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Perhaps it was because he was a Cancer Sun Sign that Al H. Morrison seemed to have an encyclopedic knowledge of the Moon. He turned thousands of people on to the value of observing the Void of Course Moon. (You can read the text from his original Void of Course information sheet on my friend Debbi Kempton-Smith's website: Void Of Course Moon Sheet.)

Every letter I received from Al including at least one astrological gem, and in one I received from him in 1993, he shared some of Lunar wisdom.

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By Al H Morrison

It occurs to me that I should explain the John Hansen Earnings Curve. John Hansen was an astrologer who studied the declinations of the Moon, and how they shifted through the Progressed Moon Cycle.

The progressed Moon moving northward is your up cycle where you feel good, things go your way. Until progressed Moon reaches maximum north, you should routinely ask for a raise every Monday (whether you deserve it or not.) Money is easier to earn while the Moon is progressing northward. If you get fired while the Moon is progressing northward it generally means that all you have to do is go across town to the nearest competitor and get a better job at higher pay, generally speaking.

What goes up must come down. While the Moon is progressing southward, you tend to be by-passed when raises are handed out, may find yourself supervised by shitheads you have trained on the job, denied opportunity for no definable reason. Getting fired while the Moon is progressing southward is very difficult, hard to find a worse job at lower pay. Self-esteem falters, and it shows to the prospective employer.

Thing to do in the southward sweeps is to be self-employed, do research or something that takes you out of the active clock-punching earnings hassles of the system. Living on the resources of a wealthy mate is ok, normal. Long term grants are OK. Getting a novel or encyclopedia of some special field is OK. Being able and willing to live on an austere budget is helpful.

Within this cycle of Moon declinations are two boundaries in ancient astrology (retrieved by Anna Lee Far from clay tabled inscriptions), 14°22' north and south. While your progressed Moon is north of 14°22' north declination you are in strange terrain for which you have no map, no residual memory of experience in past incarnations, have to learn by trial and error, often fuck up, sometimes royally.

When your progressed Moon is south of the 14°22' south declination, you have a strong intuitive guide available, residual memories of what you over-learned in prior incarnations. All you have to do is listen to your inner voice and it gives you directive guidance. Of course, this intuitive guidance is naturally calibrated for conditions in prior incarnations so may not be appropriate to modern times .

Somewhat related are the changes the progressed Moon's Node goes through. While it is moving retrograde by secondary progressions, life goes fairly well as expected in our culture. While the Nodes are moving direct, whatever conditions/circumstances relate to the house in which the Nodes find themselves are subject to reversal of culturally expected behavior. You get deals in which children with North Node in the 5th control, rear their parents, rather than being reared by them..

When the progressed Moon's Node changes direction there is a flip in the affairs/situation/conditons in whatever house it is in natally.

By the way, I was born with the Nodes Direct, about to go retrograde. This sorts me out as being a non-standard, not part of the system, ever, whatever the system. A dissenter, an oddball, an exception.

Going back to the Hansen Earning Curve, let me give you an example. Given a girl born with the Moon at maximum South declination. At age 14, she is in strange territory with no guidance about the trials and temptations of being 14. On the other hand, a girl born with the Moon at maximum North declination has her progressed Moon at its maximum South at age 14. She knows more about catching pregnant getting pregnant or not, than the average married woman has learned. Prefab inherent know how.

As you know, eclipses are predictable because we can discern two cycles, that of the Sun/Moon, and the Lunar Nodal Cycle. When you look at them both, you use your head when starting something, avoid cataclysm later.

In the pre-ecliptic spell beginning 10 days prior to any/all eclipses, all planning/decision making should be tentative at best. It is not a good time to hold referenda, summit meetings, corporate policy changes, corporate mergers, international treaties. Rationale: by daily moving MC at Sun's daily motion, the MC of any such event quickly makes aspects to whatever is in the chart, and particularly if the daily moving MC makes malefic aspect to a major planet, the shit hits the fan, the deal comes apart.

Likewise, by secondary progressions, progressed MC does the same thing.

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