My Trip

September 29-October 4, 1998

I discovered that the postcard industry seems to have control over the highway planning commission. Why?

Well, I first started suspecting something when I was heading east after leaving Reno, Nevada. I saw some beautiful scenes......and kept looking for a place to pull over to take pictures, but for miles there was no safe place. Finally....I saw a "Rest Stop ahead" sign....but when I got to the rest stop, the beautiful scenery was no longer in sight! Shoot! "Oh, well," I thought, "I've got a couple thousand miles to go....there will be more fantastic scenery."

And there was......gorgeous mountains, beautiful rock formations, fantastic valleys......with no place to pull over. Oh, there were many rest stops....always with the most boring, flat, uneventful scenery. There can be only one possible conclusion If you could stop and take pictures of the beauteous scenery, you would not have to buy postcards to send home. So, the postcard industry must run the highway planning commission. I can just imagine the conversation:

"And when we build the new interstate, we plan on putting a rest stop at these coordinates." "No, you can't put a rest stop there. We have a ten postcard set showing the magnificence of that sight. Put it 7 miles down the isn't much farther, and it is a nice, flat, boring place."

Well, I did manage to take a few interesting photos. (Hope the postcard people don't see this page or I'll really be in trouble.)

(Yes, those ARE jackalopes on top of that building!)