexis de Tocqueville Arthur Rimbaud A J Foyt Adolphe Menjou Alf Landon Bob Mackie Anna May Wong Al Jardine Betty Friedan
Anita O'Day Amy Irving Ben Stiller Alanis Morissette Al Pacino Ava Gardner Booth Tarkington Ayn Rand Arthur Godfrey Carol Channing
Arthur Fiedler Antonio Banderas Benjamin Spock Archie Griffin Alan Alda Bobby Womack Derek Jacobi Christian Dior Bobby Fischer Daniel Berrigan
Aubrey Beardsley Aretha Franklin Bob Wood Bobby Hatfield Alison Krauss Charlie Tuna Diana Rigg Christopher Isherwood Cheiro Dmitri Shostakovich
Barbara Bach Camille Paglia Charles Bronson Corazon Aquino Antoine Lavoisier Chevy Chase Eddie Cochran Christopher Lambert Cilla Black Donna Reed
Barbara Jordan Connie Francis Chick Corea David Croft Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh Chris Mitchum Edgar Lee Masters Colin Quinn Claudette Colbert Garry Marshall
Barry Gibb Danny Kaye Deborah Kerr David Lloyd George Briane Aherne Deanna Durbin Elliott Gould Danny Bonaduce Daryl Dragon Gower Champion
Bob Hope David Lynch Edwin Hubble Emmanuel Swedenborg Clarence Thomas Diana Ross Evel Knieval David Koresh David Geffen Harry Carey Jr
Brad Steiger Dorothy Malone Erik Satie Gloria Swanson Dylan McDermott Eli Whitney Fritjof Capra Donny Osmond Edie Sedgwick Harry S Truman
Bruce Springsteen Eddie Murphy George Orwell Havelock Ellis Fred Meeks Enrico Caruso Gordon Lightfoot Fabio Eric Idle Jack Lord
Carrie Fisher EdMcMahon Harpo Marx Henry L. Mencken Gilda Radner George Lucas Jerry Rubin Falco Evelyn Waugh Janet Gaynor
Charles de Gaulle Ellen Corby Helen Mirren Jesse James Gregory Harrison Jeffrey MacDonald Kenny Rogers Hugh Grant Fabian Forte John Agar
Chiang Kai-Shek Erica Jong James Whitmore Kaiser Wilhelm II Hans Holzer Jerry Springer Liv Ullmann Irene Cara Garrison Keillor Judy Holliday
Chico F.Lee Bailey Jascha Heifetz Linda Rondstadt Jaye P Morgan Joe Cocker Mike Farrell Jason Alexander George Harris Lance Armstrong
Claudia Cardinale Gertrude Stein John Dillinger Margaret Sanger John Jacob Astor VI Joni Mitchell Natalie Wood Jean Sibelius H.G. Wells Lord Byron
Danny Sugerman Henry Winkler Julie Kavner Mary of Teck, Queen Consort Julia Child Julio Iglesias Nico Jean-Martin Charcot Ian McShane Mario Lanza
Dwight Yoakum Herbie Hancock Leslie Van Houten Richard Belzer Louis Braille Katie Holmes Pat Buchanan Jessica Hahn Jack Oakie Nelson Riddle
Eamon De Valera Isiah Thomas Mao Tse Tung Ringo Starr Nancy Kerrigan Lance Rentzel Phi Everly John McEnroe Janis Joplin Peter Ustinov
Ed Begley Jr Jack Nicklaus Michael J Pollard Robert Goulet Peggy Lee Lech Walesa Ray Manzarek Katie Couric Joe Namath Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
Edgar Degas James Barrie Mick Jagger Robert Silverberg Princess Victoria Adeladie Mary Louisa Lyndon B Johnson Rich Little Kato Kaelin Joe Pesci Richard Darryl Zanuch
Elsa Martinelli Jimmy Carter Paul Von Hindenburg Sir William Crookes Ray Davies Oliver North Romy Schneider Ken Wahl John Major Robert De Niro
Frank Rizzo Jose Ferrer Richard Benjamin Tatum O'Neal Robbie Coltrane Penny Marshall Sal Mineo Kevin M McCarthy Leslie Uggams Robert Schumann
Frederick Engels Kelli Fox Rick Springfield Victor Herbert Ron Kovic Redd Foxx Ted Turner King George V of England Lola Falana Tuesday Weld
Henry, Prince of Wales King Edward VII of England Robert Anton Wilson Walter Mondale Suzi Quatro Roger Daltry Ted Turner Linda Blair Lynn Redgrave
Jawaharlal Nehru Lady Helen Taylor Robert Conrad Yo Yo Ma Tim Conway Sirhan Sirhan Terence Stamp Loreena McKennitt Madeline Kahn
Jeff Hunter Lisa Kudrow Shari Lewis Walter Slezak William Saroyan Tommy Tune MacKenzie Phillips Paul Michael Glaser
Jeremy Irons Matt Damon Shelley Long Wilson J Goode Maharaj Ji Salvador Dali
Joe Flynn Nick Nolte Steve Martin Maria von Trapp Sharon Gless
John Ritter Nina Foch Susan Anton Michael Jackson Sharon Tate
Kurt Weill Panama Jack Susan Strasberg Nicole Brown Simpson Sun Yat-Sen
Lance Reventlow Pat Boone Ursula Andress Nikki Sixx
Loudon Wainwright Patty Duke Patty Loveless
Martina Navratilova Peggy Ann Gardner Ralph Bunch
Mickey Haritay Peter Max Randy Travis
Montgomery Clift Reginald Kray Richard Vetter
Nell Carter Robert Sherwood Ruby Keeler
Peggy Lipton Roger McGuinn Rudyard Kipling
Pola Negri RuPaul
Ralph Bellamy Rupert Murdoch Sean Young
Ray Stark Tom Jones
Rita Hayworth William Rehnquist Suzy Bogguss
Robert Ryan Tim Burton
Ruby Dee Tom Arnold
Scott Bakula Warren G Harding
Terry Bradshaw Weird Al Yankovic
Thelonious Monk William Butler Yeats
Timothy Leary
Tom Coughlin
Victoria Tennant
Vladimir Putin


The following noted individuals have Rhiphonos within a 5 degree orb of the Ascendant, Descendant or MC. Only charts with AA birth times were used here.

Anne Baxter Carlo Ponti "Cannonball" Adderley
Carrie Snodgrass Daniel Moynihan Art Buchwald
Charlie Rose Daniel Travanti Art Tatum
Cliff Robertson George Santayana Benjamin Disraeli
Cybill Shepherd George Stephanopoulos Burt Bacharach
David Ernest Duke Jim Reeves Caspar Weinberger
Dick Butkus Katherine Kurtz Charles Kuralt
Frank Herbert Lena Horne Charles Munch
Gwyneth Paltrow M.C. Escher Donnie Wahlberg
James Taylor MC Escher Erwin Rommel
Justine Timberlake Monica Lewinsky Harvey Korman
Karl Malden Patrick O'Neal Inger Stevens
Ken Kesey Robert Reed Joachim Von Ribbentrop
King Farouk of Egypt Tina Yothers Kevin Kline
Patti Page Tom Brokaw Matt Dillon
Paul Ehrlich Willy Messerschmitt Sada Thompson
Phil Spector
Pierre Salinger
Robert Duvall
Robert Motherwell
Shirley Temple Black
Tom Wolfe
Zenna Henderson


Then there are the people with Rhiphonos conjunct more than one signifiant point.

  • One of my favorite comedians is Amy Poehler, who has the Centaur conjunct her Mars and North Node.
  • Fantasy writer Anne McCaffrey has it conjunct Moon and Saturn.
  • Owsley Stanley, gifted chemist and LSD pioneer, had Rhiphonos conjunct Mercury and Venus
  • Carl Sagan, who introduced the universe to many people, had the Centaur conjunct his MC and North node
  • A powerful voice in the feminist movement, Germaine Greer has it conjunct Moon and Uranus
  • Kurt Vonnegut, a writer who had an impact on many many people, had the Centaur conjunct Mercury and Jupiter
  • Actress Jodie Foster has a Sun/Mercury/Rhiphonos conjunction
  • Queen Elizabeth II of England shows the world her Rhiphonos/Saturn/MC conjunction
  • Robert Kennedy, who might have become president if a bullet hadn't ended his life, had the Centaur conjunct his Sun and Saturn.
  • Another with Sun/Saturn/Rhiphonos is the musician Sting
  • The founder of the Grateful Dead, Gerry Garcia, had Rhiphonos conjunct Sun, Mercury and Pluto
  • And the musician behind the "We Are The World" event, Bob Geldof, had it conjunct Sun, Mercury and Saturn
  • Peter Lorre, a classic actor, was born with a Rhiphonos/Sun/Venus/Mars conjunction
  • And actress Sharon Stone had Rhiphonos conjunct Jupiter, Neptune and her North Node

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