Sabian Symbols by Lynda Hill

Chiron was discovered 3 degrees 08 minutes into the sign Taurus. Each of the 360 degrees of the Zodiac has its own character, and in 1925 astrologer Marc Edmund Jones worked with psychic Elsie Wheeler to arrive at a deep, evocative set of symbols for them. They termed these the Sabian Symbols. Astrologer Lynda Hill has made a life study of these symbols and is considered the world's expert on them. By all means, check out her website to explore them more deeply.

Chiron's discovery position puts it in the 4th Degree of Taurus, and Lynda was kind enough to let us reprint the page for this degree from her book, "360 Degrees of Wisdom Charting Your Destiny With The Sabian Oracle". I think you will find that the words on this page will give added depth to your understanding of Chiron.

Taurus 4


If I traveled to the end of the rainbow, As Dame Fortune did intend, Murphy would be there to tell me, The pot�s at the other end. Bert Whitney Commentary: �The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow� is a wonderful image. �Rainbows� are said to be a bridge to the Divine. They inspire awe as we gaze at their beauty and the sheer wonder of nature. They can represent boundless promise, and there is said to be a reward, a �Pot of Gold�, to be found at its end. In folklore, elves, leprechauns and fairies are associated with �The Pot of Gold�.
All that is gold does not glitter; not all those that wander are lost. J.R.R. Tolkien

Pennies do not come from heaven�they have to be earned here on earth. Margaret Thatcher

The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under his feet. J. Robert Oppenheimer

He felt like a man who, chasing rainbows, has had one of them suddenly turn and bite him in the leg. P.G. Wodehouse

Oracle: The quest to find our �Pot of Gold� is very tempting but it can be forever elusive because it appears to move as we move or as we change our perspective. However, we all have our dreams and with a little concentrated effort we can reach our own version of the �Pot of Gold�. It can imply riches and rewards on many levels, sometimes beyond our wildest dreams. There may be a need to reflect on just what exactly these �riches� are. The promise of the �Pot of Gold� entices us, but this can also be the cause of problems if we forget other more important things in life. Some people want material or spiritual riches without putting in any hard work. This way of thinking may lead one astray. Although some people can earn their way through life on a wing and a prayer, most have to put in a true effort to succeed. Often it is not the finding of the elusive �Pot of Gold� at the �Rainbow�s End� that is the real reward, but the rewards found during the search and the wonder the �Rainbow� creates as it links heaven and earth. Perhaps there is a constant search for rewards without recognizing the riches that are already at hand. In this situation, many rewards can come from creative and spiritual efforts � just be a little wary of expecting too much. Picture a �Rainbow� in your mind, see �The Pot of Gold�; and hold it in your memory bank � this will sustain you and may indeed lead you to your reward.
I have been in Sorrow�s kitchen and licked out all the pots. Then I have stood on the peaky mountain wrapped in rainbows, with a harp and sword in my hands. Zora Neale Hurston Keywords: The promise of riches, in whatever forms these may take. Creative imagination. Goals and ambitions. Alchemy. Splashes of color. Rewards contained. The search for the treasure. Seeking communion with nature and life�s bounty. Wealth derived from changing perspective. Talent and beauty. Fantasies. Illusions vs. reality. Fairylands.
A golden key will open every lock. Yiddish Proverb

Every absurdity has a champion to defend it. Oliver Goldsmith

The Caution: Seeking easy, tempting solutions. Thinking that rewards are always just �over the horizon�. Thinking that one is never going to get near �it�. Elusive success. Forgetting the more immediate things in life. Seeking perfection. Castles in the air. Pipe dreams. Fool's Paradise.

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