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#121725 (1999 XX143)


The seventeenth Centaur, 1999 XX143, was captured on a photographic plate on Dec. 13, 1999. The time was 9h36m38s UT, and the location was the Whipple Observatory, Mt. Hopkins. At discovery it was located at 26 Cancer 44.

Its orbit has been verified, and has not been given the official number 121725. It has an orbit of 76.1 years, an eccentricity of 0.4619342, and an inclination to the ecliptic of 6.77805.

It is definitely a Centaur, and I think it is a significant one. Afterall, its discovery chart contains a close applying conjunction between Chiron and Pluto.

Current Events

Whenever a body is discovered in the solar system, events around that moment are colored by the new humanity begins to be much more consciously aware of its principles. We can thus look at some news stories around the discovery of #121725 (1999 XX143) to get some clues about its meaning.

Doctors Mix Monkey, Jellyfish Genes

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - Oregon researchers say they have successfully placed jellyfish genes into monkey embryos.

Shuttle Astronauts Restore Hubbell

SPACE CENTER, Houston (AP) - Stubborn bolts and a storage lid that wouldn't shut on the Hubble Space Telescope forced the second-longest spacewalk in NASA history. Working in orbit 370 miles above the Earth, Discovery astronauts John Grunsfeld and Steven Smith struggled Wednesday to replace broken gyroscopes that have kept the $3 billion observatory blind since Nov. 13.

Researchers Make Faster Film

(AP)Scientists say they have found a way to produce photographic film that is 10 times more sensitive to light - an advance that could make true-to-life pictures of candlelight dinners possible without a flash or muted colors.

New Meat Irradiation Rules

WASHINGTON (Reuters) New rules to allow U.S. meat plants to use low levels of irradiation to kill deadly bacteria on raw ground beef, steaks and pork chops will go into effect on Feb. 22, Agriculture Department aides said on Tuesday.

Lava Fountain Spotted on Jupiter Moon Io

WASHINGTON (Reuters) NASA's Galileo space probe captured new images of a fiery lava fountain spurting high above the surface of Jupiter's moon, Io, the U.S. space agency said on Friday.

Israel and Syria Agree on January Peace Talks

After coexisting uneasily for 50 years in a state of war and for the last four years in cold silence, Israel and Syria have agreed to agree. President Clinton announced that the two countries would begin intensive and accelerated peace talks Jan. 3 at a site near Washington, to be determined.

Monsanto Sued Over Seeds

Monsanto Co., which has vowed to create sustainable agriculture through the use of genetically engineered crops, was hit with a class-action lawsuit by antitrust lawyers who claim that Monsanto rushed genetically engineered corn and soybean seeds to the marketplace without testing them for safety.

Nazi Slave Fund Created

More than a half-century after the defeat of Hitler, German corporations and the government have agreed to create a $5.2 billion fund to compensate slave laborers in Nazi Germany and other victims of the Holocaust.


Another place to derive possible meanings for a new body is from its discovery degree, especially if you delve into the Sabian Symbols. #121725 (1999 XX143) was found in the 27th degree of Cancer. Lynda Hill gives this as the symbol:
"A violent storm in a canyon filled with expensive homes." This is a very emotion-provoking image. #121725 (1999 XX143) will not be just a little minor planet that goes unnoticed.


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