I have a website all about Chiron, Pholus, Nessus and other
related bodies. It has info on their astrology, as well as their
mythology and astronomy. (And you can even order stuff from
me there!) So click here to check out Chiron and Friends,

And check out some of my friend's websites

Starhawk and I share the same birthdate and year
(although she was born about 12 hours earlier.) We have
some similarities in our lives, as well. I just met her
for the first time on 11/24/97. She is a truly remarkable
woman. Here is her website: Starhawk's Page

One of my best friends, Sandy Conley, has started her own site.
And she has this wonderful page set up for a friend of her, Rev. Basil.
Interestingly, Basil is a cat!

Psyche is a friend who has a wonderful metaphysical store in Columbus, Ohio. The name of the store is Fly-by-Night

ladyB is a fantastic artist. I'd love to have one of her paintings grace my wall, and may one of these days. You can see some of them at ladyB's Lair

Online, he goes by the nick Zim, or Zimm, or Zimmm
(depending on his mood), but check out his website for some
of the most fantastic photos I've ever seen. PhotoVault

AlleyCat's Page

Amera's site: click here

Palova loves Dance! Check out Pavlova's Studio

TessieLuv's page

Some other sites I like

The Astrology Center of America,

a great place to get Chiron & other astrology books


A way to find long lost friends,
simply by typing in their name

AdZe MiXXe

awarded my Chiron site his
"Cosmic Site of the Night" for
March 26, 1996! I am so sorry
that he passed away......
He is already missed!

Send in your film to this company, and you can forget about
scanning photos forever. They will put them directly on a
disk for you, or if you'd like, you can download the
finished photos directly from their website!
Click on their logoto find out more!

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